How To Make Sweet And Spicy Chocolate Covered Jalapenos

Many of us belong to a school of thought that firmly believe anything covered in chocolate will instantly be made better, whether it is candy, fruit, or in this case, jalapeño peppers.

In this month’s Foodbeast Recipe Challenge, the team was tasked to create something with chocolate as the unifying connector.

Foodbeast’s Oscar, the man behind the infamous Elote Ramen, decided to make chocolate covered jalapeños topped with marzipan candy. The peppers checked off many tasting notes that we’d never have dreamed would come from two such contrasting foods.

Check out the video to see how he made these!

Rounding out this week’s Foodbeast Recipe Challenge include Alyssa, Devin, Oscar, Costa, Peter, and Kimberly. Join us next time for another installment!


Red Robin’s New Voodoo Fries Topped With Ghost Chili Will Burn Your Soul


Every time the name Red Robin comes up, we immediately think of endless steak fries. The gourmet burger chain is known for indulging its customers with a limitless supply of fries.

While specialty fries don’t qualify for the endless option, Red Robin has added these new Voodoo Fries that have us reconsidering another order. Or two.

Brand Eating reports that the fries are made with quest, fried jalapeños, bacon and tossed in blackened seasoning. It’s then drizzled with a ghost chili sauce.

Man, that sounds like the perfect hangover food.

Red Robin’s Voodoo Fries, along with a new Wild Pacific Crab Cake Burger, will be available from now through April. 3.  It’s be a part of the $3, $5, $7, $9 appetizer deal.

Photo: Red Robin

Celebrity Grub

Mindy Kaling Now Has Her Own Sriracha-Drenched Umami Burger


Umami Burger is teaming up with comedic genius Mindy Kaling to create a burger: The Mindy Burger. Kaling is probably best known for her role as Kelly Kapoor on NBC’s award-winning comedy The Office and, more recently, Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project.

The Mindy Burger is made with pickled jalapeños, fried onion strings and a house-made Sriracha aioli on a beef patty. It’s served on Umami’s famous bun.

“I love Umami and I was so honored to be able to create my own burger. Spicy and cheesy, it reflects my own personality,” Kaling said.

The burger isn’t for show, either. For every one sold, a dollar will go towards The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Through research, patient support and community outreach, the Pancreatic Cancer Network has set a goal to double pancreatic  cancer survival by 2020.

Available Sept. 1, the burger will be available at all participating Umami Burger locations for $13.


This Restaurant Chain Created A Burger For TERMINATOR GENISYS


The fifth installment in the Terminator film series, Terminator Genisys, is hitting cinemas soon. Red Robin is pairing up with with the machines from Skynet to create a new burger that’s supposed to terminate your hunger.

Get it?

Red Robin’s new Genisys Burger features jalapeño aioli, roasted jalapeños, Pepper Jack cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, avocados and bacon. It’s topped with a jalapeño-cornmeal bun. Like the robots from the future, expect this burger to pack a lot of unnecessary heat.

Still sounds bomb though.

Available beginning June 15, the burger will be on Red Robin menus for a limited time. Probably just as long as the new Terminator film will be around. Terminator Genisys hits theaters July 1.



13 Insanely Mouthwatering Jack In The Box Menu Hacks

Jack in the Box has a pretty expansive menu. Between breakfast, lunch and late-night menus, the only problem one might have is deciding which route to take when ordering.

When we eat at Jack in the Box, however, we have a few go-to menu hacks that we definitely enjoy. Combining the best elements of different menu items, we Frankenstein’d some of our favorite Jack foods that you definitely won’t find on the menu.

Check em out!


Mini Pancake Jalapeno Popper Sandwiches


Sweet. Spicy. Savory. Take two pieces of mini pancakes and sandwich them between a jalapeño popper. Dip it into some maple syrup for the full effect.

Cheesecake Affogato


Since Jack in the Box doesn’t carry ice cream, we had to make due with the next best thing. We grabbed some New  York Cheesecake and threw a chunk into the hot coffee. Once it dissolves, you have a cheesecake-flavored coffee.

Spicy Chicken Biscuit


Order a plain biscuit and stuff it with a chicken patty. If your Jack in the Box is currently serving spicy chicken sandwiches, order the spicy patties. If they’re serving ghost pepper sauce, even better. Jalapeños definitely don’t hurt.

