How To Butcher An Entire Cow Cut By Cut [WATCH]

The cow is a versatile creature, as you can use practically every part of the animal in some food capacity. Have you ever wondered, however, what it takes to get those immaculate cuts of beef?

Bon appetit created a video that follows butcher Jason Yang from Fleishers Craft Butchery as he breaks down every part of a cow, explaining exactly how each part is used.

He points out the most popular beef cuts that include brisket, rib eye, chuck eye, steals, and flat irons. To get to these cuts, Yang slices and hacks his way through four sections of the cow: Round, loin, rib, and chuck.

Check out the extremely informative video to see exactly where the beef from your local butcher comes from, and the amount of work it took to get you that perfect cut. While we’re fascinated with meat as well as the butchering process, this video was a little bittersweet after watching Netflix’s Okja.

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15 Common Mistakes Beginners Make While Cooking [WATCH]

Beginners in the kitchen may feel overwhelmed at times when they’re stuck cooking a meal for guests and have no idea where to start – the constant fear of making a mistake looming over their already nervous state.

Mike from the Brothers Green Eats created this instructional video that highlights 15 common mistakes and tips to help beginner cooks get through the early days creating meals by themselves. Using a traditional stir fry as a platform, Mike runs through all obstacles and misconceptions newcomers would come across in creating the dish.

Some of the highlights include making sure the meat is dry before tossing it into the pan, controlling cooking temperature, letting your meat sit after cooking, prepping your veggies beforehand, proper seasoning, and presentation.

We highly recommend you check out this video to see each piece of advice put to practical use. Who knows, maybe even the more seasoned cooks may learn a thing or two.


This Online Cooking School is a Collaboration Between Roy Choi and 50 Other Professional Chefs


Learning to cook can be rough. One could either sift through a stack of cookbooks, shadow a talented loved one, peruse through an endless supply of websites, or shell out some major bucks for classes. Looks like Salted, the new online school for home cooks combines all of those things.

Salted is essentially a new spin on cooking schools with more than 50 master chefs throughout the United States. Completely accessible via the internet, the cooking school is aimed at home cooks looking to learn from the comfort of their own kitchens albeit with affordable prices. One can browse through recipes, each step complete with video instructions and explanations. The school is said to offer something for cooks of any skill level.

Chefs contributing to the Salted school include Roy Choi, Ricardo Zarate, Neal Fraser, Carmen Quagliata and Jonathan Benno who all seem more than happy to share their talents with the internet. Good for them.

Check out the trailer below and anyone interested can reserve their spot early. If not, just continue on that YouTube train. Hey, it’s got us this far: