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Watch This ‘Iron Chef’ Turn Panda Express Into A Gourmet Meal


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Susur Lee is a Canadian celebrity chef who’s accrued accolades such as being an official Iron Chef in Iron Chef Canada and “Top Chefs of the Millenium” by Food & Wine, so the stats alone speak for how heavy his game is in the kitchen.

His son, Jet Bent-Lee, has a dedicated following on YouTube and TikTok, where one particular clip on the latter platform has garnered nearly 16 million views. The viral visual shows Jet’s father, Chef Lee, transforming a meal from Panda Express into a five-star gourmet dish.

The popular TikTok vid displays a flourish of technique from Chef Lee, who even resorts to rinsing clean the Panda Express noodles to recreate it into a crispy nest that serves as a cozy landing for an egg crepe filled with his retooled fried rice.

Chef really pressed the reset button on Panda Express and reloaded the game with the house special at any one of his restaurants.