Fast Food

Domino’s Pizza Reports Digital Orders Are Almost 30% of Sales

Latest reports straight from the second-largest U.S. Pizza chain claim that digital orders are approaching 30 percent of all sales. Domino’s CEO J. Patrick Doyle also noted on a conference call with analysts this past Tuesday that the Michigan-based company will also aim to expand the use of call centers to help with telephone orders in stores.

The company’s sales have been boosted with smartphone applications and a website that does a great job of letting customers track their orders. During the month of September, Domino’s Apps for both the iPhone and iPod Touch brought in sales of $1 million in the course of a week.



Apple: Bacon App

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon. Oh, how the pig is a magical creature. Infocore Pty. Ltd. really has out done themselves with this Bacon App. It’s free and available to download for iPhone and iPod touch users. Enjoy the relaxing sizzle of bacon. See pictures of bacon. You even get to see a pig oink. What could be better than that?


iPhone/iPod Touch App That Makes Popcorn?

A fake, but interesting video that simulates an iPhone app that somehow pops kernels of corn that are sitting on your iPhone screen. The video is rather well done and is meant to make you believe the phone actually has something to do with the kernels popping. Trick your gullible friends though, and eat on!


First Generation Apple iPod

Don’t you hate it that Apple technology company produces so many new products, constantly making the product you own obsolete and expensive paperweight? I’ve had enough. I’m going back to my first generation Apple iPod, thank you very much. Look at that single tone screen…oh the memories. (PicThx TheDailyWhat)


Burger King's Musical Shower Heads

I don’t understand why Burger King hasn’t implemented this idea in their U.S. restaurants yet and only in Japan. But in Japan, Burger King has installed “musical shower” heads in their “upscale” Burger Kings. These musical half-spheres are placed above the table and only distribute the music to the customers underneath them. This technology makes it so that no one can hear what your listening to unless they are at your table. So just dock your iPod or iPhone and sit down with your Whopper, you can now truly have it your way! (Thx Gizmodo)


iPhone App Chocolates

Whether you have an iPhone or not, you’ve all heard of it. Unless you’re living in a hole like Shia Lebeouf in Holes you know that there are like 800 trillion apps on the app store. But here is one that you cannot purchase virtually, the iChocolates. iChocolates come in a snazzy iPhone shaped box with Apple-esque packaging. 100% Charged with Chocolate! (Thx IT)