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Jack In The Box Testing First Plant-Based Menu Item, The UnChicken Sandwich

Those clamoring for Jack In The Box to release some plant-based options have a reason to rejoice now, as the popular fast food chain is testing new UnChicken Sandwiches in partnership with Raised and Rooted plant-based products.

The Unchicken Sandwich will come in classic and spicy options and is made from a plant-based substitute filet from Raised and Rooted that features a split top bun, mayo, lettuce and tomato. For those curious to try this new test item from Jack In The Box, participating locations are in Reno, NV and Monterey, CA.

To help promote this new product, Jack In The Box has released chicken-scented face masks that are free. Just visit here on October 23rd for your chance to snag one while supplies last.

No word yet on a national release of The UnChicken Sandwich, but hopefully a positive reception could lead to wider availability in the future.

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Apparently, Food Scented Face Masks Are A Trend This Week

Photo courtesy of Jack in the Box.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has gone on, plenty of companies have created branded face masks as a way to promote their image.

This week, however, multiple companies took it a step further and added food scents to their face masks, adding concealed aromas that mimic some of our favorite foods.

Jack in the Box, for example, is promoting a new plant-based “Unchicken Sandwich” by distributing a chicken-scented face mask. The mask produces the scent of fried chicken, since the sandwich they’re making is supposed to be a substitute for poultry.

Those face masks will be distributed for free for those that can snag one on a special website on October 23rd.

Photo courtesy of Hormel

The other company to make a scented face mask this week is Hormel, to promote their Black Label Bacon. Called “Breathable Bacon,” the face mask cloth contains the aroma of bacon inside of it so you can smell it whenever you’re wearing your mask.

Like Jack in the Box, Hormel is also giving these out for free on a special website. Hormel is also giving meals to Feeding America for every person that requests one of the face masks, up to 10,000 meals.

Having that much scent concentrated around your nose and mouth means you’ll be inundated with the aroma of whichever you choose. If that’s something you want to experience, it’s starting to see usage as a marketing tool for brands, meaning we’ll likely see more as the pandemic continues.

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Jack In The Box Is Offering a Massive 4×4 Chicken Sandwich

If you were a fan of Jack In The Box’s “Really Big Chicken Sandwich,” you’re gonna be stoked to know that they’ve doubled up on the patties.

The sandwich usually comes with two patties, and guests now have the opportunity to add another patty to make it a triple, or even a “Quad” with four patties.

The sandwich comes with the all-white meat chicken patties, plus mayo-onion sauce, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and up to four slices of Swiss cheese.

Unfortunately, the extra patty sandwiches will only be around for a limited time, as they’ll disappear November 17, 2019.

Chicken seems to be all the rage right now, as Popeyes broke, well, themselves after introducing their spicy chicken. Wendy’s also made waves by bringing back its spicy nuggets. Then there’s Panda Express, who debuted Sichuan chicken strips earlier this year.

There’s no way Jack In The Box was going to be left behind in this, and they went big for their chicken offering.

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Jack In The Box Is Giving Out Free Shakes For National Drive-Thru Day

Every day’s a holiday, at least in the food world.  And for July 24, it is National Drive-Thru day. To celebrate, Jack In The Box is giving out some free milkshakes.

Like several fast food restaurants these days, Jack is trying to condition people to use their online coupons systems, so in order to take advantage of this deal, you have to sign up for their e-club at

After that, you’ll be able to get a free shake with any purchase on Wednesday, July 24.

Aside from a terrifying mascot and hard-shell tacos that have become iconic, Jack In The Box’s contributions to the drive-thru world aren’t small, as they changed the way we order, forever. Purchasing the rights to use a two-way intercom, Jack In The Box was the first fast food restaurant to incorporate the drive-thru/intercom ordering combo that has become synonymous with all drive-thru restaurants today.

Thanks to them, you can now stick your head out the window, talk to an inanimate menu board, order a Jumbo Jack, and get a free milkshake on Wednesday.

It will take a bit of effort on your part, but at this point, online/mobile coupons are the future of deals, as McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, and even Taco Bell have all shown.

So you can either stick it to the man and refuse to sign up for Jacks’s coupons, or you can drink a free milkshake with the rest of us delighted conformists.

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Burger King Launches $1 Tacos That Look Like Jack In The Box Tacos

While Burger King is known for its burgers, they’re taking a page out of Jack In The Box’s playbook with a crispy beef taco that officially launched nationwide, Tuesday.

The Jack In The Box comparisons stem from its overall look, from the ingredients, down to the greasy coat the shoots through the middle of the tortilla.

The “crispy” tortilla is filled with ground beef, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce and taco sauce.

This isn’t a new concept for Burger King, with an iteration being released way back in 2010. At the time, they sold them in pairs for $1.49, which means the current $1 per taco is a bit of an increase, and definitely more than Jack In The Box’s two for about $1.29.

