This Is How The Rest Of The World Does Apple Pie

“There’s nothing more American than apple pie.”

While the US is the most vocal about its apple pride, apple pie is really just a testament to the constant stirring of our melting pot. British and Scandinavian pies have the most direct influence, but various other countries have their own ideas when it comes to apple pastries.


GERMANY: Apfel Maultaschen 


American apple turnovers get most of the fame associated with their deliciousness, but they owe their ubiquity to early German immigrants. In 17th century Germany, Swabian monks began to “hide” donated meats in savory pastries that were eventually called Maultaschen. The nearby Bavarians, no strangers to the dessert world, began putting sweeter fillings between the dough, like plums and apples. The result can look like a traditional apple turnover or a strudel, depending on the recipe you follow.

What sets it apart: Though some throw this ingredient to the wind, authentic Apfel Maultaschen should use potato dough instead of plain flour.  

COLOMBIA: Arepas Dulces con Manzanas


If you’re not much of a baker, this dessert is the perfect deconstruction of any country’s approach to an apple pastry. Arepas are typically a no-nonsense, cornmeal flatbread found throughout Latin America, but Colombia is notorious for its arepa ingenuity. There are dozens of variations that stretch the definition of what a flatbread should be, including a simple addition of sugar and cinnamon that allows you to cling to the culinary safety of the frying pan. Caramelize some apple slices to pile on top of your crispy arepas and they’re ready to enjoy.

What sets it apart: No oven necessary. But you might want to wear sleeves.


ITALY: Torta di Mele

Lately, cakes with fruit crusts have been popping up all over Pinterest and dessert blogs with little to no credit given to the Western European countries who’ve been mastering these bad boys for centuries. Italian torte di mele seems like uncovered apple pies at first glance, but beneath the oven-glazed apple slices lies a lemon cake. Its rustic simplicity allows for several variations, but it’s common for recipes from Northern Italy to require more apples due to the region’s plentiful 2,000-year-old apple orchards.

What sets it apart: When people talk about rustic cakes, this is what’s on their mind. 

FRANCE: Gâteau aux Pommes

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This cake is more apple than anything else and is an unapologetic celebration of French flippancy. The measurements vary from person to person, because French chefs just have a sixth sense about how much vanilla extract is too much without using measuring tools. Think of this cake as a torta di mele’s wild sibling: full of enough apple chunks, booze, and sugar to produce the sexiest sugar crash ever invented. Rum is the popular libation of choice, but whiskeys and bourbons round out the recipe just as nicely.

What sets it apart: The breathalyzer you might need afterwards and the overwhelming apple presence.

RUSSIA: Sharlotka

Russia’s thrown its own hat in this fray by way of a super sweet treat that lends its popularity to the simplicity in its preparation. Contributing to the overall sweetness of the sharlotka is the tale behind its name’s inception: as the story goes, the inventing baker named it after Charlotte, the name of the woman he was smitten by. Aaaaand the crowd goes ‘awwwww.’

What sets it apart: Think of the sharlotka as the glorious offspring of an apple pie and apple cake.


What If A Restaurant Made Food For You ONLY To Instagram, Not Eat? [HUMOR]

Over the past few years, the culinary world gave birth to creations — like rainbow bagels and over-the-top milkshakes — that seem like they’re specifically designed to garner as many likes as possible on Instagram.

I recently had the opportunity to sample one of these trendy dishes myself when I dropped $8 on a Raindrop Cake.

To its credit, the “cake” tasted exactly as it was advertised, but because that taste was “water-flavored Jell-O,” the experience left me slightly underwhelmed.

At this point, it seems like some people care more about how their food looks than the actual flavor itself, and while the many “Iron Chef” marathons I’ve taken part in have taught me the value of presentation, there’s a reason it’s not the most important category.

This video from “Millennials of New York” features a chef who took this trend to its natural conclusion by opening a restaurant focused on making its food look better than it could ever possibly taste (which may have something to do with the hairspray it uses to make sure everything is picture perfect).

The future of food is here, and we can’t eat any of it.

Written by Connor Toole, Elite Daily

Fast Food

We Tried McDonald’s Breakfast In Italy: NUTELLA-stuffed MUFFINS!


Fellow Foodbeast writers Isai, Elie and myself were on day two of our European cruise when we ported in Italy. The agenda of the day was to have a slice of Italian pizza near a bunch of landmarks and buy Leaning Tower of Pisa souvenirs for our moms.

As we were herded by our tour guide, along with a thousand other cattle, eagerly looking to Instagram the great monument, a familiar sight caught my eye: McDonald’s.

I’m in Italy for the first time in my life. There’s a pizzeria behind me, a gelato cart to my right and yet there’s something about those two golden arches that draws me in. No, this wasn’t a super flashy McDonald’s with two separate drive-thrus. Rather, it was an old building with the McDonald’s logo slapped onto the walls.

