Fast Food

A Look at the New Jalapeno Cheese Corn Dogs & Summer Sippers from Wienerschnitzel


Last week, we were invited to try out the new Jalapeno Cheese Corn Dog and Summer Sipper lemonades from Wienerschnitzel. And, aside from the pack of rioting six year olds “entertaining” everyone nearby, our weenie-gorging adventure was surprisingly painless and sometimes, even der-licious.

Check out some of the highlights for yourself below:


Summer Sippers — Blackberry and Mango: Refreshing and well-balanced alternatives to regular lemonade. The tart Blackberry was slightly better than the Mango, which sometimes felt too sweet. Also available in Strawberry.



Jalapeno Corn Dog: Perfectly crisp cornbread batter wrapped around a jalapeno and cheese-stuffed dog. The kick of the jalapeno was instantly apparent, but it wasn’t until around the middle that the cheese finally oozed out.



Junkyard Dog: A regular chili-cheese dog buried under grilled onions, french fries and mustard. Not bad, but would have been vastly improved by a sturdier dog or thinner bun. All that filling still managed to disappear behind markedly nondescript breading.



Bacon-Wrapped Street Dog: Applewood smoked bacon, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and grilled onions. The bacon, though minimal, provided a much-welcome crunch and saltiness which certainly didn’t detract from the overall hot dog. We just wish there was more of it.



Angus Pastrami Dog on a Pretzel Bun: My personal favorite. The solid texture of the pretzel bun contrasted perfectly with the sourness of the pickles and pastrami meat, while the Angus dog provided a hearty snap right in the middle of it all.



Chicago Dog: I won’t pretend I know anything about how a true Chicago Dog should taste, but something was definitely lacking here. Maybe it was that our bun didn’t have any poppy seeds, but I didn’t see anything that made me feel like I was doing like they do in the Windy City – just pickles, mustard, tomatoes and peppers. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted fine. I just wasn’t sure why it deserved the name “Chicago.”


Anddd a bonus picture of the always delicious (if overly salty) Chili-Cheese Fries, just because.