Running Diary: Intern Kiera Eats Her Way Through Italy

Our longstanding Super Intern Kiera is enjoying the fruits of her 4-year education: studying abroad. Luckily for us, her destination for the next few weeks will be the luscious land of cuisine, Italy. Kiera will give us a first hand recap of her eats, travels, sights and sounds between her study sessions in the form of this new Running Diary format.

Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you Kiera! Here we go:


Chef Boy-R-Dell: Cooks up Bucatini all’ Amatriciana con Pollo

Some people know how to cook, others say they do and head straight to the Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Once in a while you come across a friend who slaps your appetite in the face and turns you into a lil’ Oliver Twist having you say, “mo’ please”. Ryan Dellorusso, a.k.a. Chef Boy-R-Dell is an Italian Stallion in the kitchen. He will definitely have your taste buds tingling with his pancetta-loving menu. With the knowledge of an Italian and spices and herb straight from the land of the Godfathers, Chef Boy-R-Dell cooks up a delicious lip-smacking meal called Bucatini all’ Amatriciana con Pollo.


"Pio Tosini" Parma Ham Storage

Parma, Italy; birthplace of possibly the tastiest hams in the world, the Parma Ham. Commonly known as Prosciutto (pronounced “pro-shoo-toe” and is the Italian word for ham) is an aged, dry-cured, spiced Italian ham that is usually sliced thin and served raw. Wrap this around some honey dew balls and you’re dialed in. (Thx Supersizedmeals)