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Hooters Now Offering ‘Stuffed Wings’ Filled With Jambalaya And Chorizo

Hooters has innovated various unique wing sauces in the past, but they’re revamping what goes inside the actual wing with their newest creation: Stuffed Wings.

Photo: Hooters

The wings come in the chain’s original style, and are crammed with your choice of jambalaya or chorizo sausage. These appear to have been tested a few months ago in Florida, but are now coming to all locations nationwide.

Officially, these will debut in restaurants on February 25th. Folks on Doordash can get them a few days in advance, though, if they get $15 or more worth of other food from Hooters. Entering the code “STUFFED” at checkout gets you a free order of the new wings.

You can find variations of these at several mom-and-pop shops around the country, filled with cheese, jambalaya, and other ingredients. However, Hooters becomes the first large-scale restaurant to offer a nationally available stuffed chicken wing with this launch.



Our friend Beth over at Budget Bytes created this wallet friendly recipe. One serving only costs $1.37, now that’s a deal. Plus who doesn’t want a little Southern love in their kitchen? Be on the look out for more money saving recipes.


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