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Watch These High-Profile Chefs Compete To Create The Most ‘Instagram-Worthy’ Burger

If you’re gonna go out and make what you deem to be an Instagram-worthy burger, you’ve gotta make sure you come correct. The burger needs a ton of oozing, melty cheese, an epic, mouth watering cross-section, and something outlandish that nobody’s seen before. That’s sure to rack up the likes and get all kinds of people sliding into your DMs.

Alvin Cailan, the Eggslut breakfast creator and legend, decided to give his shot at making a burger creation built for the ‘Gram. In his new First We Feast show, The Burger Show, Cailan squared off against Top Chef alum Ilan Hall to see who could make the better Instagram-worthy burger.

instagram-worthy burger

Cailan created “The Baseball Burger,” a cheese-stuffed sphere of meat enrobed with onions to look like it could strike out Barry Bonds. It had two grilled cheese buns and a knife stabbed through the middle to give it that wow factor.

In contrast, Hall went for a Banh Mi Poutine Burger, mashing up iconic items from Canada, Vietnam, and the United States under one bun. Clearly the more chef’d up take between the two burgers.

The burgers were then put to the test by a pantheon of judges: celebrity chef Matty Matheson, First We Feast’s Sean Evans, and radio personality Miss Info. After deliberating on flavor, presentation, and Instagram-worthiness, the three agreed that Cailan’s Baseball Burger was better suited for our social media feeds.

As much as I’d be down with Hall’s epic burger fusion, I gotta agree with the judges on this one. That knife was the literal dagger that sealed Cailan’s win as to which burger was more Instagram-worthy.

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7 Of The Most Instagram Worthy Churros in SoCal

“Churro, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years that you’d like to be eaten.” – Adele (maybe).


From ice cream filled donuts to rainbow unicorn bagels to gelato rolled up right in front of you to make a beautiful floral and edible arrangement in a cup, our foods have become more colorful, more unique, and — most importantly — more delicious! We put new spins on old favorites all the time, so it is no surprise that the churro has been undergoing these Instagrammable makeovers today. Here are the top seven IG worthy churros you can find in SoCal that won’t break the bank or break your foodie IG aesthetic!


Churros Calientes

11521 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Image: INSTAGRAM – @churroscalientes

If Snoop Dogg had a favorite churro, it’d definitely be a churro with some… drizzle. Churros Calientes keeps it sweet with their warm and sugary churros decorated with gooey toppings such as dulce de leche, sweet condensed milk, and cream cheese-guava. The customizations don’t stop here though — you can choose your own filling as well in your churro, too! With a stack of churros on a plate topped with one of the rich homemade flavors, you’ll be able to taste the goodness in your mouth just by taking a pic.


Churro Borough

1726 N. Vermont Ave, Los Feliz, CA

Image: INSTAGRAM – @dinela

Known as the original churro ice cream sandwich connoisseur, Churro Borough is churro simplicity at its best. With both ice cream and churros made fresh daily, Churro Borough offers churro sticks, churro bits, and the beautifully crafted churro ice cream sandwich. Sure, you probably cannot stick the whole sandwich in your mouth in one bite, but you can definitely try, which is definitely worth it for the ‘gram.


Churros El Tigre

4211 Camino De La Plaza, San Diego, CA

Image: INSTAGRAM – @irisfigs

Cutting it close to Tijuana, Churros El Tigre serves quality desserts with an extra side of joy — and by joy, we mean sugar, of course. From churro fries to mini churros to the supreme churro sundae made of six churros, a banana, two scoops of ice cream, chocolate, caramel, lechera, crushed peanuts, and cherries, you’ll have your mouth (and tummy) saying churr-OH YASSS.


The Naughty Churro


Image: INSTAGRAM – @mocnificent

Who wants to be nice when you can be naughty? Known for churro creations like their beautiful rainbow unicorn-like cotton candy churro ice cream sandwiches, The Naughty Churro adds color, flavor, and flare to a churro sandwich. If you’re feening for something a bit more savory, The Naughty Churro has your back, offering sweet fried chicken in between two churro buns to satisfy your every need. They have recently come up with their sh*ttiest creation; we wouldn’t say that it comes in first place, but it is definitely number 2.


The Loop Churros

9729 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, CA

Image: INSTAGRAM – @shoes_foods_tattoos

Loop, there it is! The Loop Churros add a new twist — or rather, bend — to the churro. The Loop gives you options on how you want your churro, whether you want to dip it in sauces like nutella or tiramisu, glaze it with different flavors like Sprinkle Berry or Matcha Crunch, or chill it in an ice cream combination of goodness. You may not hear about the latest trends and foodie finds, but trust us; you’ll stay in The Loop with these churros.


Sweet Daily Cafe

3740 Iowa Ave. Ste 106, Riverside, CA 92507

Image: INSTAGRAM – @cashthetics

You’d think these churros were a Thanksgiving turkey due to the endless options of stuffing. Having only opened earlier in 2016, Sweet Daily Dessert Cafe in Riverside offers drinks, desserts, and of course, churros in all shapes and sizes (and flavors!). For those who wish to balance that sweet and savory taste, the cream cheese stuffed churro might be the safe option, but if you dare, try the churro dog with garlic aioli. Yes, you read this correctly: THE CHURRO DOG IS A THING. The variety of churro desserts and fillings makes us wish we were currently students at UCR – that’s short for University of ChurRos, obviously.


Ridges Churro Bar


Image: INSTAGRAM – @tracitrauma

Cereal? Ice cream? Churros? Why not all three! Sometimes, less is more, but in Ridges Churro Bar’s case, MORE IS MORE. Ridges is known for a few of their OG flavors, including Fruity Pebbles, Salted Caramel, Nutella Nut, and Strawberry Cheesecake. Topped with cereal, nuts, chocolate, and more, these churros are stuck into a cup of sweet ice cream for you to enjoy. A churro from Ridges is perfect for the ‘gram — hold the cup in one hand, extend your arm, and take a pic with the other! It’s like it was meant to be.


You may have thought that churros were a delicacy found at Costco or Disneyland, but this is a belief of the past. Take a trip to any and all of these churro spots and sink your teeth into something magical and Instagrammable!