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McDonald’s Designed A Milkshake ‘STRAW’ That Will Change The Way You Suck

A few weeks ago, McDonald’s announced that they were adding a brand-new line of Shamrock Shake-inspired drinks to their beverage menu. These included a Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe, a Chocolate Shamrock Shake, Shamrock Hot Chocolate, and a Shamrock Mocha.


In a recent McDonald’s Facebook Live Stream, the fast food chain announced that they’ve been collaborating with two aerospace and robotic engineering companies (JACE and NK Labs) to elevate the simple straw into a new item they’re appropriately calling the “STRAW.”

The Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal (or STRAW) is McDonald’s latest answer to the dual-layered Chocolate Shamrock Shake. It features a “J”-shaped design complete with well-placed holes for your milkshake to enter through.

When McDonald’s dropped their new Chocolate Shamrock Shake, customers would have to mix their beverage together if they wanted a combination of both chocolate and mint flavor. The STRAW’s design allows for both components to be sucked without having to mix the shake up.

Hot damn.


McDonald’s will be giving away 2,000 of these straws to fans across the United States. A list of participating McDonald’s locations that will have the STRAW on Feb. 24 can be found here.

Like last month’s 10,000 exclusive Big Mac Sauce bottles, the STRAWS will be available on a first come, first served, basis.


New Startup Allows You To Buy Part Of A Cow Before It’s Turned Into Steak


The communion between meat lovers and startup geeks has produced Crowd Cow, an idea that allows individuals to buy shares of a cow before it is butchered and delivered to owners of the shares.

Consumers have become increasingly aware of the kinds of food they choose to put into their bodies and a handful of them are opting to eat grass-fed beef. While it’s difficult to trace the origins of the meat grocery shoppers purchase in their deli section of the store, Crowd Cowensures that people know exactly where their beef comes from.


The unique startup allows people to purchase shares that range anywhere from $9 to $45 depending on the type of cut. Owners have the option to buy in bulk with share packages such as the “Steak-Only Share” or the “Grill Master Share.”


Cows aren’t butchered until all shares of that cow are sold, according to the website. Once the deed is done, the fresh 100% grass-fed beef is shipped immediately to the front doors of owners of the shares.


Crowd Cow’s stated mission is to deliver convenience, quality and taste of their product and services. Meat lovers are able to buy the exact cuts and quantity directly from the rancher through online ordering.

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This Instagram Chef Reimagined A Fish Taco So Literal, It’s Amazing


A fish taco is great on its own. That we can all agree on. However, it seems that conventional fish tacos aren’t really utilizing their full potentials. That is, until @tymbussanich changed the game.

The ingenious Instagrammer turned a fried piece of fish into a taco shell. Using a baking rack to get the fish to conform to the shape of a taco shell, the protein is frozen to maintain the shape. It’s then covered with a spicy batter and deep fried.

A literal fish taco.

Once ready, the fish is topped with a creamy slaw, or whatever you choose to top your taco with. You can find more insanely creative recipes on his blog.



If Beer and Peanuts Had a Baby…



The ‘Wonderbag’ May Soon Replace Your Beloved Slow Cooker


Crock Pots may soon have some competition in the slow cooking game thanks to Wonderbag. The cleverly named invention is indeed a wonder as its insulated design allows food to safely continue cooking without the need for additional energy. The process is extremely easy and also helps alleviate that nagging in the back of your mind. Y’know, the one when you knowingly leave an appliance plugged in for 8 hours to cook while you’re at work.

As seen in the image above, all you have to do is bring your started recipe to a rolling boil for as little as 5 minutes [sometimes longer for meat recipes] and seal it with a lid. Turn off your stove and transfer your hot pot to the Wonderbag. Let it stand for the required amount of time to ensure cooking is completed. Once your dish is ready just open the Wonderbag and uncover your pot lid to find your recipe piping hot ready for immediate consumption. Don’t worry about your dish being questionable, because of the Wonderbag’s insulation your food can be safely kept within its warm walls for up to 12 hours without it falling to an unsafe temperature. Recipes that can be made in this innovative creation include everything from more complex curries and stews, to something as easy as oatmeal. Aside from heating the Wonderbag can also keep your favorite drinks and food cold for up to 12 hours.

Because the Wonderbag is cordless and doesn’t require any power, it’s perfect for use nearly anywhere. Sarah Collins, creator and founder of Wonderbag originally developed her invention as a means to conserve cooking energy in developing nations such as her native South Africa. Besides saving energy the Wonderbag helps to reduce carbon emissions as well as wasted food from burnt pots. It also saves water, less evaporation occurs while insulated and reduces fuel usage by nearly 30 percent.

Wonderbag is now available in the U.S. for $50 via Amazon. For every Wonderbag sold in the U.S. a Wonderbag will be donated to a family in need in Africa. For more information on the Wonderbag peep the YouTube video below.

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Never Get Your Arm Stuck in a Pringles Canister Again With This Chip Dispenser

pringles tool

Where the hell has this been all our lives. In my 24 years of eating Pringles I’ve been subjected to getting my arm stuck in the canister, breaking chips in an attempt to grab a stack and looking like a hot mess emptying the can down my gullet to ensure every crumb was consumed. So many wasted years. So many lost chips. So many regrets.

No more will we have to snack like animals thanks to the Chip Dispenser by EntreX. Created in Japan the silicon tool is easy to use, simply snap into shape and stick the Chip Dispenser into your favorite can of Pringles. The scoop-like design ensures every chip is grabbed as you pull back and behold the glorious sight before you. When you’re done nomming on your can of Pecan Pie Pringles the Chip Dispenser conveniently wraps around the canister awaiting its next use.

The product was on sale in Japan but doesn’t look like it’s available anymore. Hopefully someone can recreate this life changing tool to solve all our first world Pringles problems.

H/T + PicThx Gawker