Imagine A Cinnamon Roll Shot Glass Filled With Bailey’s…Then Imagine No More


A few years ago, some genius came up with the idea of turning cookies into shot glasses you and drink milk from. Oh Bite It took the concept and ran with it, creating shot glasses out of cinnamon rolls.

All you’ll need are some shot glasses, a tube of cinnamon rolls, cinnamon, cooking spray and booze (Oh Bite It uses Bailey’s).

Taking your shot glasses, spray them with non-stick cooking spray until they’re completely coated. Depending on the size of your pre-made cinnamon rolls, cover them around the shot glasses.

Preheat your oven for 375 degrees and throw your cinnamon roll-covered shot glasses inside for 15 minutes. Take a cooking utensil with a handle that fits the shot glass and press down on the dough while it’s still warm so that the part that puffs up during the baking process goes back down.

Let your cinnamon roll shot glasses cool.

Once it’s cooled, take a knife and make a vertical slice along the dough. The shot glass should pop out smoothly.

Heat up your icing and coat your cinnamon roll glasses generously. Once the icing hardens a bit, you can begin to pouring your Bailey’s into the glasses.

Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top of your alcohol and enjoy in one boozy bite.

The full recipe can be found on Oh Bite It!


In Case You’re Not Drunk Yet, Make This Boozy FOREVER ALONE Milkshake


In case you’re not tipsy off wine while feeding chocolate strawberries to your lover or boozy at a singles-only event with your friends yet, here’s a FOODBEAST original to fix that dilemma: Spiked Red Velvet Shakes, aka Forever Alone Milkshakes. We made these babies last Friday as a post-lunch dessert, which resulted in the office kicking off the weekend early. Note, we made the mistake of pouring the liquor first (pic on the right), rather than after the ice cream. You want the ice cream to soak up the booze for an even flavor, or you can just mush it all up into one hotmess of Valentine’s Day awesome.



The Forever Alone Milkshake



  • 2 shots ZING Red Velvet Vodka
  • 1 shot Irish cream
  • 3 generous scoops of strawberry ice cream
  • An excessive drizzle of chocolate syrup and whip cream



1. Place scoops of strawberry ice cream in a cold, large glass.

2. Pour 2 shots of ZING Red Velvet Vodka, then 1 shot of Irish cream over the ice cream. Mmm vodka.

3. Top it off with whip cream and make it rain chocolate syrup.