This App Locates Farmer’s Markets and Hours of Operation So You Don’t Have To

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Dedicated foodies looking to score cheap and tasty produce have relied on farmer’s markets’ seasonal and local offerings for years, but the age-old practice of buying food directly from farmers has taken a big technological leap with the introduction of the Farmstand iOS app.


Lemme Buy You A Drank, With My Smartphone

Can I buy you a drink — with my iPhone?

Thanks to a new iOS app developed by urban bar chain, Bar Louie, and Seattle startup graZie Mobile, you can. While you can’t really buy anyone a drink at any place at any time (that would be so cool!), this app does let users essentially gift cocktails to Facebook friends at any of Bar Louie’s locations all over the U.S.

With the the Bar Louie Mobile Drink App, you can send, receive and request drinks through the restaurant, as well as post the happenings of your night out.

Bar Louie CEO John Neitzel told PR Newswire that the company wanted to come up with a fun, interactive way for guests to combine “a celebratory cocktail with the power of social media.”

But will the app catch on among other bars and restaurants? Hopefully so. Cheers to one of the first apps that allows you to pull out your iPhone and say, “Guys, the next round’s on me.”

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Starbucks Holiday Cups Get Animated With New Augmented Reality App

This Holiday season, Starbucks is launching their first major augmented reality app that aims to bring their red seasonal cups to life for the customer.

The Starbucks Cup Magic app launches next Tuesday for both the iPhone and Android platforms. Novel and more promotional than useful out of the box, the application uses your smart phone’s camera to point at the company’s red holiday cups as well as 47 other objects around Starbucks retail locations.

Once the camera phone has locked in on particular store objects, animations involving one of the five Starbucks Holiday Characters “magically come to life through augmented reality.”

From the looks of the preview video (below), you’ll be able to turn your scanned experiences into ecards and share via e-mail and social media.

We’ll try this badboy out on Tuesday of next week.


Lei Fresh: Get Lei’d With This Hawaiian Food Smartphone App

Whether you live on the North Shore, in urban Honolulu or on the neighbor islands, you can have access to fresh and local food from farmers in real time. Bring locally grown Hawaiian food straight to your table with the Lei Fresh app.

The Hawaii Agricultural Foundation is giving you an an exclusive inside look into its Lei Fresh app before its release in September. No word on pricing yet, but this app will help consumers be able to find nearby retailers selling local-grown food, track prices and find recipes that use local vegetables, meat, dairy, fruits and seafood.

Help support your neighborhood supermarket, mom-and-pop store or famers market. The project is part of a broader effort by five local nonprofit organizations that are using grant money to engage consumers in the value of local agriculture. Read more about the efforts by the Hawaiian Agricultural Foundation at


DUI Dodger iPhone App: Checkpoint Avoidance or Irresponsibility Advocate?

A dream app for those who like to go out, booze, and get in their car and drive home (not condoned by FOODBEAST). The DUI Dodger app, funded by Anaheim Hills, CA resident Geno Rose aims to inform users about DUI checkpoints in their area along with a host of other features including a Walk The Line function, which “test[s] your sobriety level” by asking you to walk in a straight line, arms extended (iPhone in hand) and then returns a grade based on your stability.


iPhone App: Sandwich Maker

Build the ultimate sandwich from a huge selection of ingredients with Sandwich Maker. Choose your bread, meat, veggies, cheese and sauce. Even better you can complete your meal with a refreshing beverage and a side of chips, fries or a salad. The best part is after you construct this awesome meal, you can’t even eat it!

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Pepsi’s New iPhone App Rewards Restaurant Patrons for Checkins

iPhone wielding Pepsi addicts rejoice! Thanks to the newly released iPhone app – Pepsi Loot, people that check into venues that serve Pepsi products can now rack up rewards! You can located Pepsi-selling venues known as Pop Spots with this Pepsi Loot in the Base section of the app, and check in to accumulate rewards. With every three check-ins, consumers earn a free digital song download at the Pepsi Loot Store! Pepsi and iPhone collaboration just laying down some work!