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Disney’s New ‘No Meatball Sub’ Is Made With The Impossible Burger

Disney has officially teamed up with Impossible Foods to develop a “No Meatball” Sub that’s proof that plant-based meat can act exactly like the real thing.

no meatball sub

Photo: Constantine Spyrou // Foodbeast

Found inside of the Paradise Garden Grill at Disney’s California Adventure, the simplistic sandwich utilizes Impossible’s vegan “bleeding” burger meat. However, instead of a medium rare patty, it’s transformed into juicy, beefy meatballs that are coated in marinara sauce and topped with real mozzarella. Disney also uses actual cheese and eggs to make their meatballs, so while the meal is vegetarian, it’s still a great example of what plant-based meat can be used for.

In a statement, Disney has confirmed to Foodbeast that the meatballs contain the Impossible Burger, marking a massive step forward for the plant-based meat purveyors. Impossible Foods has been doing well as of late, getting into dozens of restaurants around the country, including all locations of Fatburger and Wahlburgers. Teaming up with Disney, however, puts the plant-based purveyors on a lofty pedestal that the entire world can witness their innovation from.

And man, does this one stand out. Having sampled multiple variations of the Impossible Burger from differing restaurants, I can say with full confidence that the No Meatball Sub does the best job out of all of them at perfectly imitating the food it’s based off of. The meatballs had the exact same softness and tenderness as a love ballad. All of the flavors and seasonings lined up perfectly, and there was no savory aftertaste that I could detect (which hasn’t been the case with most other versions). To me, it’s the closest a vegan meat has ever gotten to the real deal.

Photo: Constantine Spyrou // Foodbeast

Those interested in sampling this Impossible meatball for themselves can purchase the No Meatball Sub during California Adventure’s Food & Wine Festival, which runs until April 12th. It costs $10.99, and comes with a side of kettle-cooked potato chips.