“Hold up, guys. I’m gonna check out this McDonald’s real quick,” I say to the other two. The guys follow me into the restaurant.

Le Omelete


Two things caught my attention the moment I set foot in the building. A few kiosks centered by the doorway that let you customize and build you own meal, and a bright, aromatic display case full of warm breakfast pastries.

Since our Italian-speaking skills were as good as the Mario Brothers, nonexistent, we decided to skip the machines. Maybe we’ll fare better with actual humans.

Isai ordered the Le Omelete, a breakfast entree that consisted of eggs, priscuitto and cheese. It came with a toasted English McMuffin for 2.80 euros. I’ll admit, I was pretty jealous.

Lactose intolerance really sucks sometimes, but I was gonna be on a 2 hour bus ride. Pick your battles, Pete.


The squared pieces of eggs sandwiched together a slice of pork. It was both covered and filled with cheese. Isai was pretty pleased with his breakfast choice. The Foodbeast What’s Up? editor said:

“I didn’t feel like was gonna die. Usually when I have McDonald’s I feel like my heart’s gonna explode.”

He even made a sandwich from the materials he was given. It was a thing of beauty, and quite fitting for such a beautiful country.



There was a display case full of mouth-watering pastries. This included brioches, muffins, macarons and donuts. We grabbed a few, eager to sink our teeth into

After Isai ordered his meal, I try to order some breakfast pastries. The cashier tells me to come with her to the pastry section where she takes my order in a completely separate area. Turns out the restaurants divided into fast food and breakfast pastries.

Makes sense for those looking for a balanced breakfast in the mornings and those looking to grab a quick muffin.

Speaking of muffins, check out some of the goodies we got.

Nutella-stuffed muffins


Nutella-anything is pretty much a winner in my book, but if you stuff it inside a soft butter muffin, you pretty much nailed pastries.

Chocolate tortes


Probably the richest thing available in the pastry section. I could feel my veins thickening with milk chocolate.

Marshmallow-covered donuts


For something that sounds so magical, it definitely could have been better. Still, it’s pretty photogenic, don’t ya think?

Our bellies content, having overslept that morning and missing breakfast, we cleared our tables and rushed off to fulfill the day’s original agenda.

Crushed it.



Watch The Entire History Of Pizza

If you’re a lover of pizza, you’ll know that there’s so much history behind that cheesy bite. PBS Idea Channel created a 15-minute video chronicling the origins of all the different types of pizza around the world.

Different pies include Chicago’s famous Deep Dish, margherita pizzas, the pan pizza and even fast food pizzas. They also talk about the first pizzeria that opened in the United States and why cold pizza happens to be so delicious.

A History of Pizza in 8 Slices is definitely worth a few moments of your time.

We’d be surprised of you’re not craving pizzas by the end of this video.

Photo: PBS Idea Channel

#foodbeast Features

Ten Of The Largest Food Items From Around The World

We all enjoy seeing food the size of SUVs. And yes, there was a sigh of relief when I noticed that the US wasn’t the only one to set food records of massive proportions. This list takes local food challenges to the next level with these behemoth, hellacious works of art. We dare you to clean your plate.

Largest S’more

Largest s’more

Who: Deer Run Camping Resort

What: 121.11 Kilograms

Where: United States

You said gimme some more, and they delivered. At a mere 267 pounds, this campfire delight could probably feed all of the Girl Scouts across America. In Gardners, Pennsylvania 104 volunteers helped create this behemoth. Bask in all its glory.


Largest Hamburger Commercially Available

Most Expensive Food

Who: Juicy Foods

What: Weighs 777 pounds

Price: $5,000

Where: United States

But really? Hold the cheese? OK, but we are still very impressed. This enormous burger could make an appearance at your next Super Bowl party, just make sure to give the restaurant 48 hours notice.


Largest Serving of Lagman Soup

Largest Serving of Lagman Soup

Who: Kazakh Geographic Society

What: 687 Kilograms

Where: Kazakhstan

No soup Nazis here, just oodles of noodles. Following a traditional recipe by a team of 30 chefs, Kazakh Geographic Society celebrated their five year anniversary on national unity day with a huge helping of Lagman soup.


Largest Gluten-Free Pizza

Largest Gluten-Free Pizza

Who: Dovilio Nardi

What: 1261.65 Square Metre(s)

Where: Italy

Do you think you could eat this whole thing guilt free? Would you get a t-shirt? Prepared by Dovilio Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi, Marco Nardi, Matteo Nardi and Matteo Giannotte, this pizza has a bigger plan. This pizza was named Ottavia after the first Roman emperor Octavian Augustus. The purpose of this pie was to spread the message to the world about the importance of health conscious food choices … and this pizza party just got serious.


Largest Chocolate Truffle

Largest Chocolate Truffle

Who: Mirco Della Vecchia

What: 1,768 pounds

Where: Italy

The largest chocolate truffle weighed in at 1,768 pounds of pure gluttony. Dark chocolate, Amarena cherries, cream and a dream made this creation come to life. Now this is how you get chocolate wasted.


Largest Fruit Cobbler

largest fruit cobbler

Who: Hampton Inn of Ruston

What: 2,251 pounds

Where: United States

What does one do with 819 pounds of peaches, 454 pounds of sugar and 312 pounds of butter?  Make a colossal peach cobbler for the Annual Louisiana Peach Festival in Ruston, Louisiana.


Largest Fruit Salad

Largest Fruit Salad

Who: Spar Österreichische Warenhandels AG

What: 19,158 pounds

Where: Austria

If only it were deeper — so we could swim in it. The largest fruit salad weighed 19,158 pounds. A lot of fruits were in attendance.


Largest Tiramisu

Who: Latte Blanc, Uova Pascolo, Caffe Toto, Despar, Associazione Cons.erva

What: 3,015 Kilograms

Where: Italy

This is what an adult slip n’ slide should look like … made with Zabaione cream, coffee, mascarpone, cream, Sovoiardi biscuits, sugar, cocoa and whipped cream. Plan of action: face-first.


Largest Falafel

Largest Falafel

Who: Landmark Amman Hotel & Conference Center

What: 164.80 pounds

Where: Jordan

Opa! The largest falafel weighed in at 164.80 pounds and was prepared by ten chefs using the traditional recipe of chickpeas, parsley, and coriander with mixed spices. It took 25 minutes to deep fry this bad boy and was later served to 600 hotel guests. I only hope they had enough tzatziki for everyone.


Largest Crab Cake 

Largest Crab Cake

Who: Handy International Incorporated

What: 300 pounds

Where: United States

The largest crab cake weighed in at 300 pounds of fresh Maryland blue crab meat. I’d imagine that anyone allergic to shellfish were evacuated from the city leading up to the event. And that EpiPens were in everyone’s goodie bags.

Disclaimer: Records change on a daily basis. || Photo Credit: Guinness World Records


Watch This Pizza Maker Joyfully Deliver Pope Francis A Custom Pie


When Enzo Cacialli’s father delivered a pizza to former President Bill Clinton in 1994, the young pizza maker knew he had some pretty big shoes to fill. Fast forward more than two decades later and Cacialli finally got his chance to deliver big.

CNN reports that Pope Francis was driving through Naples on Sunday. Hearing the news, Cacialli took it as an opportunity to hand-deliver a special pie to the Supreme Pontiff himself. The pizza was a special Naples-style thin crust topped with yellow cheery tomatoes. The words “Il Papa” was also written in dough atop the pizza.

Cacialli enthusiastically hopped the fence and handed the Holy Father the pizza himself, in what’s considered one of the most high-profile pizza deliveries in history. Check out the video taken below and see the delivery take place.

Photo: Pizzeria “Don Ernesto”

Fast Food

Watch a Bunch of Old Italian People React to Pizza Hut’s New Menu, ‘It’s Not Pizza’


Earlier this week, Pizza Hut underwent a massive relaunch of both their image and menu. Among the changes were multiple new specialty pizzas, new crust flavors and new topping choices. Heck, they even redid their logo.

It looks like the pizza brand wanted to show off its new menu and took its pies back to the land of its humble beginnings: Italy. There, Pizza Hut paid a bunch of elderly Italian folks to express their thoughts on the new menu. They weren’t impressed.

Among the new additions were flavors like sriracha, curry and Peruvian cherry peppers. None of which might sound appealing to the traditional Italian pizza aficionado.

Then again, we’re pretty sure Italians have always found American pizza disgusting.

Check out the video below and see how amazed a bunch of hardcore Italian seniors were with Pizza Hut’s new menu.

Fast Food

Three Europe-Themed Burgers Added to Burger King’s UK Menus


Last week, Burger King announced they were releasing three new Whopper sandwiches in India. Looks like the world tour is just beginning for the burger chain as they’re now adding another three, this time, to their UK locations. The new burgers, dubbed the Euro Trip menu, are each inspired by a different European country.

The Italian Chicken Royale, inspired by, yes, Italy, is made with a breaded chicken patty. The sandwich is then stuffed with mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes and marinara sauce on a long, breaded, sesame bun.

Inspired by (guesses anyone?), the Spanish Whopper consists of a beef patty, crispy onions, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, cheese and a special bravas (spicy tomato) sauce.

The Amsterdam Steakhouse burger is made with a beef patty, a Dutch Edam cheese slice, bacon, crispy onions, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and a barbecue sauce. It’s inspired by the Netherlands.

Burger King UK’s Euro Trip Burgers will be available at participating UK locations. The menu also features a Warm Belgium Waffle, a Chocolate Brownie Hottie (a sort of miniature lava cake) and a Sticky Toffee Hottie (ditto).

H/T Brand Eating