Actual Franken-Foods: The Top Five Things We Love to Eat While Still Alive

I’m not evolved enough to say I can watch a whole episode of Bizzare Foods without squirming. But plenty of people love eating fried ants like popcorn, with the more adventurous eating them while still alive and slightly “chilled.” There’s definitely something to be said of those of us who can devour a a plate of squirming maggots without blinking an eye. That being said, I’d er, definitely recommend giving “living food” a shot. Maybe you could even start with one of these LFs compiled by the guys at Thrillist. Just don’t be surprised if your dinner tries to fight back.




There’s a restaurant in Denmark that serves a $300 salad topped with chilled ants and crème fraîche, because apparently the labor of going outside and digging some up yourself is worth the extra $299.99.


Casu Marzu


AKA the maggot cheese, made by allowing flies to land and hatch eggs inside it as the cheese ages. Yummy?




Apparently these guys die once you pop the shell open, so I’m not entirely sure how you can eat a living one. You can, however, get a pretty damn recently-dead or dying one, you sick sadist you.




Try not to choke while you’re sucking down this Korean dish of still-squirming octopus tentacles. Sh*t is killer.




Lastly, let’s never mind the fact that this thing looks creepy AF and focus on its being “live sashimi.” As in, you chop it up while it’s still flapping around. Poor Nemo.


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