Nobody Puts Gin In A Corner

At some point in time, gin became a grandmother’s drink. Except that grandmother was probably a flapper in the 1920s who’d drink bathtub gin and dance the night away with some really cool cats. Even if that’s not the case, grandmas tend to be badass people, so why are we knocking them and gin?

Gin Can Be Lethal And Magical

It’s not as though gin doesn’t pack a punch; in order to even be considered gin worldwide, the liquor needs to be at least 37 percent alcohol. We’re so serious about the stuff in America, that the minimum is set at 40 percent.


I mean, are there any vodkas out there made from unicorn tears? Nope, just gin. How could you possibly need more proof that this is a magical substance than it blending perfectly with unicorn tears?

Gin’s Got Your Back…And Liver…And Kidneys


From the extra antioxidant kick it gets from juniper berries to its diuretic ingredients that help your liver and kidneys get rid of bacteria, gin is hard to accuse of malice. You hardly find gin that packs more than 110 calories per shot, no matter how many ingredients they infuse it with.

Very few gins have the poor manners to be completely awful and most good gins are between $30-40. You either taste nothing or flowers, which is definitely the least scary way anyone’s ever explained alcohol to you.

Blame It On The Queen, Gotcha Feelin’ Mean

No, not Beyoncé; she’s still flawless. Gin likely gets its matronly rep from its British roots. Because, obviously, there are only old women in the UK and they all drink tea, sherry, and a bit of gin, if they’re feeling nasty. (If you read that sentence to the tone and image of Queen Elizabeth II, try it again with Dame Helen Mirren; it should keep the nightmares away). While the latter might be a little more accurate, albeit stereotypical, we need to erase this image of old biddies throwing shade at each other over gin and tonics.


Gin can be young, fun, and even supernatural. It can serve as a base for light summer drinks or take the front seat of a warming winter cocktail with the same ethereal elegance. There’s nothing stopping you from giving gin a chance to sweep you off your feet.

Even if you don’t, at least stop putting vodka in your martinis. James Bond barely gets away with it and even he’s been switching back to gin.


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oreo pancakes

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James Bond Trades Shaken & Stirred for Heineken Beer


Before Don Draper, there was James Bond. And like Draper, Bond’s reputation has been built around his unrelenting manhood, and his penchant for partaking in his share of martinis. Now as many of you know, the new Bond film is set to have Bond drinking a Heineken [Insert some sort of not shaken, not stirred joke here]. While this news fell like hell from the sky for most fanboys, Heineken decided to say, “Screw it,” and came out with a Skyfall inspired bottle as part of their new line of “Star Bottles.” These released in New York mid-September, and will be available nationwide on March of 2013.

I guess they thought, “What the hell, we’ve already pissed everyone off, why not throw it in their faces now?” And why not? If Heineken decides to ransack a Bond tradition (like Lucas ransacking his own Star Wars tradition), why not go through with it unapologetically, with the brashness of, well… Bond. Thus, Heineken chose to celebrate its monumental feat by featuring the new Bond movie on one of its bottles.

heineken-skyfall These new “Star Bottles” are said to sport a sleeker, more modern look, and even have a thumb groove, for our holding convenience and improved grip. You read that right, A THUMB GROOVE! I know I’m not the only one who’s had to put down his share of beers because of thumb fatigue. And, if that wasn’t enough, the thumb groove, according to the Heineken release statement, “encourages people to hold the bottle at a lower point, keeping the beer colder.” Modern science continues to marvel me.

So whether you’re shaking your fists or stirring in your boots (I get one right?), about the Bond/Heineken soiree, grab a six-pack of these Heinekens. It’s still beer and you still like drinking, and at least your thumbs won’t hurt tomorrow.

Photo Courtesy of M16/Mudl


iPhone App: Bond Mixology

Let’s face it, when it comes to teaching children how cool it is to drink, there’s no bigger proponent than that iconic proclamation from James Bond himself says: “Shaken not stirred.” Now, with the help of The Bond Mixology app for iPhones and iPods,, we can access all the great moments and drinks from the world’s greatest spy.

The $1.99 app features four main sections, beginning with a beverage diary that depicts different drink moments from each Bond film over the years, including scene times and descriptions. The filmography section includes quick access to complete details regarding cast, crew, images, and trivia for all 23 films via IMDB.

The final two sections, arguably the best part of the app are the Complete Recipes and Bond’s Bar areas. Between the two, you get all the resources you need to stock your bar with the recommended mixers, spirits and brands as well as all the recipes and serving instructions to get your buzz just right!

Connery? Brosnan? Craig? What’s a James Bond related post without ending it on a “Who’s your favorite Bond?” question? Not much of a Bond post at all, that’s what.


Daniel Craig Ice Pop

The ideas of Cool and James Bond are synonymous. In respect of this synonymous-relationship, and a polling of 1,000 British women asking them to vote on the coolest celebrity-worthy-of-being-on-a-stick, Daniel Craig, the series’ current leading man, got the most votes. Food company Del Monte delved forward, producing limited edition Daniel Craig-shaped popsicles which shall be sold in England starting June 7th. Now all the women and select men will get to enjoy putting a little bit of Daniel Craig in their mouth. No homo. (PicThx TheFrisky)