This Woman Went on an All Emoji Diet for a Week

Emoji Diet

Admit it, we communicate more through emojis than we do with actual text messages. Although there’s nearly an emoji for every feeling, there’s only about 59 foods represented in emoji form. Frankly, it’s a little insulting that we don’t have a plethora of pixel based representations of America’s favorite foods, such as tacos, sandwiches, or even a meager hot dog.

Kelsey Rexroat, a writer over at The Atlantic, was also disappointed in the lack emojis and decided to see if she could survive on an all emoji diet. The challenge was simple, for seven days she would only eat foods represented by emojis and she would have to eat every emoji food by the end of the diet. Just for clarification sake, the emojis could be combined in any way to create emoji recipes, and animal emojis could not be substituted for meat, aka a cow emoji didn’t equal steak.

Day one started easy enough, combining some fruit emojis and a bottle (which Rexroat decided was milk) to create a breakfast smoothie. After reviewing the official Emojipedia page, Rexroat learned that some emojis that she assumed were things like an orange and some rice with beans, were actually a tangerine and some curry.

After a few days, Rexroat began to realize just how many of our everyday foods aren’t represented in emoji form. Unable to turn to her usual yogurt or bagel for breakfast, she had to start getting more creative in order to survive the diet. After everything was said and done, Rexroat reports that she appreciated the new dishes and places she discovered in her efforts to maintain the diet.

Would she do it again? Probably not, but never say never until we get that next emoji update.

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New Foodmento App is Basically Yelp Mixed With Instagram


Another day, another food app to distract diners from enjoying a hot meal. The latest smartphone app to hit the market, Foodmento, is described as “a hybrid between Foursquare/Yelp and the #foodporn hashtag on Instagram”. Confused? Let us elaborate.

Basically, this app can be used to search for your favorite dishes around the world. How users use Yelp to search for specific types of food or restaurants, Foodmento lets people comb through user submitted photos to find a specific dish. The dishes are ranked by customers using the app so users can see at a glance how popular the food is. What’s particularly great about this app is how it has been integrated with other apps. If a user finds a dish they’re interested in trying Foodmento offers directions via Google Maps, reservations via OpenTable, and even takeout using Seamless where restaurant where the dish is offered, making it simple for users to stop drooling over food porn and start grubbing on it for themselves.

Besides locating dishes this app also helps to start a dialogue between pals when users find a restaurant that a friend has previously visited or checked into. Both users receive a notification so they can start chatting about their favorite dishes and how they enjoyed the restaurant.

Foodmento is currently available in the Apple App Store.

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Cooking Machine Lets Multiple Chefs Phone in Instructions for a Single Dish


So a question was posed among five individuals: “What if new technology was used to vitalise cooking instead of just simplifying the process and replacing the craftsmanship?” Swedish designers Christian Isberg and Petter Johansson Kukacka came together with chef Carl Berglöf and programmer Lasse Korsgaard to participate in a culinary social experiment that explored whether a chef needed to physically be present to create a signature dish.

The team built a cooking mechanism that features a 35-ingredient dispenser filled with different herbs, spices and meats. The machine featured heating coils, timers and seasoning dispensers. It pretty much covered all the functions of a fully operational kitchen. Everything is managed and controlled by a team of up to five chefs simultaneously through computers and smartphones in a tag-team collaboration. The idea is to see if chefs can react to what their colleagues decide to do with the dish and figure out how to expand upon it based on knowledge and experience rather than taste.

Turns out chefs can cook together without direct communication. By working together on a digital platform, the chefs opened a dialogue amongst one another during the cooking process. A command box even records each command by a chef as a way to record the process for future study. Because of this discovery it’s now possible that chefs can prepare dishes from across the world using nothing more than an iPhone.

Yet, here I am, barely able to order a pizza online.

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Honey Has a Longer Shelf Life Than Your iPhone [Infographic]


Feel strongly about your new iPhone and already have an obscure pet name for it? Don’t get too attached. Chances are you already dropped the iPhone 4 for a 5s, long before your bottle of honey even got a chance to age.

