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Watch Gordon Ramsay And Jon Snow Argue In The Most Spot-On Impressions You’ll Ever See

Both Gordon Ramsay and Jon Snow have very particular cadences and nuances that make their voices unmistakable. Somehow, voice actor/comedian Scheiffer Bates got their voices down to a T, along with other notable Game of Thrones characters in this hilarious exchange.

Bates showed what Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares would look like if Game of Thrones cast members took over and tried their hands at cooking.

The GoT characters try their best, but Chef Ramsay was hardly impressed.

Scheiffer told Foodbeast that his secret to mastering these impressions was, “Years of being single and unemployed,” combined with “Watching copious amounts of TV.”

With a vast library of impressions under his belt, Bates said his favorite is Christopher Walken’s, and we can see why with his “Cooking With Christopher Walken” video, which is so ridiculous, it’s perfect.

It’s always great when celebrities jump in the kitchen, even if it’s just their brilliantly imitated voices.