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The Story Behind Ja Rule’s Comically Bad Greek Restaurant Commercial

Ja Rule image adapted from WebSummit on Flickr.

Recently, a video featuring rapper Ja Rule advertising for a Greek restaurant has made its way around the internet. The video, which has garnered over 3 million views on Twitter to date, shows Ja Rule going off for one of his favorite local restaurants, Papa Cristo’s.

For those unaware, Papa Cristo’s is a marketplace and a restaurant that’s been at the heart of the Greek community in Los Angeles for over 70 years. The owner, Chrys Chrys, is a local legend that fires up lamb chops, grilled octopus, and many other Greek specialties hard to find at most other restaurants.

While the viral video itself is mostly getting ripped by Twitter users for the editing (Ja Rule dancing in front of a green screen and slapping the owner’s head on some stock footage), the story behind it is actually pretty intriguing. Foodbeast reached out to Papa Cristo’s to learn more about the video and found that it was part of both a TV show and just general support Ja Rule wanted to give.

According to Papa Cristo’s, Ja Rule created the segment for something called “Pitch Perfect,” a show he created as part of TBS’s “Celebrity Showoff” series. Ja Rule and Chrys chat for a while before coming up with the ad, which the rapper hopes to use to bring light to Papa Cristo’s as well as supporting local restaurants in general.

The full clip will air on June 23rd on TBS, but you can view part of the show in the video above. Papa Cristo’s also mentioned that Ja Rule is helping to raise money for No Kid Hungry alongside supporting family-run local spots.

Hit-Or-Miss News

Photo Of FYRE Festival’s Pathetic Dinner Was Actually Not Accurate

It’s been well documented that FYRE Festival was a shit show where rich kids were stranded on a remote island and not given the luxurious show they were promised.

One of the major talking points of the disappointing festival was an underwhelming photo of one of the festival’s supposed meals. The photo featured a takeout box with a couple slices of toast, a couple of cheese slices on top, and a side salad. Not exactly fine dining.

Turns out that wasn’t really the food they served guests there, according to TMZ. It was something they fed staff members, apparently, which still sucks. The concert-goers, however, actually had access to chicken, pasta, burgers, fries, and salad.

That meal doesn’t scream luxury either, but at least it wasn’t the sad cheese sandwich we all thought was served.

For breakfast, FYRE guests had access to donuts, waffles, and coffee.

It’s still not an impressive food lineup, but it wasn’t quite as bad as we were led to believe.

The Katchup

Budweiser’s Name Change And The Strongest Penis Ever [The Katchup]

“Ugh, The Katchup is FINALLY back. Took you guys long enough, geez.”

Yes, we can read your mind. We’re also really good at recapping all of the craziest stories of the week, so don’t feel bad if you missed out on them the first time around. Although you should still feel a teensy weensy bit bad.

How can one determine the strength of his penis? One man found out with the help of three cases of beer. Ja Rule has somehow managed to be relevant again, but only because somebody threw a beer can at his head, and it’s hysterical. Good luck getting me to ever buy Dr. Pepper again, not after the “prize” one little kid found in the bottle.

Budweiser took a shot for glory (and pretty much missed) when they changed their principal beer’s name to “America.”  Somebody finally created a device that can make tortillas. Taco Tuesday will never be the same again.

Welcome to…THE KATCHUP!


Somebody Beat Ja Rule to the Cookbook.


Kudos @Green_jj

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Ja Rule’s Writing a Microwaveable Recipe Cookbook, Because Prison


Who remembers Ja Rule? Hoarse-voiced, ghetto-fabulous, he was the reason all those J.Lo and Ashanti songs came complete with a side of gravel. Yeah, turns out he’s been in prison for the past couple of years due to tax evasion and now that he’s out, he wants to help his fellow man by teaching us all — wait for it — how to microwave sh*t.

The New York Post‘s Page Six reports that Ja Rule announced plans for a microwave cookbook last night on the SiriusXM show “Food Talk.” The idea supposedly sprung from necessity. Prison food didn’t taste good, so good ol’ JR had to get creative, learning “to cook anything and everything in a microwave.”

Lasagna and cheesecake were just two of the dishes reportedly name dropped on the show, but here’s to hoping Ja has a recipe for microwaveable macarons or crème brûlée, because that would be some serious witchcraft.

H/T Page Six