Watch this World-Class Swordsman Play Fruit Ninja IRL


Things don’t get more samurai than Japanese swordsman Isao Machii. The world-famous swordsman was probably best known for being fast enough to slice a speeding pellet in half mid-flight. If he can do that with such ease, I’m pretty sure he can slice a watermelon or two in half. Perhaps even a barrage of various fruits, a la Fruit Ninja.

Machii is the Guinness World Record holder for a number of different sword skills. The swordsman recently took the Fruit Ninja challenge in front of crowd in Los Angeles. There, a variety of fruits were propelled at Machii as he sliced through them like butter with a katana.

The 41-year-old swordsman made real-life fruit slicing look so easy, you’d think you were finger-swiping an app. Check out the video below and gaze upon his skills for yourselves.