Strawberry Jam Blast Shaved Ice Bowl

Is there anything better than splurging on a meal that will bring a healthy man deathly close to a diabetic coma? I mean…we did just celebrate National Donut Day with The 13 Most Ridiculous Donuts yesterday, but this Strawberry Jam Blast Shaved Ice Bowl is a sugar wet dream waiting to happen.

This Strawberry Jam Blast Shaved Ice Bowl is filled to the brim with shaved ice, a whole orchard of strawberries and is literally dripping with condensed milk! We got this bad boy at our local Guppy Tea House! If you ever want some delicious desserts, mouth watering dishes or some refreshing tea and boba, make sure to stop by and check them out!

Cravings Sweets

Bacon Jam & Cheese Panini

The sheer amount of panini pressed sandwiches my friends and I have been swimming through recently would baffle you. If you haven’t invested in a press of your own (they’re cheap), you’re definitely blowing it on your crispy sandwich game. Even with all the crazy concoctions we’ve been cooking up, none have gotten as crazy as this: a Bacon Jam & Cheese Panini! What we’re looking at are small ciabatta rolls that have been pressed and stuffed with bacon jam and cheese. The bacon jam has a deep list of ingredients that include hickory-smoked bacon, garlic, vinegar, brown sugar, yellow onions, strong coffee and maple syrup.  Make sure to check out ThePerfectPantry to get the full recipe so you can replicate this dish in the privacy of your own house.



When you think about fast food, your first thought is of you cruisin’ through the nearest drive-thru to pick up your favorite greasy cheeseburger. Well, you would probably think differently if you had a Candwich with you. Open up the top of the Candwich and you have a sandwich that is ready-to-eat. It comes in three different varieties: PB&J with both grape and strawberry jam and BBQ chicken. (Thx IncredibleThings)