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Adventure: Carl’s Jr. x Green Hornet at Comic Con

This week I headed down to San Diego to show Comic Con how FoodBeast does it big. More importantly I attended the private party press junket for “The Green Hornet,” directed by Michel Gondry. If you haven’t seen the trailer to this film, which stars Seth Rogen and Christoph Waltz, then you need to get with it. Seems like Gondry has created another interesting flick with some fascinating special effects, not to mention with Seth involved it should be a funny one.


Quentin Tarantino Promotes Dewar’s 12


With the recent release of his new film Inglorious Basterds, what a better way for Quentin to celebrate than to have a glass of Dewar’s 12 on the rocks. Drinking premium blended scotch whiskey is so classy, especially for a classy guy like Mr. Tarantino. (Thx Wallychamp)