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Get Free Food at Jack In The Box’s Virtual Drive-Thru on Twitch

From May 10 to May 17, Jack In The Box is partnering with ZONED Gaming to launch a unique virtual experience on Jack In The Box’s Twitch channel. As a result, viewers will be able to pull up to a virtual drive-thru to receive free food and rewards through the Jack In The Box App.


The stream is running 24/7 within the aforementioned period, so there’s plenty of time to sign in and claim your rewards.

On Jack In The Box’s Twitch channel, fans will find themselves in a first person perspective as someone who’s pulling up to the Jack In the Box drive-thru. At the window, Jack is there to immediately get you your offer!

To do so, simply use your phone and scan the QR code to download the app and redeem your prize.

I was able to get free tacos and I am never mad at free tacos. EVER.

Jack In The Box aims to be the first place you visit on Twitch before viewing your favorite streamers and channels and this is definitely a good way to start.


Jack In The Box Trolls McDonald’s On World’s Largest Digital Billboard

“Ice cream machines that work. What a concept.”

“Don’t get McShammed. Get Jack’s new Mint Shake.”

Jack In The Box said the above with its whole chest, throwing 40,000 square feet of shade at McDonald’s for the latter brand’s perpetually broken ice cream machines — all on the world’s largest digital billboard.

McDonald’s faulty ice cream machines have long been a running joke in the fast food world, so much so that website was developed to track which ones are not working.

In an all out assault on Mickey D’s mechanical woes and to promote its limited edition Oreo Cookie Mint Shake, Jack In The Box has taken over for the month of March as well as trolled its ice cream machine-challenged nemesis on the largest digital billboard in the world — which just so happens to be right next to a McDonald’s location in Downtown Los Angeles.

Your move McDonald’s. This frosty feud can only heat up.

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Jack In The Box Adds New Bacon Double Sourdough Patty Melt

The munchies, more often than not, is the perfect compass to a satisfying and unexpectedly brilliant meal. Take for instance the one time it led me to the pleasant surprise of having a Jack In The Box Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger with a Sourdough buns.

Naturally, the munchies had me over-indulging, as my high ass ordered a Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger and a Sourdough Jack. As soon as I got home, imagine my shock and anger to see that the bag only had one burger in it. I unwrapped the warm treasure, my anger suddenly melting away into astonishment as it revealed itself as a Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger with Sourdough buns. And just like that, I knew that this is how I would order every Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger from here on out.

Now what’s this long-winded intro have to do with the headline you clicked on? It’s to prove that Sourdough buns at Jack In The Box make everything better. Which is why them introducing a new Bacon Double Sourdough Patty Melt makes all the sense in the world.

As for the juicy deets, here’s the delectable rundown:

Bacon Double Sourdough Patty Melt: Two grilled beef patties layered with hickory-smoked bacon, melty American and Swiss-style cheeses and grilled onions, all sandwiched between a pair of toasted sourdough rounds.

The Bacon Double Sourdough Patty Melt is now available at all participating Jack In The Box locations for a limited time.

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Jack In The Box Debuts New Nacho Tiny Tacos

Photo: Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box’s super popular and adorably bite-sized Tiny Tacos are getting a cheesy nacho treatment. As reported by Chew Boom, Jack has just debuted Nacho Tiny Tacos as the brand’s latest iteration of the fan-favorite.

The new Nacho Tiny Tacos benefit from a generous dusting of nacho cheese seasoning, front loading your mouth with cheesy goodness and relaxing it with a side of Ranch sauce.

Knock out the craving you just had from reading this by grabbing the Nacho Tiny Tacos for a suggested price of $3.50 per 15-piece order.

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Jack In The Box Has a Tiny Taco Big Box Meal

Photo: Jack In The Box

Since the debut of Jack In The Box’s Tiny Tacos, the item has been a big hit for essentially being bite-sized versions of the chain’s iconic tacos. I myself have to admit that the ability to pop tacos like chips is a huge plus.

Capitalizing on the success of the item, Jack In The Box is now serving up a Tiny Taco Big Box meal, consisting of 25 Tiny Tacos meant for sharing (or not, I don’t judge) and three dipping sauces: Taco, Creamy Avocado Lime, and Buttermilk Ranch.

You can now grab a Tiny Taco Big Box at any participating Jack In The Box location nationwide.

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Cop a Super Cozy Jack In The Box Blanket Hoodie in Their New Swag Shop

Jack In The Box blanket hoodie

With cozy season upon us, how good does a hybrid hoodie and blanket sound right now as the temps dip to chilling temps? At Jack In The Box’s new Jack’s Swag Shop pop-up, you can cop an infinitely comfy Blanket Hoodie that will have you lounging optimally at home.

In addition to the snug and soft Jack’s Besties Blanket Hoodie, Jack’s Swag Shop also stocks Jack’s All Day Joggers, Jack’s Purple Haze Socks, and much more Jack-branded merch for a limited time. Check out all the available Swag Shop items HERE.

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Jack In The Box To Buy Del Taco for $575 Million

It’s been announced today that Jack In The Box will be acquiring Del Taco at $12.51 per share, or for an estimated $575 million. Too bad the Del’s Dollar Deals didn’t apply for this purchase.

Jack In The Box CEO, Darin Harris (sorry, not Jack Box), had the following to say regarding the acquisition, “This is a natural combination of two like-minded, challenger brands with outstanding growth opportunities. Together, Jack in the Box and Del Taco will benefit from a stronger financial model, gaining greater scale to invest in digital and technology capabilities, and unit growth for both brands. This acquisition fits squarely in our strategic pillars and helps us create new opportunities for the franchisees, team members and guests of both brands.”

For franchisees, this gives them the opportunity to open both Jack In The Box and Del Taco concepts, thus helping expand both the over 2,200-location Jack In The Box and over 600-location Del Taco brands.

The purchase is forecast to be completed by the first quarter of 2022, pending approval from Del Taco shareholders and regulators.

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Jack In The Box Testing Impossible Burger in Phoenix

Jack in the Box Launches Impossible™ Burger at Phoenix Locations

With more than 80 percent of fast food diners looking for plant-based options these days, Jack in the Box’s latest partnership with Impossible Foods will look to service flexitarians and plant-based fans.

The Impossible Burger patty has as much protein as 80/20 ground beef, but with 0mg cholesterol (14g total fat, 8g saturated fat per serving) and without antibiotics or animal hormones. It’s made up of soy protein, coconut oil, sunflower oil, potato protein and heme.

Fans can order the Jack In The Box Impossible Burger in-store from any of Jack in the Box’s Phoenix locations or through delivery partners including Doordash, Uber Eats, Grubhub and Postmates.