California Company Recalls 8.7 Million Pounds of Un-Inspected Beef, Shuts Down


Might wanna steer clear of burgers for the next few weeks, fellas.

Northern California-based firm Rancho Feeding Corp. recalled 8.7 million pounds of beef products Saturday due to “unsound” conditions. The plant, according to the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, “processed diseased and unsound animals” without subjecting them to a full federal inspection, the Los Angeles Times reports. The resulting products, sent to distributors and retailers in California, Florida, Texas, and Illinois between January 1 and 7, have been declared “unsound, unwholesome or otherwise . . . unfit for human food” and “must be removed from commerce.”

This follows a similar slip-up last month, for which Rancho recalled 40,000 pounds of un-inspected beef.

So far, the company and USDA have reported no contamination-related injuries or illnesses, which means someone somewhere is probably doubled over a toilet and getting paid big bucks to keep his mouth shut. Well, figuratively, anyway.

According to the LA Times, the plant announced its voluntary closure earlier this morning.