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7 Crowdfunded Food Campaigns You Need To Check Out ASAP

If you want to see what’s cutting-edge and new in the world of food, you need to take a look at crowdfunding sites. Places like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and the like are chock-full of food entrepreneurs pitching their latest ideas to the world. Whether it’s in the name of social justice or just a flat out intriguing invention, crowdfunded food projects are some of the most unique and tasty ones out there.

Currently, there’s several campaigns across these funding sites that carry amazing messages or creative ideas. All of these are still looking to reach their fundraising goals, so if you want to get in on the action, this is your chance to do so.

The Chemo Kitchen Cookbook

A Cookbook Whose Recipes Are Tailored To Those Undergoing Chemotherapy

During chemotherapy, a person’s taste can change or disappear. This cookbook is designed specifically for this, as the dishes have been engineered by chefs to account for various changes in taste. It’s a great book for caregivers, patients, and friends willing to help out, and helps bring taste back to an enjoyable level for those undergoing chemo.

A single cookbook requires a $35 contribution, but there are bundles available for a cheaper per-book price.

The Real Paella Valenciana

An Authentic Spanish Paella Recipe You Can Make In Under 20 Minutes

Teddy Rebollo, head of e-commerce platform The Iberico Club, is leading this project. He’s teamed up with an esteemed paella chef from Spain to bring authentic Paella Valenciana flavors to the world.

Rebollo’s team will cook all of the ingredients except for the rice ahead of time. It all is then shipped, including the rice. You have to supply your own paella pan (although several of the options on the Kickstarter include one), and pour all of the contents and the rice in and cook for 18 minutes: less than HALF of the typical cooking time for a paella.

This project is on the expensive side, with a $50 minimum donation required to guarantee your taste of Paella Valenciana early. If you’re a huge connoisseur of the iconic Spanish dish, though, it may very well be worth it.

The Handy Pan

A Pan With A Draining Side That Makes Removing Grease WAY Easier

A frying pan/strainer hybrid sounds bizarre, but solves an oft-overlooked issue. Press the button on the handle to pull up the strainer and remove any cooking grease, liquid, etc. that you want out of your food while cooking. It keeps all of the other food inside the pan, too, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of that.

Early birds on this campaign can get the pan for $35, but it’ll cost about $42 in a “Kickstarter special” for anyone else who contributes and wants it.

Cricket Baking Flavors

Lineup of Nutritionally Beneficial Flour Mixes That Include Cricket Flour

Yup, the future of food is gonna involve some bugs, and this flour is helping us acclimate to the change. There’s gluten-free, keto-friendly, and other mixes that match your dietary lifestyle. Cricket flour is high in protein, vitamin B12, magnesium, and other key nutrients, making these flours both functional and fortified with the good stuff.

Pledging $12 to the campaign gets you a 12-ounce package of your flour of choice. Bigger contributions also include a cookbook for those looking for recipes.

The Edible Games Cookbook

A Cookbook Where The Recipes Are All Also Game Ideas

This project combines food and fun together, as it makes a bunch of recipes that also serve as the canvases and core parts of games. Variations include “Veggie Land,” aka Candyland on a pizza, or a modified version of chess that’s played with decorated cookies.

Pledging $25 gets you a digital version of the cookbook. A hardcover version costs over twice that, at $60, and contains a dozen different games.

Tchad: Cooking For Conservation

African Cookbook/Travelogue That Gives Money To Animal Conservation Funds

Part cookbook, part travelogue, this book contains native African recipes while detailing the expansive beauty of the Tchad region’s Zakouma National Park. It’s part of a social entrepreneurship campaign that gives $100,000 to an African conservation society, plus 25% of the profits of the book after that target is reached.

If you just want recipes, you can get a set of five for $10. The actual book requires a $38 contribution to the campaign, but there’s plenty of perks at a lower cost as well.

For True Foodies Only

A Self-Paced Culinary Course App That’s Like ‘Culinary School Without The Degree’

Described as “culinary school for those who don’t want the degree,” the caliber of chefs teaching the courses on this mobile platform is top-notch. Instructors from Le Cordon Bleu are just a part of the 300-chef network bringing these recipes to life.

A $20 donation gets you a course of your choice from the two debut classes: French Pastry or French Cuisine.

Alcohol Beer Culture Feel Good Hit-Or-Miss

The World’s First Beer-Themed Hotel Will Have a Brew-Filled Hot Tub

Start planning your next vacation. The world’s first beer hotel is opening soon in Columbus, Ohio, courtesy of Scotland-based BrewDog — yes, the same brewery that gave us the beer stuffed inside a dead squirrel. Forget Disneyland — this is the Hoppiest Place on Earth.

This tipsy resort is set to have an IPA hot tub, minibars in the shower, beer on tap in each room, and beer pairings with every meal. It will be a brewster’s paradise — that is, if the project can raise enough crowdfunded money on Indiegogo. (Right now, they’re only $13,000 short of the $75,000 goal.)

“This hotel will provide a complete experiential environment in which to truly immerse yourself in the world of craft beer,” the Indiegogo campaign reads. “From waking up to a view of our sour beer foeders and the smell of freshly mashed malt, to hop-infused spa treatments and beer breakfasts, and even amazing craft beer on tap in your bedroom — this hotel will have it all.”

If crowdfunding is successful, the hotel will open sometime next year.

Original post written by Joanna Fantozzi for The Daily Meal

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Selffee Is The Edible Photobooth That You Need At Your Next Function

Sure, self love is healthy and all, on some Eat, Pray, Love tip, but would you actually eat your face? While you marinate on that odd concept, let me just fast track that result for you: you probably would if it was on a tasty cupcake or bomb breakfast burrito.

Thanks to the good folks at Selffee, the mobile edible photobooth, this delectable concept is a reality. Using edible inks that are FDA certified and safe to eat, Selffee uses an exclusive app and technology that allows a customer to take a selfie or send them an image for use. They then print the image using their technology onto cold brew iced coffee, cupcakes, cookies and more.

The New York City-based startup is the first of its kind and is the perfect compliment to any type of event and function.

Currently Selffee has an Indiegogo campaign running for the next month to help raise support for their truly unique and fun experience. So if you’re all about taking a bite out of a Crying MJ cupcake or sipping out of an image of Arthur’s fist, or even simply enjoying an In-N-Out Double Double with your personal logo on it like we did, you can check it out, donate, then get your mail order Selffee cookies here.


World’s Smallest Chopsticks Transforms Into a Pen


How handy would it be to have a pair of chopsticks with you at all times for everyday situations? Sushi falling out of the sky? Boom. Chopsticks. A chow mien truck tips over? Chopsticks. Yuan Design has come up with an upgraded version of the classic chopstick concept of two wooden sticks with relatively equal length.

The design, called PenstiX, allows the metal pair to be hidden in a compact metal rod with a cap. Assembling it together, it looks like nothing more than an ordinary pen. You could literally carry them with you at all times.The “pen cap” once disassembled, acts as a chopstick holder allowing them to avoid touching a grimy table surface. They’re also reusable and easy to clean.


I’ve heard of many novelty chopsticks that claim to be the world’s smallest, but I kind of actually believe this one. Not too ridiculously small where they would be useless but small enough to carry around. Currently, PenstiX is sourcing funding at Indiegogo with a $38 donation being the minimum to receive a pair.

To quote Dirk Diggler in a recent blockbuster movie, “I don’t think it’s a pen at all! I think we found a Transformer.”

H/T DesignTaxi