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In-N-Out Burger Breakfast Burrito Unveiled In Recipe Competition

Like pizza, a burrito is a blank canvas that can house pretty much any combination of flavors you can dream of. 

This latest Foodbeast Recipe Challenge has chefs wrapping up their ultimate burrito recipes. It features an entire In-N-Out Combo combined with scrambled eggs. 

Yup, Foodbeast Elie Ayrouth, the guy who made the In-N-Out Pie a few years back, is at it again, combining his two loves (In-N-Out and Breakfast Burritos) into a single handheld cylinder of delight.

Check out exactly how Elie pulls this off in the video above. Sadly, it’s not something you’ll find on In-N-Out’s secret menu any time soon, so you might as well try it out at home!

Other chefs participating in this Burrito Recipe Challenge include Jenny (@HappyBelliesByJenny), Rudy (@Rudeluv), Myself (@Pham_Bot), Costa (@Constantine_Spy), and Jem (@JemSanTheFoodGod). 

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Competitive Eating Legend Molly Schuyler Eats 100×100 In-N-Out Burger In One Sitting

Not too long ago, we hosted an In-N-Out 50×50 challenge in the hallowed grounds of Foodbeast HQ. Competitive eaters such as Nader Reda and Raina Huang each attempted to best the burger, with Raina completing the challenge in less than 40 minutes.

Now, another combatant has thrown her hat into the ring.

Famed competitive eater Molly Schuyler has stepped up to take on not just the In-N-Out 50×50, but requested we make it a 100×100 challenge.

The $154.84 bill yielded a monolith of meat, taking nearly half an hour for the restaurant to build and nearly half a dozen boxes to transport it back to Foodbeast HQ.

While Schuyler was apprehensive whether she could defeat such a comically large burger, she dove into it once the clock started and didn’t stop until that last piece of lettuce and bun was tucked away in her stomach.

Check out exactly how it went down on our Twitch Channel, or the YouTube embed above.

You can also catch Molly at our upcoming food and music festival Nood Beach this Sunday, September 1st. Tickets are still on sale at, or you can catch her try to tackle a 20-pound bowl of ramen live on Twitch.

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If In-N-Out Ever Served Wagyu Beef, This Might Be What It Looks And Tastes Like


In-N-Out fans already know how fire their classic Double Doubles are, especially done Animal Style. If the chain were to ever take that up a notch and create a wagyu beef version, that would truly be the burger of our dreams.

One Seattle restaurant has gotten us a bite closer to what that might taste like with their own tribute to the In-N-Out staple.


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This tribute to the Animal Style Double-Double comes courtesy of Sawyer, a restaurant known for their elevated twists on comfort classics. Their burger, called the Animal Style, features two wagyu beef patties, a caramelized onion mornay sauce, tomato, lettuce, secret sauce, and sour pickles.

Foodbeast Theresa Tran had a chance to try the burger, and loved the take on her favorite cheeseburger. “It’s like the classic Double Double just glowed up and became super sophisticated,” she gushed. Fellow Foodbeast Ricky Zollinger concurred on that opinion, calling the Animal Style was like In-N-Out’s signature “on burger steroids.”

Maybe some day, In-N-Out will open up a fancy version of itself and have wagyu on the menu. Until then, we’ll have Sawyer’s version in Seattle, Washington to live out that fantasy for us.

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Matt Stonie Downs Over A Gallon Of In-N-Out Milkshakes In Under 5 Minutes

When it comes to fast food milkshakes, In-N-Out’s are pretty thick, making the act of sucking them through a straw or guzzling them a challenge. It’s a struggle to just get through one, but competitive eating legend Matt Stonie just got through more than TEN in under 5 minutes.

The ten and a half milkshakes Stonie downed was the equivalent of about 1.25 gallons, translating to roughly 6,090 calories and a whopping ten pounds of frozen dairy.

Stonie took it on like a champ, finishing off the entire thing in just under 5 minutes. While attempting to drink the viscous dessert from a straw slowed him down at the beginning, he easily made up for that with his masterful chugging skills.

Considering that just one of In-N-Out’s milkshakes is relatively filling, Stonie’s feat is truly an impressive one. How he manages to keep all that down and barely get a brain freeze, I have no idea.

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This Vegan Fast Food Joint Gives Us A Glimpse Into The Meatless Future

There’s a lot of talk these days about the future of food, with many believing we will be unable to produce meat by the year 2050. If that happens, at least we can all rest assured knowing that we’ve already got a vegan fast food burger spot up and running.

Photo: Foodbeast // Marc Kharrat

Monty’s is a vegan burger joint in Los Angeles that customers are already calling the “plant-based In-N-Out” because of its menu, ambiance, and treatment of the patties.

Since they opened their doors last month, they’ve drawn throngs of curious omnivores and herbivores eager to see what the future of fast food could look like.

At the core of Monty’s signature item is the Impossible Burger, the “bleeding” vegan patty that comes as close to a beef patty than nearly all others. Coincidentally, one of the first renditions of the Impossible Patty also drew inspirations from In-N-Out, so the proof that this faux burger meat can stand up to fast food already exists.

Monty’s toppings are pretty similar to In-N-Out’s, as well, with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and a vegan American cheese (from Follow Your Heart) that evokes the aromas and textures of your standard Double-Double.

Like In-N-Out, Monty’s branding is simple but memorable, the menu is small but packs in the quality, and there’s even a “secret” menu, including a vegan take on Animal Fries.

The only thing that Monty’s doesn’t match In-N-Out on is price. Making beef burgers is still incredibly cheap, and you can get one for $3-4. At Monty’s, a single cheeseburger runs for $11 and a double sets you back $14. That’ll definitely change as Impossible Foods (the company behind the patty) scales more and lowers costs, but for now, getting a taste of the future of burgers will set you back a bit.

Nonetheless, Monty’s is a shining example and gold standard of what vegan fast food can be like, and makes the culinary genre accessible to those who would otherwise avoid plant-based eats altogether. It’s an important fixture and restaurant to look to as the future of meat looks bleak.

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For One Day, In-N-Out Will Open A Burger Pop-Up In Canada

Here in the West Coast, we’ve been spoiled with the abundant avaliablilty of In-N-Out Burger. At a whim, I could merge into a drive-thru and order up a 3×3 with Animal Style fries in a matter of minutes. We sometimes forget that it’s just not that easy in other parts of the continent.

For places like Metro Vancouver, you’d have to wait once a year to sink your teeth into a glorious Double Double. Next month the Langley Good Times Cruise-In, a massive charity event for fans of retro cars, will once again play host to the California-based burger chain.

According to the Daily Hive, In-N-Out will travel to Canada to spend a day serving burgers to hungry car enthusiasts by food truck. Fans eager to try In-N-Out will be able to order burgers throughout the day of the event.

Unfortunately, they won’t get the full experience though. While the previous years offered the chain’s famous burgers, accoutrements such as their fresh-cut fries and milkshakes have yet to make an appearance. Still, here’s hoping.

Those living in, or near, Vancouver who have yet to try In-N-Out may want to mark their calendars. The burger chain will be around only on Sept. 18. Proceeds from the In-N-Out burger sales will be donated to the Cruise-In charities.

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With One Tweet, Lebron Showed He Already Controls L.A.’s Food Scene

Lebron James set Los Angeles ablaze when he hinted that he would appear at the Blaze Pizza in Culver City, California.

It was a simple tweet, and wasn’t even a guarantee, but Laker fans ran with it and waited in line for hours at the prospect of getting a glimpse of the NBA superstar.

Surely some of the line was for Blaze’s customers simply trying to get free pizza, as many others did at every Blaze location in Southern California, but the Culver City location was the only one that showed promise of Lebron’s presence.

As most know by now, Lebron did not show up to the pizza place. Instead, his wife posted a picture of James in a pool, chilling on a doughnut floatie, as frustrated fans went home with the Lakers’ shiny new toy nowhere in sight.

Donut kill my vibe #OnMaMamaWeLivin

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It is immediately apparent the impact Lebron James will have on the food haven that is L.A.

He hadn’t even officially been a Laker for a week, and had fans lined up outside of a pizza chain for hours.

Lebron has stake in Blaze Pizza, and with him as a spokesman, the franchise has become the fastest growing restaurant chain in U.S. history.

Let that sink in. It wasn’t just the fastest growing build-your-own-pizza shop, or fastest growing restaurant in a specific location; it was the fastest growing restaurant chain, PERIOD. That means it grew faster than McDonald’s, Chipotle, Subway, and any other major restaurant you can think of.

It’s no coincidence that Lebron’s shining star was a key to Blaze’s growth, as CEO Jim Mizes credited James as far as brand awareness is concerned.

A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

Cleveland’s restaurant scene was positively impacted by James over the years, especially when returning to his hometown in 2014. When Lebron went back to play for the Cavaliers, the number of restaurants around Quicken Loans Arena, where the Cavaliers play, increased from 165 to 210, according to USA Today.

Cleveland restaurants banked on Lebron’s success, unabashedly having “game nights” and luring in customers by showing Cavs games on TV.

With James departing Cleveland, and the team being a little less attractive, those surrounding restaurants will obviously suffer in patronage. Now the focus will be on his new home.
The Los Angeles food scene will not hinge on Lebron in the same way that Cleveland’s did, but if the Blaze Pizza situation is any indication, he is going to leave his mark on the city’s dining culture.

There were fans who followed Lebron’s private jet from Cleveland to Los Angeles, so you can bet people will follow him to any of his go-to restaurants. I wouldn’t be surprised if people found ways to decipher what James delivered to his home.

If he makes his way to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, you bet your ass he’s going to have his own dish, and a picture on the wall.

What if he vouches for In-N-Out, or Philippe’s or even a random taco truck, will people suddenly flock there?

Who knows, but Los Angeles has at least four seasons to find out, and learn to eat like kings.

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Watch Seth Rogen Taste Test Secret Menu Burgers

Seth Rogen is arguably one of the funniest men on the planet, so you know he’s going to have his mind blown in a hilarious way when trying new food.

On First We Feast’s latest episode of The Burger Show, host Alvin Cailan made Rogen choose between the Tupac and Biggies of the burger world.

Trying both In-N-Out’s Animal Style Burger,\ and Shake Shack’s Peanut Butter and Bacon Shackburger, Rogen reviewed and made a choice between the two secret menu items.

Rogen, a true gentleman and scholar, chose California’s Animal Style Burger over the East Coast burger. The convincing point seemed to be In-N-Out’s chopped chilies, as the  comedian said they were a revelation and added a dimension to In-N-Out that he didn’t know existed.

Is the debate between In-N-Out and Shake Shack now settled through the words of Seth Rogen? Probably not.  Fans will forever fight over the two burger spots. It also didn’t help that Rogen said he once got food poisoning from In-N-Out, but he did say he immediately went back, because In-N-Out is worth it.