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Jamie Oliver Has Opened Up His Restaurant To Grenfell Tower Fire Victims

Photo: Really Short on Wikimedia Commons

Last night, a mysterious and vicious fire engulfed the residential Grenfell Tower in West London, horrifying the entire world. Early estimates confirm that six people have died (although that number is expected to rise), at least 70 were injured (18 in critical care), and the residents of nearly all of the 120 apartments in the tower have lost their homes.

In a time of grief and need for those affected, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has stepped up big for those affected by the fire. In a post on his Instagram page, Oliver offered up his nearby restaurant, Jamie’s Italian in Westfield Shepherd’s Bush, as a place for the displaced residents to come get a meal and something to drink, free of charge.

For the families who have literally just lost everything, Jamie’s gesture is a welcome one, at least ensuring they have some way to sustain themselves and hydrate as they deal with this horrific tragedy.

Celebrity Grub Recipes

This Is How Your Favorite Chefs Make Scrambled Eggs

Even with food as simple as scrambled eggs, chefs always have their own special methods to cooking.

You might think you know how to cook a mean scrambled eggs, but between some of your favorite chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay, you’ll learn that there’s so many ways to get that egg just right.

While every one of these chefs takes a different journey, the destination is always perfect, so take a look at all the methods, and see which works best for your scrambled masterpiece:


Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay came out on Jimmy Kimmel back in 2004 and showed how he makes his scrambled eggs. One of his secrets involved adding butter during the egg whisking process. He also suggests moving the pan and spatula at the same time. He has also been known to take the pan on and off the heat a few times, like shown in this alternate video.

Of course, Ramsay got a little theatrical toward the end of the Jimmy Kimmel segment, but that’s just Gordon being Gordon.


Melissa d’Arabian

Some chefs like putting milk in their scrambled eggs, but if you still want to add some creaminess without the lactose, Chef Melissa uses lactose-free milk, and it still works. We also learn from this video that butter has very low lactose levels, so it’s still generally OK to use, even if you’re intolerant. That totally depends on the person, though.


Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver’s a ‘G’ so he actually has three different ways of making scrambled eggs. In this video he teaches us how to make scrambled eggs the English way, French way, and American way.

For the English eggs, he stirs it every 5 seconds, but he cooks at a medium heat, leaving curds and moisture in the final product.

For the French version, he cooks the eggs over boiling water. The slow cooking process actually takes about six minutes, so you’ll need some patience for the French method. These eggs come out so creamy, they actually look like grits.

The American-style eggs aren’t quite as complex, but you still have to slowly cook them, gently brushing the egg.


Bobby Flay

This video isn’t very long, as Bobby probably assumes you know your way around a scrambled egg, but he does provide one key tip. Bobby doesn’t like to add salt until the very end of the cooking process, because salt can interfere with the classic curds you want in your scrambled eggs.


Rachael Ray

It seems that Rachael’s audience members fall apart when it comes to making eggs, thankfully, she was there to school everyone on the cooking process. She teaches how to make fried eggs, but at the 3:30 mark, she digs into the scrambled goodness. Her key tip is to not just add butter, but to add FROZEN butter to the egg in order to enhance the flavor. She even adds hot sauce before whisking, because, hell yeah!


Emeril Lagasse

Emeril really gets specific with his instructions, which is pretty awesome. He says the longer you whisk, the better, because you want to “incorporate as much air as possible.” He also says to let the eggs settle in the pan before you start stirring. To really make your scrambled egg experience special, he then says its best to serve them on a hot plate.


Michael Symon

The Chew host didn’t have a demonstration in this video, but explained his idea of the perfect scrambled egg. Symon believes that scrambled eggs are meant to be “…creamy, fatty and delicious.” Symon also said he waits until the eggs are almost done cooking to add butter and creme fresh so it slows down the cooking and gives them extra creaminess.


Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart believes that if you make the eggs right, you don’t have to add milk or water. Another decent tip is to not use a pan that’s too big. She also doesn’t salt them until after they’re plated, which is interesting, compared to the rest of the other chefs’ advice.


Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone seems to believe in Michael Symon’s method of making the eggs as creamy and fatty as possible. Stone not only loads his scrambled eggs with cream milk, but he also puts mayonnaise to make it zesty. Interesting method, Chef Stone.


Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain pays close attention to the egg itself, to the point that he makes sure he cracks the egg on a flat surface and throws them in the mixing bowl right away. He always uses fresh eggs, and makes sure he doesn’t over-beat them, waiting to the point where there’s white and yellow “ripples” throughout. The biggest key to him is getting them into the pan immediately after the whisking process, because they get a grayish tint if you let the beat eggs sit.

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Jamie Oliver Named His Newborn Baby After A Type Of Boat

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver makes award-winning decisions in the kitchen, but his baby-naming skills might be a little questionable, to say the least.

Oliver has five children, all with eccentric names, but he just revealed on Instagram that his latest newborn was named River Rocket Oliver.

Little River doesn’t have to battle life alone, though, as his brothers and sisters are named Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom and Buddy Bear. I truly wish I was making this shit up.

It’s almost like he’s competing with Kanye West’s baby North, Jay-Z’s Blue Ivy, and David Duchovny’s Kyd.

If anything, Oliver’s kids are all prepped with stage names and can have their own cooking shows, like, River Rocket’s Eats, or Baking with Buddy Bear.

Hit-Or-Miss News

Restaurants In Italy Band Together To Support Earthquake Victims

When a tragedy or catastrophe strikes, it is not unusual for people to come together in the most outstanding ways. A 6.2 magnitude earthquake, as measured by the U.S. geological survey, struck central Italy Wednesday morning while the historic, medieval town of Amatrice was preparing for a food festival.

In the aftermath of the crisis, restaurants from surrounding areas are raising funds for the victims the best way Italians know how — with their pasta.

Before the devastating quake, which left a reported 247 fatalities, with many more injured, the town was ready to celebrate its 50th annual spaghetti Amatriciana festival. Amatrice is a town and commune in the province of Reiti, known to be the birthplace of the bacon-and-tomato spaghetti sauce that goes on the all’ Amatriciana.

Italian food blogger Paolo Campana spearheaded a proposal that suggested his friends in the food industry donate a Euro for every plate of all’ Amatriciana sold.

Even celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is helping with pasta, as he and 700 of his fellow chefs around the world will be selling Amatriciana for Amatrice, where 2 euros of every plate sold will go toward helping the Italian city, through the Red Cross.

Hi guys in support of the victims of the earthquake in Italy me and my 700 chefs at Jamie’s Italian are cooking the specific dish from the area “Pasta Amatriciana” it will be on the specials board tonight at @jamiesitalianuk for a month £2 pound from each dish will go straight to the international red cross and I think we can easily make thousands and thousands of pounds to help…. Many restaurants are getting involved and this could really make a difference, money will go to supporting to Fire Fighters in the digging set up of tent camps for homeless and provision of food and clothing and medical assistance to people injured, old, kids, pregnant. Sadly this activity will run for months to come as it will take time to relocate people in new accomodations. But we can support for the same time – every bit of help will count big love to all and big love from me and my teams to our Friends in Italy we love you x X X X X 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 #eatforitaly @elbi #terremotocentroitalia #every1counts

A photo posted by Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver) on

Mayor of Assisi, Stefania Proletti and other council members are in coordination to distribute aid to the affected towns. Italy’s Prime Minister told the Guardian that the country has shown it’s true face in times of trouble, adding, “No family, no city, no hamlet will be left alone.”

It is extremely unfortunate that in preparation of such joyous events, a tragedy would strike suddenly and leave the Italian people mourning. However, it is inspiring and heart-warming to see that in light of such devastation, one thing that unites us all is a food.


In Case You Missed It: Jamie Oliver Kidnaps Harley of Epic Meal Time

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 8.56.45 PM

Look. I’m all for a Greek salad or two on a hot day. Here’s to cucumbers and romaine. But a three-foot, “25-veg” cabbage patch quilt wrap? That’s a little cray. Then again, what would you expect from an Epic Meal Time parody?

