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IHOP Writes N-Word On Customer Receipt, Apologizes With $10

There’s a lot of ways to go about apologizing for a mistake. IHOP probably didn’t use the best one.

After an employee printed out the word “Nigga” on a receipt, they obviously faced some backlash, and tried to make things right with the grand gesture of, wait for it, a $10 gift card.

The incident occurred April 13, as Maya Thomas, 19, didn’t even notice the slur on her to-go order until the following day, according to the Kansas City Star.

Thomas and her mother called the IHOP to complain, and a few days later, the pancake diner sent the $10 gift card in the mail as an apology.

I’m not sure why IHOP thought a gift card was the best way to make things square. Was that the dollar amount they felt could smoothen out a racial slur?

According to the NY Post, the server was black, but regardless of your stance on the word’s usage, it’s not a situation a business wants to be attached to.

Obviously, this disrespectful gift card followup upset Thomas even more, but she should find some solace in learning that the employee responsible for the receipt, was ultimately fired.

IHOP eventually released a standard apology, said racism not being tolerated in their store, but the damage was done, and now they’re down 10 bucks and an employee.

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IHOP Created An Epic Version Of McGriddles, And We Need Them ASAP

IHOP just unveiled a whole menu of new breakfast creations, and one of them looks like a McGriddle on steroids.

ihop pancake sliders

The new IHOP Pancake Sliders are crammed with everything we want in an American breakfast: bacon, turkey sausage, maple glaze, American cheese, and an omelette (made with a bit of pancake batter per IHOP standards) crammed between two silver dollar pancakes. They are reminiscent of the McDonald’s breakfast staple, but take it to a whole other level with a massive omelette, and additional layer of meat.

You get two IHOP Pancake Sliders per order for $7.79, a price that’s not too shabby for what you’re getting.

The diner has a few other notable items on its new IHOP Creations menu, one of the most hypeworthy being the Ultimate Waffle Stack. With cheddar-infused waffles as the “bread” this meaty breakfast sandwich comes with a whopping six strips of bacon, two eggs, white Cheddar cheese, and maple glaze. This sandwich promises plenty of ooze, and will definitely look dope dripping out of folks’ Instagram feeds.

The waffle stack comes in two parts, and sells for $8.29 in total. They, and the pancake sliders will be around for a while as part of IHOP’s Spring 2018 menu.

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IHOP Is Giving Out Free Breakfast For A Year To One Customer, Here Are The Details

IHOP is going all out to celebrate its 60th anniversary. After recently dropping a limited-edition set of pancake-themed clothing, the chain is now giving out free breakfast for a year.

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The giveaway will be awarded to one customer via sweepstakes, and the award will be given in the form of 78 $50 gift cards. That’s the equivalent of about $3,900 of IHOP money, in case anyone was wondering. That amount should cover you for 365 total days, given you don’t spend more than $10.68 per day.

To enter, IHOP customers will need to enter the International Pancake Challenge, currently running on IHOP’s mobile app. Participating in the challenge includes uploading a photo of each of the three selections in IHOP’s new International Pancakes set. Current flavors include Mexican Tres Leches, Belgian Dark Chocolate Mousse, and English Sticky Toffee. These flavors will rotate regularly, but you only need to upload a trio of photos once to enter for the free breakfast for a year. IHOP is also restricting entries to one per person.

Those who don’t have the mobile app can submit photos of the new international pancakes via mail to the following address:

105 Carnegie Center
Princeton, NJ 08540

The International Pancake Challenge runs now through June 10, 2018. $25 gift cards will be given out weekly for the duration of the challenge, and a grand prize winner (aka the person who wins free breakfast for a year) will be drawn sometime around June 14, 2018.

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IHOP Just Dropped A Limited Edition Line Of Pancake PJs

IHOP has officially jumped into the world of apparel with their new Pancakewear Collection. This set of “pancake PJs” isn’t just for show, though, as the chain is selling them off for a worthy cause.

pancake pjs

IHOP’s Pancakewear Collection is part of their 60 Days of Giving initiative, which both celebrates the pancake purveyor’s 60th year in business and gives money to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. As such, half of the proceeds of every purchase of the limited-edition clothing will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network.

You can buy IHOP’s assortment of pancake PJs on the eBay charity site, where pants, onesies, and socks with a breakfast theme are available in varying sizes. The onesies cost $85 for adult sizes and $50 for child sizes, the lounge pants are $39 for adult sizes and $29 for child sizes, and the socks are posted at a sale price of $15 per pair. All items will be ready to ship on or before March 26, according to the eBay postings, and will be available until they are sold out.