Early reviews have not been exactly positive, as Joey Hernandez of the “Joey’s World Tour” YouTube channel hysterically laughed at the lack of meat, and sad strips of shredded lettuce that were within his taco.

The legendary Daym Drops also reviewed the taco, even less favorably, comparing the meat to “3rd grade slop,” as he reminisced over his childhood cafeteria food.

Burger King released a promo video where they had folks in Austin, Texas get a first taste of the new tacos. It was all pretty standard promo praise, except for a cringeworthy moment where a woman professed that she would pay up to $6 for these fast food, heat lamp tacos.

Looking for some more positive thoughts on the tacos, I tried to see what fans were saying, and it didn’t get much better:




Probably the most positive outlook on the tacos was:


This isn’t the first time Burger King has stepped out of its comfort zone, if fans can recall the Burger King grilled hot dog, and even the Whopperito.

The tacos will be available at participating locations nationwide, and for a limited time.

If you miss out on them, just got to Jack In The Box.

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Jack In The Box Testing Tiny Versions Of Their Classic Tacos

When you’re trying to eat something cheap and fast, Jack In The Box’s tacos are always a perfect go-to move. The tacos have become a staple and now Jack In The Box is downsizing its classic tacos to the point of being bite-sized.

In one of the most exciting tests that Jack has announced in a while, ‘Tiny Tacos’ now exist in five, 15, and 25 pieces. On top of that, you can turn up with a 15-piece “Loaded” version that’s covered in nacho cheese, hot sauce and shredded lettuce.

Jack’s accompanying the tacos with taco sauce, buttermilk ranch and avocado lime sauce that you can dip these little snackable tacos with.

The bad news is that these are only testing in select Austin, Dallas, and Fresno Jack In The Box locations. The good news is that there’s a pretty high chance that these mini tacos will blow up and we will force Jack In The Box to make them available nationwide.

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Jack In The Box’s New Strips Fill A Spicy Void Left By Other Fast Food

There’s a certain devastation when a fast food restaurant discontinues a top notch menu item. Such a tragedy was felt when Chick-Fil-A got rid of its Spicy Chicken Biscuit, and doubled when Wendy’s Spicy Nuggets suddenly disappeared.

While those items are sorely missed, Jack In The Box is jumping in to rub some Vicks on our broken hearts with their new Spicy Chicken Tenders.

Can they fully replace the other spicy favorites? Probably not, but they are delicious in their own right, and hopefully stick around longer than your ex did.

Jack’s selling them in three and five-piece combos starting at $4.99.

Early feedback seems pretty positive, so far, as eaters have been digging the new spicy tenders:





I gave them a shot myself, and I’m willing to co-sign these strips.

Having a fairly high tolerance for spicy, I wasn’t expecting these to light my mouth on fire, and they didn’t. That’s not a knock, though.

On a heat scale, they’re probably about three notches above “white people spicy,” and maybe a notch below continuously eating a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Adjust accordingly.

Mine didn’t have a crunch to them, but they also had to endure a 10 minute walk back to the Foodbeast office.

Jack is also positioning the strips as “Bigger, bolder and batter,” and they did seem to have some girth to them. Don’t expect them to be big enough to be used as a weapon, but they’re a decent size as far as strips go.

While our hearts will always yearn for the chicken of spicy past, these can fill the void quite admirably.

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Jack In The Box’s New ‘Burger Dippers’ Convert The Sandwich Into French Fry Form

Fast food’s ever-evolving definition of what constitutes a “fry” has expanded to proteins like chicken in the past, but we’ve never seen an entire burger converted into French fry form.

Jack in the Box appears to be doing just that with their latest test item. Called “Burger Dippers,” they have a texture similar to a “chicken nugget,” according to Luke from The Sacramento Food Review. The outer coating appears to be dotted with sesame seeds, further evoking that burger feel. Luke wasn’t too impressed with the Dippers otherwise, saying in a full review that the taste felt “artificial.”

Photo courtesy of Jack in the Box

Foodbeast has gotten confirmation from Jack in the Box that these are a limited-time test item in the Sacramento area. The new item is supposed to have all of the flavor of a cheeseburger, but in the form of an easily dippable french fry.

According to a Jack in the Box representative from one of the test locations, the inside of the Burger Dippers consists of a hamburger patty, and they can be served with ketchup or ranch upon request.

Photo courtesy of Jack in the Box

The Burger Dippers will be available until March 31st, and available in a pack of 4 for $2.50 or as part of a $6 Munchie Meal.

UPDATE: Apparently, these Burger Dippers are quite similar to the McFry, a 2015 creation from the mind of fellow Foodbeast Tym Bussanich. You can view his original concept here.