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Budweiser Wants To Make Beer On Mars, Space Tests Start This December

We haven’t set a single foot on Mars yet, but it looks like we might see beer on mars before a human.

In early March, the vice president of Anheuser-Busch said that they had aspirations to be the first beer on Mars, and while it sounded like a cute idea, Budweiser is actually going to work with the International Space Station to create a “microgravity brew.”

SpaceX will be transporting goods to the ISS Dec. 4, and among those goods will be 20 barley seeds, along with other key Budweiser ingredients, as beer on Mars might one day be a reality.

“Budweiser is always pushing the boundaries of innovation and we are inspired by the collective American Dream to get to Mars,” Ricardo Marques, vice president of Budweiser said. “We are excited to begin our research to brew beer for the red planet.”

While the Budweiser ingredients are up in the space station, they’re going to conduct two experiments. The first will be for seed exposure, where they’re going to let the barley seeds live on the space station for 30 days, to see how they react in outer space. The second experiment will be seed germination. In this test they will water and feed the seeds for two weeks, just as they would on Earth, to see if they can grow at a similar rate (typically 6-10 inches).

Aside from being a fun trivia question in the future, it would be nice to have beer on Mars, just in case we ever actually start living that Martian life.


Watching An Astronaut Dissolve An Alka-Seltzer In Space Is Mesmerizing

While these astronauts where at the International Space Station, they took the time to shoot a 4K video of an effervescent tablet dissolving in a floating ball of water. Why? Because they can. NASA put up this video as an example of the detail they can capture now, which could lead to amazing astronomical photos.

Hopefully these astronauts don’t get a tummy ache any time soon, because it looks like they’re using all their Alka-Seltzer tablets to make awesome vids in zero gravity.

h/t thatsnerdalicious


Scientists Finally Figured Out a Way to Drink Coffee in Space


Few things (we’re guessing) beat watching the sunrise over the earth from space. But apparently, those poor astronauts were missing one thing: a great espresso. So now the international space station is getting what it needs to make that happen, an espresso machine by the Italian coffee company Lavazza.

Turns out, a lot goes into space espresso. The “ISSpresso” machine needs to be pressurized to sea level, so the boiling temp of the water isn’t affected. The steam pipe is a steel tube capable of withstanding up to 400bar of pressure (normally, they need to wisthand about 9).  The espresso is made into a pouch, which the astronauts must drink through a straw.


No, it’s not as perfect as tossing it back in a gulp.  But hey, that’s progress for you right? And we think drinking an espresso with a view of the universe isn’t too bad a way to start one’s day.

H/T First We Feast


Here is What Space Chocolate Cake & Coffee Look Like


Every kid wants to be an astronaut at some point. The idea of floating around a spaceship while exploring the universe at the speed of light (sigh, if only) is a thrilling thought I used to spend hours dreaming about back in grade school. Of course, all that’s peaches and gravy — yes, peaches and gravy damnit — until you find out what astronauts actually have to eat in space.

Basically, their diet consists of pulverized protein, sugar and vitamins resembling something not too unlike sad baby food. Hence, the “chocolate cake” and “coffee” in the video below that was taken at the International Space Station. All I can say is, Chris Hadfield, you are one brave, brave soul.

H/T Laughing Squid