Most Recent iOS Update Finally Brings TACO And BURRITO Emojis

Taco Emoji 2015

After months of waiting on the promise of the fabled “taco emoji,” it’s finally here. With the latest iOS 9.1 update, Apple has released 150 new emojis including the long-awaited taco.

Back in June it was announced that the taco emoji had been added to Unicode 8.0. That meant, eventually, it would make its way to operating systems sooner or later.

Great news for those who’d rather send a quick taco emoji than spell out the four-letter word. Hey, Tuesday’s are hectic and we need tacos.

Other new food emojis now include a chili pepper, a block of cheese, popcorn, a hot dog and a BURRITO. We’re beyond stoked about that burrito as well.





New iPhone App Will Publicly Shame You If You Use Your Phone At Dinner


When eating dinner, one of our biggest vices is having our phones out on the table. Between taking photos of our food, constantly checking social media, or texting others while we eat, it’s become pretty obvious we’re addicted. Turns out there’s an app that’ll shame you into putting your phone away and will continue to do so until you get into the habit of keeping it away during meals.

Called Dinner Mode, the iOS app allows users to enter an estimated time they’re expected to dine. The app asks users to place their phones face down on the table while they eat. If they manage to make it through the entire meal, they’re congratulated.

However, if they fail to leave the phone untouched, the app will verbally and visually remark on how lousy of an eating companion they’re being.

Yikes. It’s like eating dinner with a parent.


This App Tells You When Your Groceries Are Expiring


Sometimes it can be tough keeping track of all the stuff in your fridge. You’ve have no clue when you bought those mangoes and those tomatoes have been hiding in the back of the veggie crisper since last year’s 4th of July party. Either start throwing out the unquestionables, replace that baking soda, or get an app to keep tabs on everything.

Looks like there’s one for the latter. Aptly named “The Fridge,” the new app keeps track of your perishable foods so you’ll have an idea of when they’ll go bad. Provided you don’t mind taking the time to log everything, you can have complete awareness of the freshness of your food. Also, might as well use it as an excuse to clean out your refrigerator while you’re in there.

The Fridge app comes from Steven Masuch of Zanopan Design Corporation and is available to purchase for $1.99 at the iTunes store.

H/T Design Taxi


Bag It! — This Smart Phone Game Let’s You “Bag Groceries” For Fun

Bag It!, the popular iOS and Android puzzle game application that allows you to experience the fun of bagging groceries, will now be available for a worldwide audience. Hidden Variable Studios, the company that developed the game, is launching custom versions of the game in six different languages (Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian and Spanish) for the holidays.

With more than 50 exciting levels, Bag It! lets you experience the addicting joy that comes from bagging groceries. Yes. Bagging groceries.