Fast Food

Taco Bell Goes All Out with Mobile Ordering App, Just Launched Nationwide


So Taco Bell is joining all the cool kids by launching a mobile ordering app, but they’re not just getting their feet wet, they’re diving into the pool head first with no floaties or lifeguard present.

The announcement was made this morning over Ustream as Taco Bell was excited to announce a mobile ordering app that has already launched nationwide, so it’s available everywhere, not just in test stores. They’re also the first to offer pick-up service from the drive-thru.

Although fast food chains like McDonald’s and Starbucks have already started testing similar services this year, no one has done a nationwide launch, only providing the service in select stores. Until now.

To promote their new app, Taco Bell blacked themselves out from social media. Why? It sounds like they’re saying the new app is all you need? Not 100 percent sure of the point behind that, but across their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, all that’s present is a picture that says, “The new way to Taco Bell isn’t on (insert social media platform). It’s #OnlyInTheApp” and a link to download the app. They even put up a 12-second video on YouTube with the same concept.

The app will allow customers to design and fully customize their orders, and as senior director of digital platforms Tressie Lieberman put it, “Your burrito will taste better than ever before because you can order it exactly the way you want it.”


Sure, we were already able to order stuff however we wanted, but now we can do it through our phones.

So yeah, totally down for this no-waiting-in-line movement. Except for the inevitability of lines forming for all the online orders.