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Everything You Need To Know About Burritos [INFOGRAPHIC]

Deciding what burrito to get isn’t as easy as it sounds. In fact, once you settle on the tortilla-wrapped cylinder from heaven, you’re gonna want to decide what type of burrito you’d like to stuff your face in.

To help keep you informed with you burrito-based decisions, Fairmont created this awesome infographic that highlights seven of the most popular burritos around. The graphic includes ingredients, the history behind it, what makes the burrito unique, and little fun facts.

Choices of burritos include: traditional, smothered/wet, Mission, California, breakfast, chimichanga, and Kogi. Sure, it’s illustrated, but our mouths are watering just looking at all this gluttonous variety.

Check out the infographic below and get to know your burrito a little better.

ultimate-burrito-guide-1_01 ultimate-burrito-guide-1_02 ultimate-burrito-guide-1_03 ultimate-burrito-guide-1_04 ultimate-burrito-guide-1_05 ultimate-burrito-guide-1_06 ultimate-burrito-guide-1_07


Comedy Group Finds An Old Painting Of A Sausage Festival And Voiced Over It With Hilarious Results


A member of the Alf Pacino improv crew posted a video on Reddit after the group found an old painting of a sausage festival. The work of art features a town of people gathered around as a giant piece of sausage is being paraded by for everyone to see.

Here’s their description:

We found an old illustration of a literal Sausage Festival. It was confusing, so we gave it voices.

The group brilliantly uses the canvas to tell a hilarious narrative of the events taking place in the town square.

This Sausage Festival illustration features dozen of characters who each get their story to tell in the 6 minute video.

Make sure to watch it through until the very end.


Artist Pens Heartwarming, Illustrated Guide to Ramen


Ramen, as any aficionado knows, can be an art form. The perfect combination of chewy wheat strings, seasoned broth, and choice protein is far more than a drunchie cure; it’s a revelation, great enough to inspire poetry, love songs, and yes, some really kick-ass drawings.


Canadian illustrator Sara Gonzalez recently hosted a “Ramen Room” exhibition in which she explored the history and cultural context of the esteemed Asian noodle dish, from instant styrofoam cups to ramen burgers. Through her intricately detailed drawings, Gonzalez paints a suitable homage to a food that has “sparked tens of thousands of restaurants worldwide,” and “provided affordable comfort to millions of destitute college students across the globe.”


As a plus, guests also got fresh instant ramen, green tea, and fish swirl-shaped sugar cookies. For the rest of us, these will just have to suffice:


ramen-art-4  ramen-art-5 ramen-art-6

H/T Design Taxi 


Cheeseburger Super Mario, Sailor Moon, and Batman Are Super Chubs, Super Adorable


It’s true, there’s no real reason to reimagine all our childhood heroes as adorably chubby cheeseburgers. But then, there’s no real reason not to, either.

In his latest series “What if They Were Cheeseburgers?,” San Diego, Calif.-based illustrator Philip Tseng shows us what it would look like if cartoon characters from Sailor Moon to Skeletor even to the Morton Salt Girl decided to trade their internal skeletons for cheeseburgers — buns, tomatoes, and all.

c3 c2

The drawings, as you might expect, are delightful and pill-like, reminiscent of the minions from Despicable Me, and all available on Tseng’s shop at


On another note: so that’s what’s inside R2-D2.

Check out more of our favorite chibi-cheeseburgers, below:

c1 c10 c7 c4

H/T Design Taxi


Michelangelo’s Gorgeous Illustrated Grocery List from the 16th Century

Picthx Business Insider


Your Childhood Crush to Your Drunken Mistake, As Told Through Pizza

You know how the old joke goes. “Sex is like pizza. When it’s good, it’s good. When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.” It’s an often-quoted analogy that has invited many an innuendo-laden response.