The infographic below, published in Times of Oman and Courrier international, provide an illuminating perspective on the value of food vs. the latest gadgets. By comparing how long food lasts before it’s inedible by how long popular electronic devices last before they’re phased out by the next hot thing, we’re forced to consider the our short-lived relationships with the gadgets we interact with every day.

While your unopened can of soda and iPad share the same lifespan, those instant oats will stay in vogue much longer than the latest Playstation console.

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This App Finds All the Girl Scout Cookies in Your Area


Girl Scout Cookies are pure, evil genius. They’re obviously fantastic and proceeds go to a great cause, but they’re also incredibly addicting. When selling season comes around, I hoard those suckers. If you’re in the same boat and like to stockpile all the Thin Mints and Samoas you can get those hands on, then download the Girl Scout Cookie Locator app.

Need to know where the closest selling station can be found? This app has got you covered. All you do is click the “Find Cookies Nearby” button or type in your location and voila! — a list of sweets spots pops up.


As of right now, the app is only available for iPhone users.

Sure, this can be dangerous to any diet, but it’s so worth the cookie comas. And supporting local Girl Scout troops, of course.

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Minibar App Will Deliver Booze Right to Your Doorstep For Free

booze crate

New York has been hit pretty hard with snow over the last few weeks. In those chilly conditions there’s only one acceptable way to warm up, with booze of course.

Residents who are snowed in or just don’t feel like braving the cold can have their alcohol delivered to them free of charge thank to a new app called Minibar. The premise is simple: type in your area code, pick your poison and pay. Your spirits are delivered in 60 minutes or less with no delivery charge.

The app only offers you spirits that are available at stores in the area and strictly offers wine and liquors, no beers yet. Sorry dudes.

Though the app seems like an easy way for those underage Brooklyn hipsters to get their booze on don’t worry, the delivery person will card you upon delivery. If you’re under 21 and still thinking about trying to sneak a drink be forewarned that you’ll be subjected to a $20 restocking fee for trying to cheat the system, oh and you still won’t get your alcohol. Womp.

Right now delivery is available in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the app is free to download on iTunes so if you have an android you better make friends with an iPhone toting pal if you want to get in on this.

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Starbucks Pondering Idea of In-App Ordering


Starbucks might finally be jumping on the in-app ordering bandwagon.

Customers already have the ability to reload gift cards and pay for drinks through Starbucks’ official app. The next logical step for the chain would be to let customers pre-order their drinks, pay and choose a pick up time to grab their coffee. Other restaurants such as Chipotle, Subway, and Pizza Hut have had this in-app ability for a while now, which makes us wonder why Starbucks has waited so long to take advantage of this option.

Though the idea of skipping the 20 minute latte line and breezing past the barista sounds great, the whole idea might be too good to be true. Order too far in advance and you risk arriving to a lukewarm mocha. Order when you’re too close to your nearest Starbucks and you’ll still have to wait until your drink is ready. These are some real life coffee problems.

The whole idea is still up in the air so don’t get your hopes up just yet. For now you’ll have to continue braving that daunting Starbucks line, chatting it up with your not-so-friendly barista, and waiting an eternity for your beloved drink. Sigh.

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Protect Your iPhone with a ‘Chocolate-Coated’ Popsicle Case


Add this to the awesome-stuff-we-need-asap list that’s been building for quite some time (cue: Hello Kitty Fried Tofu stuffed with rice and bear cubs wrapped in donuts). This unique iPhone case features your choice of a  “soda” or “crunchy” popsicle on the back, with a tantalizing bite taken out of each. The soda variation comes in an icy blue, while the crunchy version comes decked out in a chocolate coating over vanilla ice cream.

However, try and remember that despite the icePhone’s striking resemblance to the real thing, it’s sadly inedible. The 5 and 5s icePhone cases are made in Japan and available online for 3,990 yen (US$40.48).

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