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Parents Are Boycotting The New ‘Peter Rabbit’ Movie For Mocking Food Allergies

Beatrix Potter is turning over in her grave, and it’s all thanks to the controversy surrounding Peter Rabbit, a movie based on her timeless children’s book.

One scene from the film features the main rabbit, played by James Corden, leading his fellow bunnies in an all-out blackberry assault against the main villain, Mr. McGregor. McGregor just so happens to be allergic to the berries, and is forced to use an EpiPen after going into anaphylactic shock. That didn’t sit too well with some food allergy advocacy groups, since it sells the idea that mocking or bullying someone because of their allergies is okay.

Both the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and Kids with Food Allergies organizations posted warnings about Peter Rabbit regarding the scene, FOX11 reports. People on Twitter have also taken up their pitchforks over the movie scene, utilizing the hashtag #BoycottPeterRabbit to either voice their support or criticize the boycott as being hypersensitive.

SONY Pictures and the filmmakers have since apologized for including the scene, regretting that they were not “more aware and sensitive to the issue.”

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Kim Kardashian Drinks Sardine Smoothie To Avoid Snitching On Her Sisters

Being a true sibling means that when given the choice to confirm a rumor about your sister or to take one for the team, you choose the latter. Even if, as in the case of Kim Kardashian last night, that means guzzling a smoothie made out of sardines.

In a round of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” on the The Late Late Show With James Corden, Kim K was asked to confirm rumors that two of her sisters, Kylie and Khloé, were pregnant. Her alternative in this grotesque bout of truth or dare was to sample the salted fish shake placed in front of her.

In a brave act of sisterhood, Kim Kardashian drinks the sardine smoothie rather than out her sisters on live television. Of course, considering the fact that this was probably one of the most rancid drinks ever concocted, she had to spit out the revolting mixture within seconds.

Kim did manage to get a bit of revenge against Corden before the night was through, though, forcing him to bite off part of a cow’s tongue so that he didn’t have to pick which of his sisters he liked better. The things we do for our siblings, y’all.

I hope that Kylie and Khloé have a pretty good way to thank Kim for not revealing whether they were pregnant or not. That sardine smoothie was, in Kim’s words, “so fucking disgusting.”

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Hilarity Ensues When James Corden Makes Gordon Ramsay Eat A Fish Eyeball

Seven years ago, Gordon Ramsay managed to get British comedian and actor James Corden to appear on his show The F Word to try some Chinese delicacies. The final one of these was a fish eyeball, and watching Corden try to scoop it out of a fish and consume it was one of the most hilarious eating trainwrecks ever witnessed on camera.

Seven years later, we learned a shocking revelation about that night when Ramsay appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden. In exchange for suffering through the eyeball and more on camera, Gordon had apparently promised to treat James and his whole family to dinner at one of his restaurants. Chef Ramsay STILL hasn’t paid off on that debt yet, and Corden came collecting last night.

Instead of forcing the chef to pay for some meals, however, Corden decided to serve up a dish of not-so-sweet revenge and made Gordon eat a fish eyeball live in front of his studio audience.

Gordon did his due diligence and consumed the eyeball, and his ensuing reaction was even more hilarious than when Corden ate that first eyeball seven years ago.

Looks like Chef Ramsay just learned a major life lesson the hard way: Don’t make a promise that you can’t keep.

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Seth Rogen Delivered Pizza And Partied With Unsuspecting Customers

The only thing better than Seth Rogen delivering your pizza is him offering you an alternative “Mystery Pie” in the process.

James Corden of the Late Late Show, recruited Rogen to help deliver some pizzas from Prime Pizza in Los Angeles, and as they arrived to customer doors, they presented the opportunity to keep their original order and go on with their day, or choose the mystery box, risking it all.

Of course, with Rogen holding the mystery boxes, how are you going to refuse it? I mean, it could be anything. It could even be a boat!

The mystery box did have a couple of duds, in the form of sauce “pizza,” and watching James Corden wrestle in spandex, but the final mystery was actually kind of cool. The customers who chose the mystery box at the end of the video got to pretend that they had an out-of-control party with Corden, Rogen, and actor Dominic Cooper. While the photos may have been staged, the fact that they were all there made it a pretty awesome party, regardless of the phony pictures.

If Seth Rogen shows up at your door with regular pizza and a mystery box, always choose the mystery box.

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Katy Perry Refused To Eat This Old Egg, Ranked Her Best Lovers Instead

Katy Perry isn’t exactly the shyest celebrity, and if you put her in the right situation, you can get her to admit to some pretty intimate things about herself.

James Corden put her in one of these situations in a Late Late Show segment called, “Spill your guts, or fill your guts.”

The premise of the game put Perry in a predicament where she had to either answer an embarrassing question, or eat something gross.

The first question was going to force her to trash a city she’s performed in, but she refused to do that to her fans. Instead she drank a soy sauce and mayonnaise shot.

She took the shot like a champ, but the next question was the juiciest. Perry was asked to either rank John Mayer, Orlando Bloom and Diplo, as far as who’s better in bed, or eat a 100-year-old egg.

She screamed and refused to rank them at first, but there was no way she was eating that egg. In turn we learned that John Mayer tops the list, followed by Orlando Bloom, then Diplo.

Mayer and Bloom didn’t respond, but of course, Diplo responded to the revelation in true Diplo fashion, saying on Twitter, “I don’t even remember having sex.”

He then followed that statement, saying, “I won the bronze medal in sex Olympics.”

At least as payback, Corden had to drink a glass of bird saliva, so I guess they’re even?

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Ed Sheeran Crammed 55 Chocolate Balls In His Mouth and James Corden Lost It

This is a feat that would normally be attributed to a legendary competitive eater, but instead, it’s pop singer Ed Sheeran who’s pulling off an insane food trick.

While hanging out with Late Late Show host James Corden for a Carpool Karaoke clip, Sheeran was challenged by Corden to a duel of how many Maltesers (the British version of Whoppers) they could fit into their mouths.

Corden had the idea for this face-off because he’d heard that Ed Sheeran could cram 47 Maltesers into his mouth. Sheeran proved that his face could hold all that and more, eventually squeezing in an astonishing 55 chocolates.

James Corden absolutely lost it once Sheeran accomplished the impressive task, making us all extremely thankful that the car was pulled over while the entire contest was happening.

The only thing that could’ve made Ed Sheeran’s Malteser-eating status even more legendary? I would’ve loved to see him not just fit them all in his mouth, but chew them all down and swallow them too. Still in love with the shape of how things turned out, though.

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Watch Comedian Reggie Watts Record A Song Using Nothing But Bacon Sounds

If you’re a fan of the Late Late Show with James Corden, you’re probably familiar with the show’s band leader Reggie Watts.

The comedian/musician has many talents, and you can now add “Bacon Beatmaker” to the list.

Using Black Label Bacon as his main instrument, Watts jumped in front of a stove and created an impromptu song while cooking the crispy pork. Watts recorded the bacon’s sizzle, the scrape of the skillet, and even the crunch of a greasy bite, in an odd, yet awe-inspiring track.

“As far as I know this has never been attempted,” Watts said.

If you’re familiar with Watts, you know improv is one of his strong points, even when it comes to music, so it’s no surprise that he was able to get the bacon going and put together a full-fledged song out of it.

Also, we were able to catch up with Reggie before he went on his bacon beat quest, and played a little bit of food word association with him. In a very Reggie Watts-impromptu fashion, he all at once confused us, made us uncomfortable, and made us laugh. Now we can never see these foods the same way again.

Check it out below: