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IKEA Made Cooking Recipes In The Most IKEA Way Possible

Even IKEA‘s easiest furniture-building instructions somehow turn into nightmares that have you punching walls and throwing screwdrivers at the TV.

With that in mind, we can easily see these simple cooking directions going awry, even though they seem to be the easiest thing in the world.

In collaboration with a Toronto marketing company called Leo Burnett, IKEA gave out meal kits to some of its Canadian customers, where all they had to do was put the ingredients on the instructional edible parchment paper, filling the blanks, roll up the paper with the food within, and throw it in the oven.

The blank spaces on the parchment were carefully measured to make sure you’re putting an adequate amount of ingredients on the page.

The recipes were for baked salmon, baked ravioli, shrimp, and a rhubarb and raspberry crumble.

IKEA said these recipes are for people who “find new foods and recipes to be intimidating,” so they created the easiest cooking instructions imaginable.

This takes pre-portioned meal services to the next level, as it doesn’t get any easier than just filling in blanks with food.

It was a fun stunt, but really should be incorporated by those selling meal kits.

These cooking directions are almost dummy proof, but then again, so was my IKEA coffee table and it still took me seven hours to put it together.

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Meatball Lovers Rejoice, IKEA Might Open A Stand-Alone Restaurant

Going to the cafeteria section of IKEA is always the highlight of our furniture excursions. Chowing down on some meatballs slathered in gravy and partaking in some smoked salmon was always a pleasant way to start or end an exhausting day of furniture shopping.

It looks like IKEA has heard our satisfied sighs after such meals, because they’re seriously thinking about opening a stand-alone restaurant devoted solely to the food.

Fast Company reports that the company is taking a look at all the things that work within their food business and actively communicating with a salmon farm in Norway to see if a restaurant concept could work for them.

Because of IKEA’s booming furniture sales numbers, how much they made in the food sector remained unnoticed until they compared their earnings to other restaurants. In 2013, IKEA reported $1.5 billion in annual food sales.

Wonder if a stand-alone restaurant serving IKEA food would affect their furniture sales?

We’ve been guilty on more than one occasion of gorging on the company’s cafeteria food and then just walking it off in the store. Furniture may or may not have been purchased through these trips.

Photo: IKEA


Let’s Play Roomba Beer Pong & The Existence Of Disney Dim Sum [KATCHUP]

Here we are, another episode of the FOODBEAST Katchup. If you missed out on all the food news this week, fear not. This series catches you up on all the top stories in the wide world of food.

This week, someone created a brilliant new way to play beer pong. Hint: it involves a roomba. A man got into an altercation with his friend after he didn’t want to try the delicious bowl of ramen he offered.

There’s something terrifying in the food courts of IKEA Japan. They’re calling it a Ninja Dog and it’s as dark as the night. Remember those romantic comedies where eating cookie dough will help you deal with a break up? Not anymore, says the FDA.

Finally, Disney Dim Sum is a thing.

Check out this week’s Katchup!

Disney Dim Sum


If you love all things Disney just as much as you love stuffing your face with snacks, you might want to stop what you’re doing and pay attention.

It turns out you don’t need a foodie fairy godmother to make all of your magical meal wishes come true. Apparently, all you have to do is stop by the Crystal Lotus restaurant in Hong Kong’s Disneyland Hotel for some of its Signature Disney Dim Sum. READ MORE

Roomba Pong

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.26.25 PM

Drinkers can be some of the most innovative people out there, and they’ve proven that notion once again with this strange yet highly functional combination.

Introducing Roomba Pong! Based on the images and videos we found, the rules seem to be pretty simple. Basically, each team has a square table, with each table a reasonable distance from each other. Then a roomba is placed on each table with the ten cups forming a triangle placed on top of the roomba.


Ramen Beatdown


An overly-aggressive man in Pennsylvania pretty much used his buddy for some UFC ground-and-pound practice after the friend refused to eat his freshly cooked ramen noodles. READ MORE

Cookie Dough

cookie dough

Who doesn’t love eating raw cookie dough or licking the spoon after making brownies? Apparently the FDA, who is now saying put the raw cookie dough down now and forever. Yes, even the vegan, eggless variety. READ MORE

Ninja Dog


We’ve seen quite a few fast food items with black buns over the past few years. That Burger King Halloween Whopper still haunts us to this day. Now, IKEA Japan is introducing a new dish that’s as dark.

They’re calling it the Ninja Dog. READ MORE

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

IKEA Is Serving An All-Black Hot Dog In Japan

We’ve seen quite a few fast food items with black buns over the past few years. That Burger King Halloween Whopper still haunts us to this day. Now, IKEA Japan is introducing a new dish that’s as dark.

They’re calling it the Ninja Dog, RocketNews reports.

