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41 Irish Terms For Being Drunk, Recited By Jamie Dornan [WATCH]

Jamie Dornan’s known for his starring role as a steamy sexual deviant in the “Fifty Shades” movies, but while on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Irishman indulged in another vice, as he shared 41 different terms the Irish use to say they’re “drunk.”

With today being St. Patrick’s Day, it was fitting for Kimmel to bring in the Irish actor to reveal terms you’ve probably never even heard before.

It started off simple enough, with phrases such as, “Hammered,” and “Intoxicated,” but it got a little more complicated after that.

For example, have you ever drank so much that you were, “Rat-arsed,” or “away with the fairies”?

Each term gets better than the last, and it’s mind boggling that anyone would even use these in normal conversation.

To be honest, some of the best ones were probably, “Off your tits,” and “Fucking the waitress.”

Choose your favorite as you celebrate the luck of the Irish this weekend and get “shit-fucked.”