Map Of The US Shows Us Which Pizza-less States To Avoid

You finally save enough vacation days, gas money and decide it’s about time to take that cross-country road trip. If you’re a lover of pizza, you’ll want to know which states to hit when your cruising through and which states are simply not worth your pizza-lovin’ time.

Estately did some research and created a graphic that shows the amount of pizza shops in every state in the US.


As you can see, the East Coast is where you wanna be when it comes to pizza with West Virginia taking the #1 title. Surprisingly, there are a few states we wouldn’t think would have so many pizzerias. Really? Ohio?

Nevada probably makes sense since it’s a vacation hotspot.

Our very own California is towards the bottom of that list at #41 with Hawaii in very last place. Wonder how many ham and pineapple spots are actually in the Hawaiian Islands.

Graphic: Enstately


Here’s What Cocktail To Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Are you a fan of astrology? Perhaps, you’re just a fan of drinking. If you happen to enjoy both, you’ll want to check out Drizly’s awesome infographic. Created by chief cocktail officer Trisha Anderson, Mixology Astrology chart shows you how to make drinks based on your personality.

The chart breaks the cocktails down by your Zodiac sign, lists the ingredients and steps needed to create the drink.

Each cocktail was specifically designed by Anderson to fit that person’s personality. If you’re an intense Scorpio, the directions ask you to shake your Pistachio shot vigorously.


Photo: Drizly


These 6 Foods Will BOOST Your Creativity [Infographic]

Ever been stuck in a creative rut? We’ve all been there. Turns out there are some foods that can actually help improve your creativity and put you on the path to getting that spark back.

Creative Market put together an infographic that shows six foods known to help boost brainpower and help your juices flow. The six featured are eggs, alcohol, dark chocolate, broccoli, nuts and oats.

Some help with memory while others help increase blood circulation in the brain. Others simply relieve stress. Together, all of these foods help improve your more creative instincts.

Check them out below.



Infographic Reveals Brain Foods That Will Make You Brilliant, And Why


There’s a ton of food out there that’s said to boost your brain power. Your mom might serve you a dinner of salmon the night before a test, or you might devour a bowl of fruit before a big presentation.

BlueBrainBoost crated a Brain Food Pyramid that highlights every food that will help improve your brain. Naturally, the fruits and veggies are the clearest solution to boosting your brain. Then, it’s proteins and other smaller bites.

The pyramid details all the major foods that help improve your body overall and details the effects of each item. It also sections off the ones you should eat the most of from the ones you should eat the least of. Y’know, like a regular food pyramid.

Check out the awesome infographic below and start prioritizing you brain food.


Photo: Brain ProTips


Metabolism Cheat Sheet: 10 Ways To Boost Yourself Up


There are tons of ways to kick off your metabolism. However, sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

Sure the basics are clean eating and plenty of exercise, but if you want to get into the specifics, Diagnosis: Diet created an infographic featuring 10 tips to improving your metabolism. While some are more common sense than others, having everything in a visually appealing mini-guide really does help everything stick.

If you’re trying to lose weight, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, this list highlights some of the top ways to help crank you metabolism. Check it out.


Photo: Diagnosis: Diet


49 Ways To Eat Chocolate Around The World

Chocolate isn’t confined to a single country. In fact, nearly every place around the world celebrates the sweet delicacy in a different way.

To better appreciate this, Avas Flowers created a detailed infographic that showcases 49 chocolate treats from around the world.

Check out the beautifully designed image below and see if you can spot your favorite chocolate snack. From Mississippi Mud Pies to Cadbury Double Deckers, we’re already craving a ton of items we’ve never even heard of.



What Calories In Your Booze Look Like In Food Form

If you’re one to count calories, you’ll know that sometimes going out for drinks can make you rethink your dinner choice. Have you ever wondered how many beers equated to a cheeseburger? If you just downed a bottle of wine, how much is that in cookies?

Elite Daily posted a few graphics that compared popular alcoholic drinks to popular foods. Each have the exact same amount of calories. The quantity of each item, however, is pretty interesting. You can check out the rest here.

Now, every time we go out, we’re just gonna measure every drink on a pizza scale.




UPDATE: Infographic images originally from Elite Daily.

Fast Food

Exactly What Happens To Your Body After Eating A Big Mac


There’s something about the McDonald’s Big Mac that’s seriously appealing. Sure, it’s totally bad for you, but sometimes you just crave it. Have you ever wondered why?

Fast Food Menu Price breaks down exactly this. In an infographic called “What 1 Hour After Eating A Big Mac,” the graphic gives an in-depth look at the ‘Mac’-ing process. It describes our body’s preference for high-calorie diets, addiction to fast food, the thought process after devouring a Big Mac and even the digestion process.

Makes you seriously rethink that next Big Mac.