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Chipotle’s Founder Directly Addresses The Insane Amount Of Recent Outbreaks


It’s been a rough couple of months for Chipotle. With a recent norovirus outbreak in Boston causing 120 students to become sick, as well as E. coli linked to West Coast locations, the chain has seen better days. Now, founder Steve Ells finally speaks out about the recent illnesses linked to the fast-casual brand.

In a recent interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show, Ells speaks about the recent health scares linked to his restaurants and how Chipotle is working to rectify this.

Ells mentions that the company had performed thousands of tests for E. coli on the ingredients they used for their restaurants and they all had come back negative. There doesn’t seem to be a solid answer as to why folks are getting sick.

We definitely feel for them. Earlier this year, the fast-casual chain got rid of their popular pork carnitas because they were from a supplier that didn’t meet Chipotle’s health standards. Only a few months ago did they finally find a supplier they were happy with.

Kind of thought they caught a break after they sorted out that carnitas crisis.

While Chipotle has been working hard to figure out why customers are getting sick, the company’s stock has dropped more than 25 percent since October.

Check out the interview below.


8 Boston College Basketball Players Just Fell Ill From Chipotle, What’s Going On?


Chipotle’s recent health scares are getting more worrisome by the day. They JUST brought back carnitas too. It looks like students from Boston College have gotten sick after eating at Chipotle near the campus, Business Insider reports.

A college official told Business Insider that several students and student-athletes had checked into the Boston College Health Services complaining of gastrointestinal symptoms. The one thing that all the students at the health center had in common was that they had all eaten at a nearby Chipotle.

The Cleveland Circle location is only about a mile and a half away from the main campus.

Since the reports of student sickness, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has been contacted and is currently working to see if there is a link between the Boston case and the national outbreak.

An email from a college physician warned students, specifically student athletes, to not eat at the Chipotle and to seek medical attention if they had already done so.

Eight basketball players from Boston College have already been confirmed sick. Two other basketball players also came forward complaining of stomach issues.

While initially believed to be an E. Coli outbreak making the rounds across the country, CNN reports that this incident appears to be a norovirus isolated to that one restaurant. However, it will take a few days for test results to give a definitive answer.

A spokesman for Chipotle told Business Insider that the location has temporarily closed down while the illnesses were investigated.

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This Teen’s Heartbreaking Struggle Of Being Allergic to ALL FOOD


Alex Visker, 19, suffers from an extreme allergy. He’s allergic to all food.

There’s no official diagnosis for Visker’s case, but it’s an extremely rare illness that comes from severe allergies and Mast Cell Activation Disorder, People reports. This means pretty much any type of food he eats will cause an extreme reaction in his body.

A tiny nibble of food is capable of making Visker vomit, send him into convulsions and cause bone pain. It can also drastically drop his blood pressure. The only way for him to get his required Solent-based nutrition is through a feeding tube into his stomach.

Heartbreaking illness aside, the young Visker still maintains a positive attitude. According to his mother, he cooks for his friends and takes his girlfriend out for ice cream. He’s just happy not being stuck in bed.

However, when he does get cravings of the foods he remembers enjoying, he’ll have to run off to his room to distance himself from it.

A GoFundMe page was started for Visker in hopes of raising $20,000 to defray his monthly $7,000 costs for medicine and send him to online college. As of publication, he’s raised about $8,675.



Sam’s Club Recalls 90,000 Pounds of Caesar Salad Kits Due to Listeria Concerns


First salmonella infected almond butter, now listeria ridden caesar salad, is nothing safe?

APPA Fine Foods, makers of Sam’s Club Daily Chef Chicken Caesar Salads, has recalled nearly 92,000 pounds of the salad kits due to a potential listeria contamination. The salad kits were sold in 11 ounce packages and were sold nationwide.

To add insult to injury, it’s not even the greens that are to blame for the outbreak, only the chicken is the carrier of the nasty bacteria. You win this round vegetarians.

The good news is that there have been no reports so far of anyone suffering from listeria symptoms but if you purchased a kit from your local Sam’s Club lately, be sure to check the label:

Affected kits were marked with the codes 141851, 141922, 141951, 141991, 142021, 142201 or 142131 and with use-by dates of 8/14/14, 8/21/14, 8/27/14, 9/1/14, 9/3/14 or 9/17/14. The also include the establishment number “P-21030″ inside the USDA mark of inspection.

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‘Influenza Sorbet’ is the New Chicken Noodle Soup


Reptar Bars a la Rugrats. Updated Thin Mints (cupcakes). A new level of PB&J. We here at Foodbeast have a strong and enduring love for the classics. We love, too, when someone has the wherewithal to keep said classics clean and snappy and relevant to the fast-paced world of 2013. Where would we be, for instance, without the soothing effects of grandma’s chicken noodle this flu season? Dead? Probably.

And while soup doesn’t necessarily translate into great ice cream, Jeni’s Influenza Sorbet (now called “Hot Toddy Sorbet” so that it puts you in the mind of Usher, and not illness, I assume) effectively whips together the age old combination of whiskey, honey, and lemon into a delicious and healthy-ish dessert. It incorporates all that stuff you’re supposed to eat when you’re sick: ginger (for nausea), cayenne pepper (congestion), honey (cough/sore throat), orange and lemon juice, because citrus, and, of course, a little Maker’s Mark whiskey (recently watered down, did you hear??).

Okay, so maybe it’s not really “healthy” per se. But when you’re sick, calories don’t count. Obviously.

Jeni’s Influenza/Hot Toddy Sorbet $12.00/pint @ Jeni’s 

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