IHOP is hoping that the Pancakewear collection will get them closer to their target of $5 million raised for children’s charities. If you want to help and aren’t interested in the loungewear, you can still contribute by bringing a check donation to any IHOP restaurant by March 31.

All photos courtesy of IHOP Restaurants.
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IHOP Is Doing All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes At Its CHEAPEST PRICE EVER

Alongside drunken tomfoolery, disco balls dropping, and fireworks, a sure sign that the new year is here is the return of IHOP’s all-you-can-eat pancakes deal. This time around, the pancake purveyor is dropping its gluttonous deal at the cheapest it has ever been.

all-you-can-eat pancakes

Photo courtesy of IHOP

While it typically prices at around $4.99-$5.49, IHOP is lowering their all-you-can-eat cost to just $3.99 per person for 2018. You start off with either a full stack of five flapjacks or a combo of two pancakes, eggs, hash browns, and your choice of ham, sausage, or bacon. The combo’s price varies by location. Afterwards, you’ll get unlimited short stacks of two hotcakes apiece until you’re stuffed at no extra charge.

This marks the perfect opportunity to flip the bird at all New Year’s resolutions and attempt to be a pancake-eating champ. Sean Fahmy broke an IHOP record a couple of years back while taking advantage of the deal, if you’re looking for a number to beat. Even if you’re not into challenges, though, this deal still gets you a ton of food for an insanely cheap price.

IHOP’s all-you-can-eat pancakes deal is only good through February 11th at participating locations.

A reason why the price may be so low this year is that this year is IHOP’s 60th anniversary. A press release notes that the deal will “kick off its year-long milestone celebration,” so we can likely expect more gluttonous bargains to come as 2018 progresses.

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IHOP Waiter Takes Down Robber, Gets Hit In Face With Crowbar [WATCH]

While it might not make sense to the rest of us, some people just have it in them to try and be a hero, even if it puts them in danger. Elijah Arnold of San Antonio, TX has that type of hero mentality, and put it on display as he took down an alleged robber at a local IHOP.

Arnold was a waiter at a local IHOP when he saw the man getting into the register to take money. The quick thinking employee sprinted toward the thief, tackled him and didn’t let him get away, even after getting hit in the face with a crowbar, according to KENS 5 News.

Surveillance footage showed the whole thing going down, as you can see everything short of the crowbar to Arnold’s face.

It might have been a little unnecessary to put his life in danger for a few dollars, especially since they weren’t coming out of his pocket, but he felt he owed it to IHOP, who reportedly gave him a second chance at life after he was homeless.

Arnold said he was a “3rd-degree black belt in mixed martial arts,” but none of that training seemed to be on display during the altercation. He did stop the alleged robber, but it just would have been cool to see a choke hold or knock out blow, for the sake of combat sports.

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IHOP Launches Latte-Inspired Pancakes In Time For National Pancake Day

With National Pancake Day upon us, IHOP is going all in with a lineup of new latte-inspired pancakes.

latte-inspired pancakes

Photo courtesy of IHOP

The pancake purveyors just unleashed four different flavors of Latte Lover’s Pancakes, all based off of popular flavors of the classic beverage. Of course, given the current season, a Pumpkin Spice pancake is available. There’s also Salted Caramel Java, Double Vanilla (with a scoop of ice cream), and Espresso Mocha Cream.

With the exception of the Pumpkin Spice pancakes, every single flavor features buttermilk pancakes as the base. Sadly, this means that the actual flapjacks themselves don’t have any caffeine jolts inside of them. But some of the toppings, like a coffee bean butter for the Salted Caramel Java or chocolate-covered espresso beans for the Espresso Mocha Cream, do contain that caffeine spike you want to kick start the morning with.

The latte-inspired pancakes will only be around until November 12th. If you’re down to get buzzed from both your morning coffee and breakfast, you’ll have until then to cop the new pancake flavors.

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We’ll Take A Dozen Of IHOP’s New French Toast Donuts

French Toast and donut dishes over at IHOP have done some stretches and performed the beloved fusion dance first seen on Dragon Ball Z to create a new, more majestic, form this summer.

The International House of Pancakes has added three new hybrid items they’re calling French Toasted Donuts.

IHOP’s three new entries are the Bacon & Maple French Toasted Donut, Strawberries & Cream French Toasted Donut, and Apple Fritter French Toasted Donut. Man, that Bacon & Maple donut looks so meaty we probably won’t have to order our usual side of bacon.

Patrons with a throbbing sweet tooth may want to note that the new French Toasted Donuts will be available now through September 24 at participating IHOP locations nationwide. That leaves a little under two months to get your fix.