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Jack In The Box Brings Back Monster Tacos

Jack In The Box’s Monster Tacos used to be a menu mainstay, but for whatever reason, the powers that be made that cease. Thankfully the husky legends are back on the restaurant’s menu, all thanks to the Halloween season. Because you know, Monster Tacos, and all.

Monster Tacos will only be available for a limited time at participating Jack In The Box locations until October 31. The actual reality of them disappearing from the menu again is a thought that’s scarier than Halloween itself.

For those that need a refresher on what Jack’s Monster Tacos are, they’re pretty much oversized versions of the classic crunchy tacos and feature two half slices of American cheese, shredded lettuce and taco sauce.

These Monster Tacos will be priced at two for $3.00 with any purchase, and are available to order at participating locations in-store, via delivery or through the Jack in the Box mobile app through Halloween, or while supplies last.

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Jack In The Box Now Has A Stacked Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day is whole lifestyle for most people. Tucking into a loaded plate of eggs, carbs, meat, and more just seems like the right thing to do if you want to get your day started right.

Jack In The Box is in solidarity with such mantra and understands our morning needs by adding a hefty new option to the menu in the form of the Stacked Croissant Breakfast Sandwich. This husky handheld boasts a flaky croissant bookending a fresh egg (x2), American cheese (x2), grilled ham (x2), and grilled sausage (x2).

It’s a totem of taste that smacks your appetite awake, really.

You can snag the Stacked Croissant at participating Jack in the Box locations nationwide for a limited time.

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Jack In The Box Teases Spicy Tiny Tacos Ahead of August Launch

With the huge success of Jack In The Box’s Tiny Tacos ever since debuting on the menu in recent years, new iterations were sure to come. That’s why it makes perfect sense that it was teased on Jack’s Late Night Discord, the restaurant’s late night after party for gaming and comic book fans on Discord, that Spicy Tiny Tacos were on the way soon.

It looks as if the mega popular Tiny Tacos have a fiery new makeover, with the taco shells having a distinct and vibrant red color, which I’m sure is the indicator to the spicy new tweak to the original.

These hot new Spicy Tiny Tacos are set to launch at Jack In The Box locations on August 9.

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Jack In The Box And Jason Derulo Are Running A Virtual Pop-Up

Photo courtesy of Jack in the Box

Since quarantine began, Jason Derulo has been cooking up some insane looking creations in his own kitchen. That kind of creativity has apparently resonated with Jack in the Box, who hit up Derulo to do a collab and created a pop-up restaurant as a result.

Called One In A Milli, the virtual ghost kitchen can be found on UberEats in different parts of Los Angeles from June 14-28. One of the items however, the Milli Meal, will be available nationwide through August 8th to anyone who has the Jack in the Box app.

The Milli Meal consists of a Triple Bacon Cheesy Jack, Roost Fries (a new Jack product consisting of chicken tender loaded spuds), and mini Chocolate Croissant Bites. It goes for $10-$11 based on where you live.

Each of the other One In A Milli items will be exclusive to the LA pop-up’s menu. There’s two food orders available: the “BurgerAco,” which takes a Jack taco and jams it into a jumbo burger, and the “Mega Milli Platter,” where a base of mini tacos, jalapeno poppers, and curly fries gets loaded with cheese, bacon, cheese sauce, ranch, and mystery sauce.

For drinks, there’s the OREO Cookie Cheesecake Milli Shake, as well as a Bacon Churro Milli Shake topped with both churros and strips of bacon.

Photo courtesy of Jack in the Box

All of the items sound like late-night munchies delights, but they should be available all day long, based on where you’re located in Los Angeles. For everyone else, there is the Milli Meal available through the app.

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Jack In The Box Announces New Jumbo Egg Rolls

The bigger is better mantra has for the most part lead to better options when it comes to food. A surplus of anything delicious is always a welcome treat. Jack in the Box recognizes this and applied such sound logic to their latest offering: Jumbo Egg Rolls.