Chef, health-food crusader, and British guy Jamie Oliver was kidnapped by the EMT team earlier this year, and decided to take revenge. EMT host Harley Morenstein remains trapped and bound in an unseen basement, shouting unruly epitaphs while Oliver teams up with the vegan versions of EMT’s DJ BBQ and Muscles to make an absurdly huge veggie wrap, because “f**k leeks.”

If the feud continues, I hope EMT shows Oliver how to make a less healthy version of the aforementioned wrap. Veggies are fine. Nutella is better.


Epic Meal Time Kidnaps Jamie Oliver and Attempts to Force Feed Him Bacon in Latest Episode


So how do you step it up a notch if you’re already the biggest YouTube channel known for its love of all things bacon and grease? Kidnap one of the world’s most famed health gurus and force feed him bacon, duh.

Yes, Epic Meal Time has crossed that line (again) and brought us something so deviously wrong it warmed our little Foodbeast hearts. Watch the video below as EMT kidnaps chef extraordinaire Jamie Oliver, stuffs him in a fridge, cooks up a meal made of 50 Filet-O-Fish from Mickey D’s and then attempt to feed it to the broccoli-loving chef:

H/T Epic Meal Time

Food Trucks

Roy Choi of Kogi BBQ Turns Vegetarian, Questions Life, and Thinks About Leaving Cooking

Just a few hours ago, chef Roy Choi of Kogi BBQ fame wrote a very public musing that reflects on the LA riots, no longer eating meat, and even mentions that he’s been thinking about leaving cooking.

From the looks of Choi’s blog post, there are a plethora of issues currently eating away at him [terrible chef verbage].

For those unfamiliar with chef Roy Choi, he was one of the chief people responsible for the success of both the Kogi BBQ truck, and subsequently, the fiery gourmet food truck movement that followed.

When one of the father’s of that food truck parade is upset, we listen:

I’ve been going through some deep shit this week. Butterfly block party. I’ve been thinking about leaving cooking for awhile. I can’t find meaning anymore.

Something inspired him to give up eating animals, which seemed to further fuel his self questioning:

I stopped eating meat this week.  That’s why I’m thinking about leaving cooking.  How can I cook with out using meat?  I will taste, for now as that is my profession.  But I will no longer eat meat for my own consumption.

Animals be talking to me.  They told me..stop. Stop, Roy.  Please.

I talk to animals and kids.  I feed adults.  Time to switch.  Talk to adults. Feed animals and kids.

The entire blog post is rather poetic. The dismal prose continues, calling on the likes of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver:

Are we supposed to put our faith in this man Jamie Oliver? A Brit? If so, then if anyone who reads this tell him to holla at me. Really. I can’t get to him. Tell him come see me, no PR, no publicist, no barriers. We can sit on the curb and join forces.

Who knows what the two would talk about if they ever met up. Maybe Choi feels burnt out on a genre he’s helped grow? Can he continue to innovate with his various food endeavors without the use of meat?

Maybe, similar to Jamie Oliver’s epiphany of social food consciousness, Choi’s turn to vegetarianism seems daunting for a chef whose success has come from a unique blend of flavors, most of which have had meat in the spotlight.

Whatever it is that Roy Choi seems to be facing, we hope he overcomes it. Until then, someone get this guy in touch with Jamie Oliver!


The Evolution of Food on Television [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that food has been represented on television since the 1940s? Did you know that Anthony Bourdain‘s appearance fee is reportedly nearly 1/10th that of Emeril Lagasse‘s $80k-100k price tag? Even Jamie Oliver demands nearly 6x the appearance fee that Bourdain does (sorry to hammer it home, our office is full of Bourdain fans).

Who’s watching food on television? Viewership seems skewed female, with 60% of the viewership being ladies, and 40% of them landing between the ages of 35-54. The infographic, put together by the folks over at Menuism, was recently brought to our attention, but it was initially published back in March of 2011, so the information is to be taken with a big grain of salt.

For example, Anthony Bourdain has more than 2 shows on television, particularly with the addition of his latest Travel Channel gig The Layover. We’re sure 2012 Anthony Bourdain demands a bit higher of a price than 2010 Bourdain, and the opposite might ring true for Emeril and his public worth.

What do y’all think?