Ninja Dogs🌭 #hotdog #ninja #ninjadog #ikea

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IKEA’s new menu item is as black as the night. Seems appropriate with “ninja” in the name. The dish features an all-black hot dog that’s wrapped in an all-black bun. The only actual color customers will see will be from the condiments they decide to throw on the dog.

Its color comes from edible bamboo charcoal.

You can find it at any IKEA location in Japan for about 300 yen ($2.95 US) until the end of the year.


IKEA Is Selling A Hotplate That Needs Your Phone For A Beautiful Reason


Keeping your phone away from the dinner table is quite a formidable feat in this world of social media and gratuitous food photography. An IKEA in Taiwan has created a unique hotplate that gets rid of the distraction caused by smart phones, reports Rocket News.

Diners arrive at the table and sit around the hotplate. While it holds a pot filled with broth, meats and vegetables, the hotplate won’t turn on until a cellphone is placed underneath.

One cell phone will not provide enough heat to cook the food, so more cellphones must be added to keep the hotplate going. Get it?

A cool innovation that allows families and loved ones to actually spend dinner talking to each other rather than play on their phones.

As you can see in the video above, some people struggled with the separation more than others.


IKEA Celebrating Summer With In-Store Swedish Crayfish Parties

crayfish ikea

IKEA’s cafe and restaurant are known for being just as affordable as its furniture (50 cent hot dogs FTW!), but it’s the last place we’d think to go to indulge in a seafood dinner. But just like the Easter themed all-you-can-eat Smörgåsbord the furnture store offered back in March, IKEA is hosting a Swedish Crayfish Party on August 15 at locations nationwide to celebrate the summer season. The crayfish party is a way for the company to pay homage to old Swedish traditions in a fun way for customers.

The IKEA Crayfish Party menu includes an assortment of IKEA favorites such as meatballs with lingonberries and mashed potatoes, along with the summer themed dishes of crayfish (duh), assorted salads, hardboiled eggs with shrimp and mayo (under the sea egg salad?), cheese pie, Najad Salmon with Horseradish or Gravad Lax with Mustard Sauce, various breads and rolls, desserts, and beverages, including everyone’s favorite lingonberry punch.

Seating is limited, because apparently errone wants to get their crayfish on at their local IKEA store, so the company is encouraging interested guests to get their tickets early. IKEA FAMILY members can guarantee themselves a spot at the feast for $9.99 per person or $2.49 for children 12 and under. Non-members can get their tickets for $12.99 for adults and $4.99 for kids 12 and under.

To see if your nearest IKEA store is hosting a Swedish Crayfish Party check out the website’s store locator here. If you can’t make it to the celebration, IKEA stores are also offering a free KRÄFTSKIVA FESTPAKET, aka crayfish party kit, complete with bibs, garland, hats, and a songbook, to every customer that purchases two boxes of IKEA’s KRÄFTOR frozen crayfish.

H/T Digital Journal + PicThx YumSugar


Ikea Dresses Restaurant Like Their Catalog, Serves Swedish Meatballs with Mango Sauce


Ikea is letting fans of their Swedish-friendly furniture experience what it’s like to “live” in their showroom, by decking out a restaurant in tableware, beds, chairs, textiles, etc. straight from their catalog. Named “IKEA Lotus Collection Café,” the limited-time showroom-turned-eatery runs from April 29 to May 6 in Omotesandō, Tokyo in promotion of their Lotus Colleciton.

Diners can sit and wander around the cafe while enjoying items off the menu including dishes like Swedish meatballs doused in mango chili and raspberry sauce and salmon spring rolls. RocketNews24 got a peek of the eats:



The gimmick behind the week-long event encourages curious patrons to get cozy with the interior decor, as every dish, place mat, table, whathaveyou  is for sale. Slick, guys.

Picthx RocketNews24


IKEA Offering All-You-Can-Eat Easter Buffet and Smorgasbord in April


It’s hard not to love IKEA, whether it’s for the cheap furniture, the nostalgia of crawling around a ball pit, or our personal favorite: the horsemeat meatballs and Swedish chocolate. In case you can think of no better way to celebrate Easter than sitting around some funnily-named chairs, the furniture giant is now taking reservations for its annual Swedish Easter All-You-Can-Eat Smörgåsbord on Friday, April 11.

IKEA FAMILY members can save their seats for $9.99 for adults and $2.49 for kids, while non-members are $12.99 for adults and $4.99 for kids. A ticket gets you three courses plus dessert and drinks, with selections including assorted herring, shrimp hardboiled eggs, poached salmon, assorted cheeses and breads, swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes, and various Swedish cookies.

Some IKEAs are also offering an Easter Brunch on Sunday, April 20. Details and dates vary by location.