Western Taco


Grab 2 for $1 tacos and stuff them with onion rings. Slater some BBQ sauce in between and you have yourselves a make-shift Tex Mex meal.

Super Bacon Cheeseburger


Order a regular Jack Cheeseburger. Add bacon. Then more. OK, a little more.

Jalapeno Popper Nachos


A simple order of Jalapeño Poppers topped with melted cheese and more jalapeños. If you really want to go nuts, get a few cheap tacos and scoop the fillings on top.

Maple Bacon Cheesecake


An order of New York Cheesecake topped with crumpled pieces of bacon and a drizzle of maple syrup. Sweet and slightly salty.

Monkeystyle Sourdough Jack


A while back, we investigated rumors of In-N-Out serving a burger with Animal Style Fries stuffed inside. Turns out you can make something similar at Jack with cheese, sauce and french fries.

Mix-n-match Flavored Chicken Nuggets


Grab a bunch of sauces with your order of chicken nuggets and drench them in it. Soon, you’ll feel like you’re eating boneless wings. If you really want to be bold, mix all the sauces together first and then cover your chicken. Recommended with ranch.

Cheesecake Cookie Sandwich


Spoon a chunk of New York Cheesecake in between two mini cookies. Sweet and simple.

Loaded Taco Breakfast Sandwich


Definitely not for the faint of heart. No, really. A Loaded Breakfast sandwich combined with the contents of a Monster Taco. We recommend you drench this thing in hot sauce.

Churro Pancake Platter


A platter of mini pancakes topped with chunks of mini-churros. Drench everything in maple syrup and wait as the sugar rushes through your body.

Spicy Cookie Sandwich


Because why not?


Photos by Peter Pham

Fast Food

Jack’s New Sriracha Burger Actually Looks Pretty Spicy


For the last few weeks, you may have seen select Jack in the Box stores sporting the new Spicy Sriracha Burger. It looks like it’s officially out of the testing phases and rolling out to a wider customer base. We know Jack’s been doing OK in the spicy game with the release of its Hella-Peno Burger, and it looks like the Spicy Sriracha could be another keeper.

The Sriracha Burger is made with hickory-smoked bacon, a variation of Swiss cheese, tomatoes and lettuce on top of a beef patty. Because spicy is the key word here, it’s also stacked with sliced jalapeños and a creamy sriracha sauce sandwiched between two sourdough buns.

Customers can purchase the Sriracha burger for $4.39 individually, or as a combo with an extra charge. It can be found at all participating Jack in the Box locations.



Here’s How to Make Lunch In A Single Chip Bag

the smokehouse.jpg

The lovely ladies and gents of Oscar Mayer stopped by our Foodbeast offices for lunch one day to introduce their version of the “Walking Taco” — a meal that can be eaten out of a single chip bag. After popping open a few beers, we rallied around the table as they handed us chip bags and asked us to crush them. Beer in one hand and chips in the other, we single-handedly broke the potato chips into pieces, then threw in some Shed BBQ sauce, cheese, jalapenos, coleslaw and just about anything else we could get our hands on.

The result? An awesome hotmess of a feast in a bag. Of course, we recommend throwing a drizzle of Sriracha into the mix for good measure.




Pork By Fork Recipe

Serves: 1


• 1 snack-size package of potato chips (approximately 1 oz. or 1 cup of chips)
• 1/2 cup Oscar Mayer Carving Board Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork
• 2 tbsp your choice of BBQ Sauce
Optional toppings:
• jalapenos
• cheese
• hot sauce
• coleslaw
• pickles
• or anything else that sounds good to you!



1.  Gently crush chips in bag
2. Add warmed pork to chip bag (warm up per package instructions)
3. Top with BBQ Sauce
4. Add favorite condiments and toppings
5. Mix with fork
6. Customize to your liking by trying any kind of chip, BBQ sauce

pork by fork


White Castle Launches Crispy Jalapeño Cheese Sliders and Fries

Call up the homies Harold and Kumar, it’s time to make another trip to the whitest of castles.

The White Castle brand’s latest limited-time menu addition comes in the form Jalapeño Cheese Sliders, the premise of which involves the traditional chicken or burger sliders and tops them with a slice of jalapeño cheese and a layer of crispy jalapeño strips.

In addition to new sliders, the chain is unveiling their new crispy jalapenos on potaotes, subsequently creating Crispy Jalapeño Cheese Fries.

Pick your poison: