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This NHL Arena Melted Its Ice So You Can Drink Its Rink


When the Nassau Coliseum announced it was closing down, New York Islanders fans were naturally disappointed. However, in an impressive gesture to help life-long fans cope with the loss, the ice from the final hockey game at Nassau was melted down and packaged in $20 bottles.

Because what’s $20 bucks compared to a lifetime of memories? The keepsake, while pricey, gave fans of the 43-year-old stadium something to hold on to as the Islanders move on to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The bottles were sold through the Islander’s team site.

Unsurprisingly enough, every single drop of the stadium juice has already sold out to dedicated fans. This definitely doesn’t mean the end though. Chances are, we’ll probably see those water bottles popping up on eBay and sports memorabilia sites for fives times the original price.

Photo: New York Islanders