Creating an egg rolls that’s 50% larger than its predecessor Jack in the Box now offers more diced pork, cabbage, celery, carrots, onions, and spices. At $4.39 for three Jumbo Egg Rolls, participating Jack in the Box locations have quite a deal on their hands.

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Jack In The Box Is Mashing Their Desserts Into A Single Tortilla Hack

Photos courtesy of Jack in the Box

It was only a matter of time before TikTok’s viral tortilla hack made it into fast food. Created by cutting a quarter slit in a tortilla, adding fillings, and folding before grilling, this tri-folded recipe hack has been stuffed with everything you can possibly imagine.

Fast food’s first official entry that you can buy is coming from Jack in the Box, who teamed up with the minds over at Mythical Kitchen to make the sweet treat.


Grab a Dulce de Mythical Tortilla from @jackinthebox at 5155 College Ave, San Diego, CA 92115 for a limited time! ##ad ##JacksMythicalTortillaHack

♬ original sound – Mythical Kitchen

According to a video from the Rhett and Link food branch, featuring Mythical chef Josh Scherer, the hack features Jack’s cheesecake, mini churros, cinnamon sugar, and caramel syrup, all of which get folded up into a griddled tortilla.

This is meant to be something you make at home by loading up on Jack desserts and providing your own tortilla. However, Jack in the Box is making it available at one location in San Diego, California, for those who want to see the restaurant make it.

The Jack in the Box inside of San Diego State University (5155 College Ave, San Diego) will be selling this “Dulce de Mythical” Tortilla Hack on their menu from March 26th to April 4th.

Hopefully, this is just a test run to see if people love the idea, because this is one of the most creative items the fast food chain has put out in years. Launching it nationwide would be a pretty dope move.

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Jack In The Box Enters The Chicken Sandwich Wars With Their New Cluck Sandwich

The Chicken Sandwich Wars have been a lively and contentious brouhaha between fast food heavy hitters such as Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, and even Church’s, with each touting theirs as the top notch choice amongst the fray. Now stepping into the proverbial arena is Jack In The Box, with their new Cluck Sandwich, available at all participating locations nationwide.

What Mr. Box is offering us is a thicker crispy chicken filet and brioche buns for two iterations in the standard Cluck Sandwich and the Cluck Deluxe Sandwich. Beyond that, the standard features a tangy mystery sauce and pickles, while the Deluxe is carrying heft with added guacamole, bacon strips, cheese, tomato, and lettuce.

Having tried both, I do appreciate the extra meaty chicken filets and the pronounced crunch of the batter. The mystery sauce is literally just that, though it helps buoy the flavors with added tang. Overall, Jack In The Box might have something here, though if they’re planning to stand toe to toe with the likes of Popeyes, then the jury’s still out on that.

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Jack In The Box X Diamond Supply Co. Define Eat-Leisure With New Collab

With 2020 having most of us sequestered in our homes for a good portion of our waking lives, the idea of getting a fit off and letting that drip do what it does hasn’t really been a priority. Sweatsuits and other loungewear have been our daily uniforms, making cozy vibes or “athliesure” the default of our fashion senses.

Recognizing this seismic shift in our sartorial options, legendary skate and streetwear outfit, Diamond Supply Co., has linked with Jack In The Box to release a saucy take on what they call “Eat-Leisure.” The result is a fast food take on the classic tracksuit, rife with all the iconic details that Diamond is known for: teal splashes and diamond embellishments, all paired with bold Jack in the Box branding and 3M reflective detailing. Trust, cozy never had this much flavor.

If you’re looking to hop into this cushy set of Eat-Leisure apparel, it will only be available via drawing on the ​NTWRK IOS and Android app​, with the drawing being open from 12/2 at 12 PM PST to 12/9 at 12PM PST.

Check out all the deets of this tracksuit in the pics below: