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A Restaurant For Nude People And Colorful Rainbow Pizza [THE KATCHUP]

If I’ve learned one thing from The Katchup, it’s that “crazy” and “food” go together like Bey and Jay. Oh, wait…

A young boy began selling lemonade in order to pay for his own adoption. Direct hit to the feels, am I right or am I right? Beyonce’s Beyhive (aka biggest fans) went into full attack mode on celebrity chef Rachael Ray after mistaking her for the woman Jay-Z is accused of having an affair with, American fashion designer Rachel Roy.

If you ever want the government to seize your Venmo funds, just write “ISIS” in the memo. One dude learned that the hard way. A new restaurant in London will cater to nude people in order to create a “natural” eating environment. Sounds like a waste of a lot of good chairs to me. Finally, somebody went out and made rainbow-colored pizza, because why the f*** not?

I hope you brought some hot dogs, because we’ve got…



These ‘F*ck You Fries’ Are Being Used As A Sign Of Solidarity For Brussels

Here at Foodbeast, we try to keep you guys entertained and informed with food stories that, at least to some degree, matter to you. We don’t reach for angles during tragedy, and we usually steer clear of that vertical, but when people use food to make a strong statement, it cannot go unnoticed.

There was a tragic attack in Brussels, Belgium Tuesday morning, which affected hundreds of lives directly and millions of lives indirectly. With Brussels being known for its French Fries, several people on social media used the food as a symbol of strength, anger, and many other feelings that  are being produced at this time of mourning.

Most notably, this photo of a 2008 Burger King ad has surfaced, where the fries are shaped to look like a middle finger. The ad was originally in protest toward a toll booth in New Zealand, according to Mashable, but it is now being used in response to the attacks in Brussels.





The “Fuck You Fries” aren’t the only form of fries being shared throughout the internet, as the food is also being used in less aggressive ways, but equally as impactful.



We are free. Forever #belgium #brussels #free #frites #orval #belgianreddevils

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Nothing brings people together like food, but it’s a shame that it has to relate to such hardships we face in this world.


Meet The NY Pizza Shop Owner Who Recruited For ISIS Using Social Media


A pizza shop owner in New York admitted to actively trying to recruit fighters for the Islamic State group in Syria. A naturalized U.S. citizen, Mufid Elfgeeh pleaded guilty last week to two counts of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, ABC News reports.

His admission was under a plea agreement that landed him a reduced sentence of 22.5 years in prison.

The 31-year-old owner of the now-closed Mojoe’s Pizza in Rochester helped put one recruit in contact with an English-speaking Islamic Sate contact in Iraq by using a Facebook account. Actually, it was 23 Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter accounts to be exact.

According to court documents, Elfgeeh used those accounts to ask for donations and state his support for violent jihad and allegiance to the Islamic State and its leaders.

Elfgeeh was arrested in May 2014 for buying two handguns and silencers and planning to kill returning US soldiers with them. Elfgeeh was identified as one of the first Islamic State recruiters arrested in the US.

While in court, Elfgeeh admitted to actively trying to recruit fighters for ISIL. According to authorities, he purchased a laptop and camera for two recruits back in 2014 for a trip to Syria and paid for them to get a birth certificate and passport. He also sent money to a third person in Yemen to pay for their trip to Syria. However, two of those recruits were FBI informants.

Elfgeeh will be facing sentencing in March. His former spot was also known for their chicken and doubled as a grocery store.

Photo: Mojoe’s


45 Members Of ISIS Die From Food Poisoning After Breaking Ramadan Fast


A seemingly normal dinner took an unexpected turn for Isis members when 45 died from food poisoning. Metro reports that about 145 people took part in eating iftar, known as the meal that breaks the daily Ramadan fast.

Of the 145 diners, 45 succumbed to food poisoning and died.

While it’s still not clear if the poisoning was intentional or unintentinoal, it was reported that a similar incident occurred last year. Then, the Free Syrian Army snuck into an Isis camp pretending to be chefs and poisoned the food. Ten members of Isis were killed.

Since more than half the attendees walked away, it’s likely that only a few select dishes or drinks were tainted.

Photo: Metro/Twitter


ISIS Chocolate Changes Its Name, Because They’re Not a Terrorist Group


So if you watch the news at all, you’ve heard of the notorious terrorist group that goes by the name ISIS. They hate America, pumpkin spice, and puppies, or something like that.

This Belgian chocolate company is not that terrorist group. They make delicious, bunny- and penguin-shaped chocolate. Apparently the company does not watch the news because they didn’t know about the terrorist group. They made the name change just last year in honor of their pralines and tablets (you know, the little connected squares that you say you eat just one at a time) that also went by the initials, ISIS.

The company changed their name to ISIS because they thought the original name, Italo Suisse, was so 1923.

International customers threatened to stop stocking the chocolate because of the negative connotation, so that led to a name change. Say hello to Libeert, which is the company owners’ family name.

Hopefully the terrorist group doesn’t suddenly decide to change its name to Libeert. That’d be super awkward.

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