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Bakery Fires Head Baker After He Refused To Use Bug-Infested Flour


An artisan bakery in Queens fired their head baker for doing what universally anyone else would deem noble. The employee refused to make dough from flour that he discovered had contained bugs, according to a lawsuit.

Stefan Fischer, a baker with 30 years experience, was immediately terminated after he spoke up about the insects found in the Bakery of New York’s flour silo.

Fischer had sent his employer a photograph showing insects in the flour with the intent of throwing the 3000-pounds of infested flour out, along with suggesting that the Long Island City-based silo be professionally cleaned.

The baker was told to use the tainted ingredient, even with the bugs apparent, for “multigrain” dough since the insects could be concealed in crunchy bread. When Fischer refused, he was let go from his duties at the bakery.

Fischer’s suit also says he witnessed other health violations during his time working for the bakery including dirt on the floors, uncovered trash containers, and open dairy containers.

The NY Post reached out to Fischer’s lawyer who declined to comment on whether the tainted flour was ever used.

Think we’re gonna steer clear of the bakery anyways, just to be safe. We don’t need the extra protein THAT badly.