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Bryan Cranston Acted His Way Through This Grueling Hot Wing Challenge

James Franco and Bryan Cranston are two of Hollywood’s most prolific actors, and they did a damn good job of acting like these hot wings weren’t destroying them inside.
Taking First We Feast’s Hot Ones challenge, Franco and Cranston went through five fiery chicken wings, each hotter than the next, but kept their cool despite having to take big swigs of milk the whole time.

Franco looked to be in trouble after the first wing, which was covered in nothing more than your run-of-the-mill Sriracha hot sauce, but he somehow made it through all the way.

Cranston was as smooth as the great Heisenberg, showing very little discomfort throughout the contest.

The two stars talked about a variety of subjects, from boyfriends trying to win over a girlfriend’s father (Like in their movie “Why Him”), to working in the restaurant industry.

You know these two are great actors when they can eat wings that are 550,000 Scoville heat units and barely break a sweat.

Celebrity Grub

James Franco Shares His Fondest Memories Working At McDonald’s


Sure, McDonald’s isn’t doing too hot right now. That doesn’t mean James Franco is ready to abandon the fast food chain. In a write-up for the Washington Post, the Academy Award-nominee recalls the earlier days of his career.

The, then 18-year-old actor, struggled to find work in Los Angeles. After getting fired from multiple jobs, Franco walked into a McDonald’s one day and got himself hired.

In the three months he was employed at the fast food establishment, the actor took the opportunity to practice multiple dialects. Working at the drive-thru menu, Franco says he convinced many people with the variety of accents (Brooklyn, Irish, British, Italian and Southern) he used when taking their orders.


During his time there, the actor also spoke of the shenanigans he and his coworkers would get themselves into while working in the kitchen. This included over-salted fries, eating food straight from the fryers and unrequited hookups.

Unfortunately, Franco’s time as a fast food employee came to an end once he began booking acting jobs. Sure, the actor might have only mentioned the good times. However, he says that he tries to take a road trip to a random McDonald’s once a year and orders a cheeseburger.


Hit-Or-Miss Video

James Franco and Seth Rogen Make a Korean BBQ Lasagna [WATCH]


In one of the most awesomely timed YouTube collaborations ever, Epic Meal Time teamed up with Seth Rogen and James Franco to create a Korean BBQ Lasagna that actually looks palatable.

The video features Rogen and Franco building a Korean BBQ-inspired lasagna riddled with french fries, Korean meats and noodle dividers. Even better, the acting duo’s controversial new comedy film about assassinating North Korea’s Kim Jong Un launches December 25th, just a few weeks away.

Enjoy the episode, along with some blatantly terrible SEOUL cooking references: