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Here’s How To Get Impossible Burgers Delivered To You This Week

If you’ve been hankering to try the much-hyped Impossible Burger, but if all of the current locations serving it are still too far away for you to want to travel to, now may be your chance to get in on this plant-based burger phenomenon that bleeds and tastes just like a regular meat patty. For a limited time, Postmates has teamed up with Impossible Foods to help get their burgers delivered in various parts of the country.

impossible burgers delivered

Photo courtesy of Impossible Foods

The main area the Impossible/Postmates partnership will be happening in is Los Angeles, where Fatburger, who recently picked up the shockingly meat-like vegan patty, will be offering delivery of the Impossible Burger via Postmates to your home. All locations of the SoCal-based burger joint that currently carry the vegan meat will be offering this opportunity.

If you’re not down with delivery because it’s too pricey, there is a limited-time free delivery offer if you do get the Impossible Fatburger. That only lasts through this Sunday, November 26th, but the delivery will continue at a normal price after that.

It’s not just LA that’s getting Impossible Burgers delivered in the area. Impossible Foods is also currently in the midst of a nationwide “Burger Tour,” where they stop off at different tailgating venues (aka college and NFL football games) across the country. If they’re in your area on an upcoming weekend, Postmates will deliver the burgers to you as well. You’ll have to check Impossible Foods’s social media feeds (especially their Instagram stories) to see where they’ll be next, however.