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These Household Appliances Can Apparently Cook A Great Steak

Cooking the perfect steak can actually be a tough challenge. It’s often a guess to get the steak to the temperature you desire, and it’s often overcooked or undercooked because you either get too conservative with the cooking time or cook it too long to ensure that it’s cooked through.

However, these guys may have just figured out the perfect hack to cook a juicy, medium-rare steak. And it doesn’t require using a stovetop at all.

YouTube comedians Rhett and Link attempted to cook steaks using different household appliances on their daily talk show “Good Mythical Morning.” They experimented with an iron, a toaster, and even a dishwasher. The results of each experiment were pretty interesting, to say the least.

I’m going to focus on the iron and toaster for now, because I wasn’t impressed with the dishwasher results. It takes two hours, requires a vacuum sealer, and… well…


Yea, I wouldn’t be too down with that steak, either.

Cooking the steak with an iron surprised me, as it actually looked extremely impressive. We’ve seen EpicMealTime use an iron to make a simple grilled cheese, but I never imagined that you could make a medium rare steak with an iron.


Not only does it get an impressive char on the outside, but it cooks through in 13 minutes – about the same amount of time it would take for a similar steak to cook through on the stove. You can also use the spray/steam function of the iron to marinate and steam the meat, making it even more tender.

While Rhett and Link used two irons to halve the cooking time, simply turning the steak after six and a half minutes gets the job done if you don’t have two irons on hand.


This could be the ultimate hotel meal hack, since most hotel rooms have irons in them at the very least. If you don’t want to go spend a ton of money at a restaurant while traveling, simply pick up a steak and cook it on your iron. I might try that the next time I’m on a trip just to see for myself.


Rhett and Link also made New York Strips in a toaster, which sounds crazy. That’s a high-quality piece of meat, and something like a toaster is usually meant for… well, bread. However, it is just high heat on a contact surface, meaning that you could get good color and temperature on the beef.


The toaster-cooked steaks actually turned out extremely well, requiring just four cycles on high heat to get them to a medium rare. They got a nice color and looked pretty tasty.

If you’re looking to make steak quick, not have to worry about using a pan or grill, and want to get it to a specific temperature, maybe using an iron or toaster is the way to go.

I’m definitely curious enough to give it a try after watching.

Hit-Or-Miss Tastemade/Snapchat

Step Up Your Dorm Cooking Skills With These 5 Hacks

If you’re in college, you’re a long way off from being a charming fella who knows your whiskies and grills steaks for the family while chatting up your wife’s friend’s husband about politics. You’re also a long way off from being a dazzling lady who earns a reputation for a dish “that’s just to die for” at a dinner party, where you explain to a fascinated table of friends how you’re restoring a classic car in your spare time.

See, you’ve got time to get classy with cooking. But, in college, all rules, bets, and expectations are off. If you can give anything the ol’ college try, go for it. Because in college, the weirder, the cheaper, the better.

Here’s some college cooking hacks that take so little and deliver so good.



Use your coffee pot as a rice cooker (yes, f’real) by pouring the uncooked rice in the pot, adding water to the machine accordingly, and hitting brew. From there, once all the water’s in the pot, keep cooking for another ten minutes. You’ll debate buying a real rice cooker for the rest for your life.



Whisk eggs with just a splash of milk in a mug. Add cheese, some vegetables, maybe some salt and pepper, whatever you want, and cook it in the microwave for a minute or so. Slide onto a plate if you’re trying to impress someone, or barge it in said mug if you’ve got an entire season of something to watch alone on Netflix.

French Toast


Batter up your bread until it’s covered in gooey goodness and wrap it in foil to then heat with an iron. Anyone staying over is going to try and marry you. Plan your canned response ahead of time, because this will likely happen every time. You’re the closest thing they know to a wizard.

Taco Salad

taco salad

Take a bag of tortilla chips (or Fritos or Doritos, if you’re really going for it) and — I kid you not — dump in all the goodies you’re going to want to slamdance in your mouth. We’re talking beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos, hot sauce, all the goods. Shake it up, grab a fork, and celebrate your new life as a master chef. Also, you can carry that with you, just in case you want to show off the madcap genius.



There’s a fork in this road, and it’s just up to you to take the one that meets your preference. Either wrap your sandwich in foil and use a clothing iron to heat it or grill it in an adorably tiny frying pan on your coffee maker’s burner. No points off either way. Both will make for good stories down the road, which, again, is long before you become the celebrated chef you’re destined to be.


Why This TINY Iron Fish Could Save 2 BILLION Lives


Iron deficiency is a serious problem for 2 billion people around the world. The looming nutritional obstacle often leads to anemia when supplements are unavailable. However, a little iron fish appears to be the key in maintaining proper iron levels.

The fish was invented by Dr. Christopher Charles who has been testing it in underdeveloped areas.

Communities with iron deficiency are instructed to boil the fish along with water or soup for at least 10 minutes. After, they need to add some lemon juice (essential for iron absorption) to the liquid before consuming. According to Charles, the fish will not affect the taste of the food in any way. However, it will add much-needed iron to the diets of many.

More than 2,500 people are using the fish in Cambodia in a series of trails. After 12 months, those using the fish regularly were no longer anemic.

Each iron fish is said to last for years.

Photo: Lucky Iron Fish 


Eye-Opening Study Shows Fast Foods Destroys Kids Mentally and Physically


We know fast food makes kids fat. Apparently, it can also make them dumb.

A recent study showed that kids living on a heavy diet of fast food, three or more times a week, have been found to produce lower test scores than their non-fast-food-eating classmates.

The study was conducted by Dr. Kelly Purtell of Ohio State University.

Data was used from a national representative sample that included 8,500 school kids from the United States. Their fast food diet was measured at the age of 10.

The kids were asked how often they ate fast food in a week from chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut. The data ranged from those who had fast food one to three times in a week, four to six times and every day. An academic test showed that those who never ate fast food scored a total of 83 points, while those who ate it every day averaged 79.

Two possible explanations as to why a decline in academia could be caused by that Crunchwrap Supreme are offered.

The first says that the lower presence of iron in fast foods can be blamed for decelerating development of certain processes in the brain. The second is that diets high in fat and sugar can have a negative impact on learning.

Either way, kids, time to put down that McDouble and pick up a McBook.

h/t Daily Mail


When Magnets Get Close to Your Cereal THIS Happens


When you think of the iron in your cereal, it’s easy to brush it off as just your everyday nutrient that’s found in all kinds of food. You probably never think about the iron actually being iron, like the kind in Tony Stark’s suit.

This science man used magnets to demonstrate how Total cereal reacts to it. He put some cereal flakes in a water-filled petri dish and used a small magnet to move the flakes around.

He later blended a cup of cereal, poured it in a plastic cup and used the magnet to physically extract the iron. You can literally see the iron on the side of the cup when he’s doing this. He even moves the magnet around so the iron follows it.

It’s not every day you get to physically see the iron in your food. Looks delicious, right?


Here’s How to Extract Iron from Your Cereal [Video]


Food isn’t fun, said no one ever.

The thing is, food is REALLY fun. And it’s maybe even more so when it merges with science.

Don’t want to believe us? Just see for yourself — and indulge your inner nerd — with this awesome video which mixes your typical science experiment with your morning bowl of cereal.

In this clip, the creators of Sick Science! show us how we can extract the iron particles from our cereal and have them follow around a really strong magnet. Let the fun begin!

H/T That’s Nerdalicious