Man Swarmed by Herd of Bunnies as he Feeds Them, Horrifically Adorable [VIDEO]


In what’s half the internet’s biggest dream and the other half’s worst nightmare, a Japanese man was smothered by rabbits in an attempt to feed the fluffy woodland critters. While one or two might be the norm for most folks, it should be noted that the man did set foot on Japan’s infamous island of rabbits, a place notoriously populated by scores of long-eared fur balls.

YouTube channel My BB Bunny specializes in anything and everything bunny related. The channel showcases the most adorable baby rabbits on the internet. Recently, they began to produce a series on Okunoshima Isaland, which is also goes by the nom de plume “Rabbit Island.” Perhaps they bit off more than they could chew.

Watch as a man, presumably part of the crew, attempts to feed the rabbits. He is immediately engulfed in furry cuteness.

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This Gorgeous Kitchen Aquarium Takes the Term ‘Kitchen Island’ to its Literal Peak


It’s called a kitchen island, but we didn’t think anyone would take the name so seriously. Luckily for us, someone did, and the results are absolutely gorgeous.

This kitchen island, where the countertop is an actual island on top of a huge saltwater fish tank, is a gorgeous combination of centerpiece, workspace, cabinets, cooking ability, and fish tank.


The beautiful glass tank can house little fishes from oceans all over the world. And yes, since we know you’re wondering — you can totally keep your dinner in there. Coral, salt-water fish, even shrimp and lobsters can thrive in this innovative tank.


But the real innovation comes from the trick in the machinery, which helps keep the tank clean and lets homeowners access the pipes and hoses for the sink and burners on top of the counter.  A button lifts the countertop off of the tank, making it easy to reach inside to feed your pets (until you decide it’s time for them to feed you).

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New Wahoo's/Chipotle Rival to Open in OC

A tropical-theme chain of restaurants based out of Utah is about to make its footprint on Orange County. Serving fresh, healthy, gourmet rice bowls is their game and Rumbi Island Grill is their name. Rumbi plans on tripling its size by opening over 60 eateries in Southern California with the first two to open in Irvine by June. The main rivals for Rumbi will be Chipotle Mexican Grill and Wahoo’s Fish Taco. I’m sure this stuff will be delicious!