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KFC Drumstick iPhone Cover is as Ridiculous as it Sounds


If you weren’t able to nab an iPhone 6 this weekend and still have that janky iPhone 5s, you’re in luck, because you can upgrade it with this precious chicken drumstick case.

KFC Japan’s PR team must have gotten together and asked themselves, “How stupid would people look holding a giant chicken leg next to their face?” Then his mate probably responded with, “About as stupid as they do when they normally eat our chicken.”

With that said, KFC is hosting a contest where you can win this fowl case by following @KFC_jp on Twitter, hashtagging “#KFCカーナルズデー” (“KFC Colonel’s Day”), and linking to their promotional page.

You might have noticed the Colonel literally ROTFL in the pic above, that’s because even he thinks this thing is ridiculous. First We Feast translated the quote bubble and the Mr. Sanders caricature is saying, “Why is it so big!”

This isn’t the first time KFC Japan has provided us with majestic chicken gear as we can’t forget their chicken keyboard they graced us with a couple weeks ago.

The contest ends on September 24, so you have a couple days to try and win this sweet prize. Heck, you can even win this breathtaking chicken drumstick pillow for optimal rest when the Itis hits you.

H/T First We Feast, PicThx KFC Japan


What a Pizza Illuminati iPhone Case Looks Like


Oozing cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms and olives just waiting to be taken a bite of? Is it a pizza, or is it the symbol of the all-knowing secret society known as the Pizza Illuminati? The iPhone snap case, for both iPhone 4 and 5, sports a cheesy unique take on the Illuminati.

It’s made of a durable polymer that protects your phone from both dropping it while fishing for your keys or possibly even chucking it across the room in a drunken bender.

Pizza Illuminati, $22.40 @Human


Get in the Passover Spirit With This Matzo iPhone Case

Remember the rice cracker iPhone case a few months back? That was awesome stuff. The thing is, edible accessories can be dangerous when the munchies attack, for obvious reasons. But since cracker cases are strangely cool (and Passover is right around the corner),we’ve come across another appropriate option for such a tasty accessory — the Matzo/Matzah iPhone Case.
iPhone Case
Etsy user SealedWithaCase has created this inedible but super realistic case that fits iPhone 4, 4s and 5 models. And while you probably shouldn’t gnaw on the thing, don’t worry — the flaky-looking phone protector will garner all sorts of jealous looks. Trust us. 

Passover Matzo/Matzah iPhone Case $18 @Etsy

H/T Etsy


Sriracha Hot Sauce iPhone Case

“Sriracha should be everywhere and on everything,” says a vast majority of everyone we talk to every day. We’ve seen it in the Sriracha Food Pyramid, seen Sriracha Peanut Butter Cookies, and today, we have the opportunity to have the iconic rooster guarding our iPhones.

The Sriracha Hot Sauce iPhone Case works with the iPhone 4 and 4S bodies, utilizing a snap-on case design that leaves ample openings for all the essential buttons and the camera lens. The case boasts a lightweight body and is available with black, white or clear sides.

Srircha all day, every day!

Buy: $17.99 @ Etsy


Saltine Cracker Case for Your iPhone

There’s a lot of nifty iPhone cases out there, but this one is surely a novelty. The Saltine Cracker custom case by Zero Gravity is so realistic that you might have to save your phone from getting thrown into some chowder rather than hitting the floor. Look at the bright side of things, if your phone breaks and smashes into a million pieces…at least you have something to sprinkle onto that lentil soup.

OK, bad joke. We all know no one earnestly eats lentil soup. ($22.50 @ Amazon)


There’s a Vending Machine On Your iPhone Case

You can’t eat any of it, but this Vending Machine iPhone Case certainly lets people know where your mind’s at. If my eyesight serves me correctly, this fabulous case has some grape drink in the second row from the bottom, and my heart is already won. This particular case fits the original iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4s bodies, made of polycarbonate material and etched with high quality printing technology. ($12.99 @ DIYCASE)



HeadCase — A Combo iPhone Case and Bottle Opener

There’s plenty of ways to open a bottle now a days. Some folks have a solid opener on their key chain, some have it on their wallets, and some badasses believe every bottle is a ‘twist off,’ and will bleed from the palm before they’re proven wrong.

What type of bottle opener are you? Oh – what’s that you say? You don’t want to fall into any of those categories? Oh – what’s that you say? You’re one of those people who have an iPhone? Well now, you can add to the list of spectacular things your precious Apple phone can do…it can now open bottles.

The Be a HeadCase Hard Case and Bottle Opener was built specifically for the iPhone 4 and is a perfect companion for the avid beer drinker. The case itself boasts an ultra thin, hard plastic with a stainless steel bottle opener built right into the backside. It also features a tab opener, if your finger nails are short, stubby, and in need of a pedicure.

It also comes with a free bottle opener APP, which, sounds utterly useless, but was worthy of a mention…for those iPhone app collectors out there who have plenty of space to fill. ($19.99 @ Amazon)