Here, Have Some Pics of Smartphones Replaced with Sandwiches


People need to be more excited about sandwiches. Like the old Jake Gyllenhaal snack and sandwich memes, they need to grin from ear to ear and hold their sammies up as if they were the iPhones 20, 30 and 40 all wrapped up into one.

Well, leave it to Reddit to make it happen. A new meme showcasing stock actors smiling blissfully at sandwiches has made its way around the internet these past couple of days. Everyone from concert-goers to ethnically-balanced friend groups to tech-savvy grandparents – no one is safe from the mesmerizing, uplifting powers of a well-made BLT.

So the next time you decide to take a #selfie of your #OOTD, stop for sec and think about how you must look to other people. Primed, perky, smiling stupidly at a nigh-invisible little black box. Yep, to most people walking by, you probably look pretty damn ridiculous right now. But if you replaced that b*tch with a sandwich?

Nah, you still look pretty stupid.




H/T + PicThx Reddit