DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One” Gets a McDonald’s-Themed Parody

DJ Khaled’s hit single “I’m On One” got some major love with the utmost of quickness when it hit airwaves a few weeks back. The song, featuring power players like Lil Wayne, Drake and Rick Ross, was built for the radio and built to be assimilated by the masses. It was bound to garner some parodies, and the first mentionable one comes from the mind of Cedrick Finnie, and is called “I Want Some.

“I’m On One” (Original):

“I Want Some” (Parody):




I’m gettin so full, I ain’t ate this good since I was 18. I can help you out if, there’s anything you can’t eat. Like whats up wit that parfait? I can eat that burger tooo believe me. And whats up wit that McFlurry?? Killin’ that as well would beee so easy. Gon’ eat it don’t play wit it boy. If You havin’ trouble I can help you kill it boy.

Yeah, and I’ll be ridin around my state wit a lil mo’ food than I already ate, trippin off u if u touch my plate, wit my Big Macs and McGangBangs n this parfait is a blessin dip my fries n my McFlurry mite sound wierd but a good connection give me fries and apple pies this dollar menu is a blessin and then 20 chicken nuggets dip em all n some ranch dressin.

(hook) All I care about is nuggets and the sauce I dip em in, imma split this good McDouble and put that McChicken in, I know if i keep this up man imma get a double chin, but you kno i’m still gon love it, I see u got some nuggets, I WANT SOME. I said I want some. I said I want some. Real talk I want some. 2 Big Macs and a large blue fiz, bro what you mean you don’t know what that is? That’s when you mix blue Powerade and Sprite. Ask me if i want McD’s tonite yeah I want some. I said I want some.



Ugh.. I’m eatin Quarter Pounders, they fillin my gut. Say u don’t like McD’s I’m lookin at you wit disgust. 2 McGangBangs, them hoes’ll get me stuffed. And when I’m on these nuggets BBQ sauce is a must. I loosen my belt, to prepare for this meal. 20 piece nugget for 5 bucks, helluva deal. Ask me how it taste, I tell u everything’s great. Taste like a gourmet meal, think imma need a plate. Still drinkin on the same drink till the death of me. That blue fiz boy you gotta mix it carefully. Ever ate so good you feel like burstin out the seams??

Man this stuff so good I think I mite let out a scream. Ugh. Bro don’t even take it there. You try to challenge me I’ll eat you right up off the chair. So yeah, the competition wouldn’t be fair. And i’m reppin weSST oaks till U get the chair.


I could walk around the room, and out eat errbody. Fresh off the frier so it’s got that heat like Pat Riley. yeah, too many nuggets ain’t enuff nuggets. I make em disappear, nigga what nuggets?? Imma hungry dude, I can crush sumpm. Jus ate a lil while ago, but my stomache rumblin. Only thing sweet is the sour sauce, I’ll eat ya lights out, like I cut the power offf. Boy I eat like, Andre the Giant. You’d be amazed at all the burgers I’m buyin’. 5 Quarter Pounders if I’m lyin I’m dyin. And I wipe em off the earth like the Mayans. It’s a celebration girl, I’m boutta feast. I’m so dang hungry I think I could eat a wildebeest. Ceddy be the name, and I’m a foodaholic killin burgers and McNuggets thats some brown on brown violence.