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This Sweet Interactive Map Lists The Top Christmas Candy In Each State

We’re about a week into December and we already feel the holiday spirit knocking on our sweet tooth. Or maybe that’s just a cavity. Either way, we’re trying to think of all the Christmas candies and confectionaries to load our pantry with as the holiday draws closer.

Because it’s pretty much the Wild West out there in Sugarland, the Candy Store created an interactive map that actually shows you the most popular holiday candy in each state in the US.

After surveying 50,000 Candy Store customers, the results were double checked with major candy distributors and then illustrated into the vibrant guide you see above.

There are definitely holiday candies here we never expected to be so popular. Heck, we didn’t even know Reindeer corn was a thing. Check out the map and see what candies made the popular list this year in your state. In the mean time, we’re going to get our candy shopping list ready.


Hulu x Pizza Hut To Roll Out In-Commercial Online Pizza Ordering


You’re in the middle of a 5-hour, binge-watching session. If you’re on Netflix, normally, the big red screen is nice enough to ask if you’re still alive and watching, but now, green competitor Hulu wants to do streamers one up, by letting you order pizza during your commercial breaks.

At its Hulu Upfront press junket earlier this week. Hulu announced its new “in-stream purchase units,” which, in current partnership with Pizza Hut, would allow viewers to order pizzas for pick-up or delivery in the time they would normally spend hearing about cars or birth control pills or car insurance. Because Hulu’s ads are mostly un-skippable, the announcement is a welcome upgrade to its previous attempts at interactive, consumer-specific commercials.

The pizza spots are set to roll out later this year, along with new cross-platform, multiple device interactive ads they’re currently calling “Hulu 360.”

The TL;DR of it all? It’s official: you really never have to leave your house again.

H/T Venture Beat + Picthx Hulu

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Disney Secures Patent for Interactive Cakes

Thanks to the folks over at StitchKingdom, we now have a look at what Disney looks to get into next: Interactive Cakes. Walt Disney and co. have been awarded the patent to “Projector Systems and Methods For Producing Digitally Augmented, Interactive Cakes and Other Food Products“, which basically means the way we used to eat cakes…is no longer legit.

With a focus on high-tech projector equipment, the basic gist of the patent seems to imply we’ll be able to enjoy cakes that seemingly alter their characteristics as we eat, via topographical projections. Imagine a projector illuminating down on an edible cake that would be able to detect once a slice is missing. Say you purchased a cake shaped like an above ground swimming pool…cut out a piece, and watch the water from the top layer spill out over the edges and into the crevice you just created. The idea of coupling a computer, projection technology and edible goods is now property of Disney. Can’t wait to see what comes of it!