You Can Pay For Food With Your Apple Watch, Will This Change the Restaurant Industry?


Everyone’s buzzing over Apple’s grand reveal of the “Apple Watch” this morning. Well, that little gadget around your wrist might shake up the restaurant industry as you’ll be able to pay for your food with it.

Making payments with cards were the fast alternative to paying with paper money. Now cards will seem old fashioned as the power of payment will reside on your wrist. The Verge reported that through “Apple Pay” you’ll be able to store all your cards on the iPhone or Apple Watch, wave it by the store’s compatible reader and your food will be paid for. Apple CEO Tim Cook said it really is that easy and this process should replace the over 50-year-old credit card method of payment.

There are already restaurants lining up to team up with Apple as McDonald’s, Subway and Panera Bread are among those who are integrating Apple Pay into their restaurants.

The big focus of Apple’s reveal was security, and through its “Secure Element,” Cook said that Apple Pay will be much safer than a credit card.

So as soon as 2015, when the Apple products are released, you can be that douche paying for everything with his watch and pretending to be a spy.

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This is How Denny’s Responded to Apple’s Website Crashing Today


This morning when all eyes were eagerly awaiting the iPhone 6 unveiling, live streams around the world experienced technical difficulties thanks to Apple’s large amount of traffic. Because of that, technical difficulty screens would appear, frustrating viewers throughout the internet.

Seeing this as a hilarious opportunity to get their brand out, Denny’s tweeted a Photoshopped photo of the multi-colored screen , albeit with the restaurant’s “Dining Schedule” instead of the “TV Truck Schedule” that was showing up on screens.

Also, what’d you guys think of the new iPhone?


CLICK BAIT: Leaked Video of the iPhone 6 Shows All Delicious New Features


In the weeks and days leading up to Apple’s Sept. 9 press conference, there has been much speculation on the look and feel of the upcoming iPhone 6. Your boy Doldo411 recently posted an exclusive video appropriately titled “Is this the new iPhone 6?” In it, he thoroughly examines what could possibly be the new iPhone.

There’s been tons of YouTube uploads on supposed early leaks for the iPhone 6 design leading up to Sept. 9. This by far is the best one out there, not only in possible validity but also in the quality of tests he runs the model through compared to the previous design. Real intensive stuff.

We’re not going to ruin the experience for you, but you can see for yourselves if this is the real deal. Since the official Apple announcement is happening in a day, we’ll find out soon enough.

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