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Cup Noodles Unveils First Entirely Vegetarian Flavor: Soy Sauce

Like pretty much every college student, you would find a case of Cup Noodles tucked underneath my bed during my school days. You’d typically either get chicken or beef, and while both were fire, they left me wanting a little more variety.

Last year, Original Cup Noodles released a new Very Veggie product that doubled up on the vegetables served. Now, the brand has announced the addition of the very first completely vegetarian flavor: Soy Sauce.

The Very Veggie selection was the first-ever instant noodle cup to contain a full serving of vegetables* with varieties including Chicken, Spicy Chicken, and Beef Broth.

Cup Noodles Very Veggie Soy Sauce is completely vegetarian and features a blend of edamame, carrots, shredded bok choy, and green beans. While technically all the ingredients in the new flavor are vegan and do not contain any animal by-products, they are processed in the same facility as the non-vegetarian variants.

The new Soy Sauce Cup Noodles is now available nationwide, and can be found at many grocery store retailers. If you don’t feel like rolling the dice, you can find exactly where the instant noodle cups are sold here.

Disclaimer: While Original Cup Noodle is a frequent branded/advertising campaign partner with Foodbeast, this piece is an independent editorial and was not written in partnership with them.
*Each cup of Cup Noodles Very Veggie contains ¼ cup of dehydrated vegetables that rehydrates to one full serving (½ cup equivalent)

This Is The Most Epic Ad For Ramen We’ve Ever Seen [WATCH]

Holy crap.

We’ve seen crazy food ads before, but a recent one for instant ramen might just be the most epic. It’s got zombies, fireballs, parkour, gender-bending and sumo wrestlers.

Ramen manufacturer Nissin Foods created an ad for the 58th anniversary of Chikin Ramen, reports RocketNews. The add features a schoolgirl chasing a samurai drone that had stolen her bowl of ramen. Through the chase we get to see all the popular trends in the country. Along the way, there are quite a few twists.

Check out the feature-length ramen commercial.


WHOA: We’re On Netflix Longer Than We Eat, Study Says


We’re watching more Netflix than we’re eating, and we’re totally fine with it. Exstreamist reports that new data from TDGResearch shows consumers are spending more time watching Netflix than participating in other leisurely activities.

Makes sense with all that instant access to hours of entertainment. Also, the kitchen’s too far.


Measured in minutes we spend watching content on the streaming service, the chart also shows that we’re on Netflix more than we read and have sex.

Interestingly enough, two of the things we spend more time on than Netflix are activities we don’t have much control over: sleeping and working.

Wonder if they measure how often we eat while watching Netflix? Also, how long our food sits there while we search for something to watch.

With more and more platforms offering a streaming service, we’ll likely see those minutes increase as time goes by.

Chart: Exstreamist


World’s First BEEF NOODLE SOUP Vending Machine Unveiled In Shanghai


Sure, there are ramen vending machines out there. If you’re craving beef noodle soup, however, you’re usually shit out of luck. Well, stress no further. The world’s first beef noodle soup vending machine is set to hit Shanghai, reports Shanghaiist.

Created by four guys from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the machine is set to launch this October. They’ve since secured 6,210,050 yuan ($1 million US) to help produce them.

All customers need to do is make their selection, pay and the machine will produce a hot bowl of beef noodle soup in merely a couple minutes.

Sounds like a great way to satiate those beef noodle cravings on the fly.

Photo: Oriental Daily


This Pre-Boiled Egg Kit Is Perfect For The Busy, Stoveless And Just Plain Lazy


For those too busy to throw an egg into some hot water, New Egg Company has developed a new product that might be just for you in the form of a pre-boiled egg.

No, it’s not a joke. It’s a Yowk.

Promising consumers the “perfect soft-boiled” experience, the single-packaged chicken baby is probably one of the most unnecessary things we’ve seen in a while. All you do is add boiling water to the egg’s special container, and in five minutes you have a perfectly soft-boiled egg.

The Yowk package comes with a free-range, pasteurized egg; breadsticks for dipping; an egg-shaped container; and salt and pepper. It also has what they’re calling a “spooth,” a special shell-cracking spoon.

Seems like they covered all the egg-related bases with this pack.

At £1.49 ($2.23 US), expect to find the instant-egg on UK shelves by the end of May. The Yowk’s targeted demographic seems to be the busiest of families and professionals who have no time for remedial cooking.



A Coffee Pod War Is Silently Brewing in Your Keurig


For anyone who has walked past their Keurig machine in the middle of the night and thought that it’s hiding something, you’re absolutely right. Turns out, the K-Cup machines hold a special DRM (digital rights management) sensor that only allows the machine to brew “real” K-Cups and not homemade ones.

The sensor visually identifies a unique ink on the lid of the K-cups. So any cup, off-brand or homemade, without this ink is rejected by the machine.

Contesting this impasse, the owners of have produced what they aptly call the Freedom Clip to bypass Keurig’s design. Essentially, the clip attaches to a Keurig machine and fools the sensor into thinking each cup is an approved K-Cup.

The Rogers Family Company, which runs Gourmet, says they believe in consumers’ right to choose. For this reason, they developed the Freedom Clip. The clips are offered, at no cost, at the Gourmet Coffee site.

Who would have thought there was a war silently brewing in your coffee machine?

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Chocolate Instant Noodles Are Unnecessarily Real

Chocolate-Instant-NoodlesWe once wrote about throwing pudding (not so great) into noodles as a sweet upgrade, but we never thought they’d make a dessert variation of instant noodles. For good reason, right?

Called dessert noodles, the Luxurious Chocolate flavor of Pot Noodle features a creamy chocolate sauce, topped with chunks of all-butter fudge, milk chocolate chips and maple-covered pecan nuts. Sounds…delicious. Because of National Chocolate Day, UK-based chocolatier Paul A. Young helped Pot Noodle come up with this lavish flavor of instant noodles.

I mean, if you’re broke and hungry, you might as well give it a shot. Though we imagine this probably won’t sit too well in most stomachs.

We’ll stick to our chocolate-covered bacon, thank you very much.

H/T First We Feast Picthx Pot Noodle


You Can Now Order Pizza with a Literal Push of a Button


Sometimes you just want a pizza, but you don’t want to go through the process of ordering it. Sure Seamless is easy, sure your favorite joint down the street knows your order by heart, but your computer is far away, and you don’t feel like leaving the apartment. Enter: Push for pizza.

What is Push for Pizza? Literally a button, that you push, that brings pizza to your doorstep. After an initial setup where you enter in your address and credit card info, you push the button, pick a nearby location, and choose between plain and pepperoni.  It’s just like Domino’s PiePal, but with the convenience of being on your phone, which we know is right next to you on the couch. Just press the button, and your pizza arrives hot and ready, tip and tax covered.

No word yet on whether the app will expand to include toppings other than cheese and pepperoni. But quite honestly, if you’re too lazy to call in an order the old fashioned way, you probably shouldn’t be given too many options. Just stick with the good stuff and put on some really stretchy pants.