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Matt Stonie Downs Over A Gallon Of In-N-Out Milkshakes In Under 5 Minutes

When it comes to fast food milkshakes, In-N-Out’s are pretty thick, making the act of sucking them through a straw or guzzling them a challenge. It’s a struggle to just get through one, but competitive eating legend Matt Stonie just got through more than TEN in under 5 minutes.

The ten and a half milkshakes Stonie downed was the equivalent of about 1.25 gallons, translating to roughly 6,090 calories and a whopping ten pounds of frozen dairy.

Stonie took it on like a champ, finishing off the entire thing in just under 5 minutes. While attempting to drink the viscous dessert from a straw slowed him down at the beginning, he easily made up for that with his masterful chugging skills.

Considering that just one of In-N-Out’s milkshakes is relatively filling, Stonie’s feat is truly an impressive one. How he manages to keep all that down and barely get a brain freeze, I have no idea.